Monday, April 27, 2020

Sunlight ,Shadows And Mad Me

when  i  was  child  i used  to  stare  nature before my eyes. Unknowingly i was trying to figure out what is the connection between nature and me i guess . I often mentioned my excitement about my "state of being alive"  i knew i was different because i had different way to look at things  and totally different way to look at life.
i know it sounds fool but let me admit again that i could not get rid of that feeling of excitement until now. When  i look at myself i can see how swiftly painting of my presence has started to melt (aging indeed) but when i peek into my inner world i still find that stupid carefree girl  wandering joyously among the phenomena of nature .
I as child wanted to knew everything about life and place (earth) where i was sent to. Every single thing such as even tiniest pebble grabbed my attention for long . Somehow i felt i am not apart from all around me .
I remember i would sit in our yard and stare at very slowly moving edge of shadow with wonder .I would feel more connected to sun and earth while doing so .I would place my finger bit away from it and when the edge of shadow would hit my finger i would feel as i just figured out how fast earth is moving around sun. I still  feel compelled by such sights . Hope it is not embarrassing :)

 last day i captured  edge of moving light (or shadow) on our eastern wall of front yard , i wonder if it is as mesmerizing for others as it is for me , it was almost 5:30 almost evening as sunsets around 6:50 now days. when i get out in my yard for walking i find last words of sunlight on wall so fascinating . Sky seems enchanting with divine glow of light. an enlightened promise seems to be made by sunlight to the sky that she will reappear tomorrow with more surprises and adventures .serenity and overwhelming peace  take charge of whole world .silence speaks to souls that seek for eternity within the heart of life . this is weird but i feel i turn into ray and roaming within the space and places smoothly . with uncertainty of  having this view again i take deep breath of gratitude for life and for this connection

 taken this on same time last day,shadows of branches over water tank seemed to tell story of their day beautifully ,i could feel how fondly water tank was listening to tree ,their friendship  added more joy to my day as i love "love" .where ever it exists it fulfills the meaning of life with peace and glory

 i woke up in morning almost 8 am today and first thing that hold my heart was delightful sunlight embracing to yard's western wall :)  my heart filled with gratitude and eyes got bit wet with tears of joy, i felt grace of  Lord was showering soothingly and my yard seemed to share my gratitude as well.shadows were creating cheerfulness with gently moving breeze .I do few steps of my stretching and yoga while absorbing this glory everyday :) with uncertainty of  being able to see this again my heart  floats in the ocean of peace and gratefulness ,deep in my heart i keep praying for all including my family and myself. biggest prayer is may Lord continue to keep me connected to my "whole "

 seasonal flower are gone ,summer charm is springing it's magic around , delightful  sunflowers and our climber has taken over the garden , i cannot think of  home without soul (garden) ,looking at him strengthen me always ,i can feel how his beauty and tranquility flows into my veins ,most of all having him kept my native home much alive within me , memories spring like loving friends and  lighten my moments ,realizing that i can  connect to those precious times makes my present happier

 sunflowers  have mightiest presence to eyes i think ,it is almost impossible to ignore the cherishing smile they offer to us :)

in winters we used to take our morning tea here on this desk ,but now sun rises early and we move it  under the shade of tree but when it is morning we put it back here to enjoy evening tea after walk ,hubby goes out for walk unlike me ,kids work out meanwhile ,they also  took their walk in yard before workout ,hubby hardly allows them out unless it is extremely necessary

 our climber is loaded with flowers now ,flowers start  to appear as white in night and spread soothing slight fragrance that one can feel if stands close ,they start to tun pink slowly when sunrises ,leaves are gorgeously pink if temp is below forty ,but when it is 40 plus like 45 or above color is not as dark ,just pinkish ,this is amazing to observe how everything is having influence on other things  directly or indirectly, wheat tank on left is empty ,last year's grain is consumed ,Hubby has bought more for this year but haven't put it in this yet 

 while ago after having my laundry finished i took these few shots ,i found shadows so intriguing ,how amazing that light not just  reveal our presence but it discovers mass hidden within us ,i think these shadow are some kind of x rays taken by sun

 not good capture i know ,still reading story written by shadows leaves me speechless

 starting point of today's post is this one :) reminded me  moving edge of shadow that i used to stare back in my native home , my passion for the connectivity with all existent  universe has grown stronger, sometimes  i feel i am turning into ray and roaming within phenomena of universe ,as i am looking for him who created us ,sometimes this feel is astonishingly strong ,i know it's weird and i am may be mad

Leaving you with heartfelt prayers dear friends !
keep taking great care ,stay well ,strong blessed and healthy!


  1. it is interesting how light/shadow can make an effect on nature such as how flowers open/shut and how it affects our mood too.


  2. He who seeks, finds.

    Beautiful post, Baili!

  3. Stay happy and healthy, my friend! I like your photos of the shadows -- very artistic!

  4. Enjoyed your contemplative post today you took me back to my own happy childhood playing amongst the shadows in the sun.

