Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Photos Of Countryside Trip In Munich By My Son( Nostalgia)

  Hope  enjoying  the  each  sip  from  cup  of  life  dear  friends !

Add some sweetness of hope ,stir it with spoon of positivity ,take it with  a deep breath of Faith :)

I  was  missing my eldest son more these days ,since world is closed  and we will not be seeing him any near  future months so despite of my  all optimism i feel bit low sometimes . He  did not call for two days  and i felt sad. So  i was  looking at his old images and those that he sent us since he left to feel close to him. Today he called  and we talked by video call for almost hour .That was reliving .I pray for all who are forced to stay away from their loved ones due to this virus crisis .I know it is hard test for nerves .May Lord help us to pass it.

He told today that previous two days he spent with friends who visited him one by one and one of his friend cooked for him ,he sent while she was cooking and it was pleasant to know that in foreign friends from same country  feel more close specially in circumstances like this.

He lives in Munich one of the most beautiful and tidiest city and he enjoys his cycling with friends  now days.Images below are from hiking in 2018 April .I loved the scenery and tranquility of countryside  ,sharing some with you all

 nobody knew that time will take such dramatic turn and hiking will be  dream for sometime ,it is nice to see people walking around and counting blessings of nature ,i think next time when i will go out i will not be fearing from crowed as much as i used to ,this locked down seems to change my views about outings specially

 i don't know the name of place but you can see how perfect it is for spending some peaceful happy times and absorb beauty of nature around

 reflections are always so appealing , this is amazing how water has ability to show sky his genuine grace and divinity

 nature invite us to look and observe and to listen the whisper of silence which unveils  our inner horizons so  we can create harmony between both worlds internal and external ,yes balance is everything

 even seeing it now after two years it give me joy that my son explored the splendor of nature with some friends ,such time  always shine in our memories like  stars in dark sky

 i find train treks so fascinating ,they make me think of  unseen places  where they travel so quietly and seem to invite us to :)

 depth is language of water  where peace speaks  wordlessly yet loudly ,one can stare it for long and when you will stop and get back you will feel  as lake has given you some  more of yourself ,the newer ,fresher

 very first  path on earth must be created by human feet i think ,it is amazing how our choices  personify to ground , each step  that we take regularly in particular order carves our will power as path on land ,it somehow is linked to our identity

 i think we all should experience both ways of life once in while ,riddles that  keep poking our head can solve the peace of town like this ,where sky is well coming and views are so friendly

  i wish i could tell what is this sign about ,i think some park instruction about local animals

 i hope world become a normal accessible place soon for all wanderers ,being almost always at home makes me realizes how important it is to be out

water travels in circle like life itself ,this is beautiful how calmly and smoothly he makes his way to his destination  ,destination ?  i think this word is debatable ,this whole universe in constant journey ,few days back we watched a video about how ,when this universe will end  ,within minutes they showed how after few million year life on earth will vanish and how after billions of years stars will die etc it was sad to see the end of this mesmerizing place called universe ,i felt like i saw how my house will collapse and all i felt and did will go wasted ,terrible

 before leaving the city area my son visited to this place (church i think)

 image belong to 2019 January when we visited karachi to see off our son for Munich ,i wish i can see him soon with us again  asap,amen!

being mother my biggest joy is to caring for my children ,when he visited us back in December 2018 ,the month he spent with us was happiest time of my life ,i was happy he allowed me to treat him as i wanted to  as i was expecting that he will find my older ways of care annoying , Hope lord will bless me with such joy again soon!

Stay blessed and healthy guys!
take good care!
blessings to all of you!


  1. I hope the world can soon travel safely again!

  2. I love how we can walk through Germany while the world is closed. 😊

    That building looks like a church to me too. It is amazing to see that architecture. The doorway is huge. I wonder how they did that back then. The clock gives me the feeling of looking back in time. It is eerie.

  3. Your reunion will be extra sweet because of this.

  4. It's very hard right now, Baili, for sure. My girls only live an hour away and I can't see them. At least we have modern technology and we can communicate with one another. Sending you lots of hugs. This will pass and we'll see our kids again.

  5. beautiful photos your son shared. I am glad he called.