  5. I feel sorry for those who do not feel the wonders of nature or marvel at the movement of a shadow.

  6. First, Baili, my friend you are not "weird" as you put it because if you are, than so am I because I am fascinated by shadows and have taken many images of them but not really posted many. Some of my favorite ones are when fences cast shadows along walkways or even when we cast our own shadows in bright sun. Thanks for the lovely views of your sunflowers as this is one of my favorite blooms and we used to grow them when we lived in VA. Now I settle for buying some cut ones in the store to place on our table. I was wondering why your husband doesn't want your younger sons to go outside unless it is extremely necessary, and is that only to allow for a walk?

    1. Dear Dorothy thank you for sweet words
      My sons are allowed to go out but since lockdown happened we don't let them out for the same reason you know

  7. It is good to enjoy these things as we go about our day to day lives. We have so many things we need to do and stopping to appreciate nature refreshes us.

  8. Nature and all things in it are quite amazing and can hold our attention, especially if we are grateful for experiencing it as you are. There is much to wonder at and think about in the ways of this earth that we inhabit. Very nice post, Baili.

  9. A thoughtful post, and I do like your photographs of the shadows.

    All the best Jan

  10. A daily walk has helped me cope with the isolation of this pandemic. Nature has much to offer is we but look.

  11. We are surrounded by nature so that we may enjoy every single bit of nature. When we are rushing around being busy in doing things, we miss all these beauties. Even a single leaf, a flower, an insect, reflection and etc. can reveal the wonders of God's creation. Stay home and stay safe.

  12. Fabulous post.

    I also felt very connected to nature when I wax young. I also feel that young person is still inside. Time has gone so quickly since then!

    Take care and stay healthy.

  13. Thank you for this very enjoyable post Baili, with many enjoyable photos. I also like the shadows and as a child saw many things in nature that others didn't see. We are blessed I think :) Health and happiness to you and your family.

  14. The word I would use to describe you would be curious. Curious people learn some very cool things.

  15. Images that make the day for people who are closed between four walls.

  16. I could feel the truth about myself as I was reading this - I so related to some of what you felt. I remember as a kid i could play for hours under our weeping willow tree in the side yard and still to this day remember the feeling of lying in the grass looking up through the trees at the sky. I still every morning wake up and look down on my yard or across my view of the mountain trees. I love nature and nature loves me is my motto. You have a gift of expressing yourself. Thanks so much for sharing that joy you feel. I get it!

  17. Your description of your surroundings connected to tremendous operations of the universe has left me in awe. You are astonishing. Thank you.

  18. Lovely description of your nature there.
    The sun and light cast many lovely shadows of all manner of things. We can look forever and see things, imagine things and see their beauty.
    Take care.

  19. A lovely, sensitive post - a delight! Your world is very welcoming:)
    Thank you.

  20. Hello Baili, beautiful captures of the sunlight and shadows. The climber plant looks beautiful. Nature is all around us, if we look. I enjoyed your post.
    Take care, enjoy your day and week ahead.

  21. It's always fun to get a glimpse of your world! The shadow photos were fun and artistic. I hope you are well!

  22. Impressive post. We all have to learn to be grateful for being given the opportunity to see nature in His creation.

  23. Dearest Baili, you are definitely NOT mad! I, too, have always felt that powerful connection with everything in nature around me...and shadows fascinate me still. I remember once, when I was about 6 or 7, being off school sick and in bed at home. The sun was casting a shadow across my bedroom wall, and I lay there watching it move slowly across the wall. I was utterly mesmerized by it. It appeared to have a life of it's own...and I felt a deep connection that touched my Soul.
    Well, my friend, I'm sure you can imagine my trying explain these revelations to
    others in the western world! I was ridiculed so much, that I never spoke of such things again. But I never, ever stopped feeling them. And it is such a privilege to have found in you someone else who feels these things, and who I can confide in. So, thank you, dearest Baili...from the depths of my heart!😊😊

    Take care, and stay safe, my precious friend 🙏🙏🙏

    Sending you all my love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  24. I am loving how the sunshine plays light shadows over my garden :-)

  25. You are not weird or mad, Baili! You are deeply sensitive to nature. Human beings have a range of talents and gifts. When I studied education I was fascinated with Howard Gardner and his theory of multiple intelligences. This was in the mid-1980s and again when I did my Masters in the late 1990s. I was very strong in verbal-linguistic and visual-spatial intelligence, not so much in logical-mathematical. But I always felt the "real" me wasn't in one of his multiple intelligences. Then in 2006 Gardner added another intelligence to his group: naturalistic intelligence. And there I was, my strongest intelligence! I think that you are very strong in this area, my friend! And your poetic gifts indicate you are very strong in the verbal-linguistic intelligence as well. Sorry, the teacher in me can't help herself! And one thing more, I cringe every time you refer to yourself as stupid. I know this is a form of modesty, but you are not stupid and should never call yourself such! Okay, I'll stop!


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