  6. Hi Baili - Very nice pictures. I am glad to hear that your son is well. Hopefully this situation will pass soon.

  7. Adorei poder conhecer um pouco de Munique, através das belíssimas imagens, que partilhou, Baili!
    Imagino a ansiedade, quando não consegue falar com o seu filho! Estamos todos ansiosos por todo o lado, por causa desta epidemia!
    Por aqui, ando com o coração nas mãos, por causa da minha mãe, receando que ela se contagie com alguma coisa!... Mas temos de viver um dia de cada vez, e ter fé, que em breve descubram alguma vacina ou remédio!
    Tenho andado um pouco mais ausente... pois os cuidados com a minha mãe, por aqui, são mais do que muitos, e ocupam muito do meu tempo!... A higienização da casa e das compras, tem de ser uma constante... pois as pessoas de idade, ficam contagiadas com muita facilidade...
    Um beijinho grande! E votos de muita saúde para todos aí! Continuação de uma boa semana!

  8. I walked a lot trough these landscapes.
    Truly beautiful ones.

  9. I am so lucky that during this isolation I have my sons living at home with me, you must be missing your boy so much- he is in a safe country though and I am glad he has friends nearby. so hope he can travel safely home to you soon.

  10. The photos are lovely and it's pleasing that you heard from your eldest son. It's a trying time for everyone.
    Stay safe, stay well.

  11. These are wonderful photographs. I flew into Munich for a holiday many, many, many years ago. I have family who live in Germany now. I am glad your son has found friends to tour this beautiful country. I do know, as a mother of a son, how you must feel being apart, and I wish that the time will go quickly and you will see him again soon. I wish you all to stay safe with good health and happiness :)

  12. Dear Baili - I understand how you miss your eldest son in the future prospect of the ongoing pandemic, but to be positive, I think how fortunate we are having the technology to chat and see each other online. I’m happy for your son for staying in such a lovely country like Germany and having nice friends to travel around with. I remember the time when I traveled through southern part of Germany and then entered Austria.

    Wish you and your family peace of mind, safety, and good health.


  13. Dearest Baili, oh thank you so, so much for these fantastic photos...oh WOW...they are absolutely stunning!!😊😊
    Yes, I am so glad your son has such good friends in Munich. And I understand how much you miss him when he is away...but you must be so proud of him!😊😊

    Take care, my beautiful friend...and stay safe!

    All my love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  14. A lovely reflection on life. Hopefully we will be free to visit others and explore the world again soon, until then stay safe xx

  15. Hi Beautiful Soul! I want to thank you for all the precious comments you make on my blog! They mean a lot to me! I can see your light in them! Thank you! I am so happy you got to talk to your son! Thank you for sharing these photos with us!! Big Hugs and please stay safe! Much Love!

  16. These are lovely pictures taken by your son in Munich, Germany. Jess visited Germany many years ago, and said that the people were nice. The picture of the church looks like an old Cathedral, and the picture of the water flowing is beautiful. There's something so calming about flowing water in brooks, rivers, and streams. I loved the train track photo, as my grandfather worked on the railroad, and when I see a picture of a train, I always smile. : ) The last picture of you with your son is a treasure. It is what us Mothers do with our children - taking care of them the best we can with unconditional love. I'm so glad your son is doing well and noticing all the beauty around him on his adventure in Munich.

    Take care and stay well, dear Baili.


  17. Such a beautiful post, lovely to see these photographs.

    All the best Jan

  18. Hello,
    Very nice pictures. Great to see all these wonderfyul places which you have visit.
    The picture on shot 4 is so fantastic. Wonderful nature with a good reflection in the water.
    I wish you all the best.

    Greetings, Marco

  19. Hi Baili, Thanks for sharing these photos and thanks especially to your son for sending them. I know how much he is missed by his family and so glad you were able to have a video chat to ease your worries somewhat. The scenes by the water were my favorite ones as they looked very calming and scenic as well.

  20. Glad to see him happy with his friends and enjoy his new place. I believe he miss his home and his beautiful mom, nice dad, and warmhearted brothers.

    Take care, Baili!

  21. wow so glad you posted all these photos - I often google map walk a lot of cities in the world and this looks so beautiful i will have to do that also. Glad you got to see your son and do things a mom likes to do for her kids. I have 3 sons who live in different states, oregon, montana, washington and one here locally. I miss them all and my grandkids but we have done some face time.

  22. Beautiful photos of a peaceful and pretty place. Looks like a wonderful area to go for a hike. I can understand how you must miss your son in these times. I'm missing my sons, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter too, as we are all staying at home. I'm glad you got to have a video chat with your son. We have done that with our family members too.

  23. I love all these photos, Baili! Thank you for sharing them. It's wonderful that we can talk to loved ones so far away and see them like they were in the room with us. I cannot enter Canada now, which means I cannot see my family with whom I am very close. It is really hard, but at least we can video chat. This time will pass, and you will be with your son again. God's blessings on you all!


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