Monday, April 6, 2020

Even Applied Negative Energy Can Make You Stronger

We  are  different from  each other and react to the same situation  differently most of the times.

Our  brain  works  like sponge from very first moment and absorb knowledge from surroundings which help us to learn how to survive.  

Our different reaction depends on our  learning through our experiences different than  each other  and genetic difference.

 As  we  have always heard that 

"Good or Bad we both have inside us"

I  think this phrase depicts that our attitudes  shape our lives as whole . 

How  we  deal  with  negative energy within us depends totally  how we see it.

If  we  are  failed  to  understand  that  it is a " Pull  to  keep  us  down"  and  if we don't  detect  it  as silent  enemy  growing  within  us  ,it gets dangerous and harmful day by day.

First  mistake  we  make  is to take it as " Swing of Mood" and  wait  for when it leaves by itself  to make us feel better, It hardly happens . Our  carelessness  let it grow strong and get control of our nerves.

First  of all we have to  sense and admit that we have negative energy trapped  within us.

Next  thing is to sort  out how we are going to deal with it. 

I  know  it  can be  one the most  difficult  task  to  fight against your own  intuition because  this negative energy  plays with  your brain  and it takes  really  a long  constant  effort  to  detect ,analyze  and  defeat  it  . It  requires a  keen  sharp observant  eye (nerve) to keep check  on tricks it plays upon  you.

It  is  certain  that  no one  will ever  try  to let himself  down or let  his  weaknesses  take over  him .

We  all  want  happiness ,peace and  prosperity  and  we struggle  to have it throughout life.

How  it  is  possible that  despite  of  all  normalities regarding  physical and mental  health we still  feel  low  ,ill  or  lost .

Time  to  realize  what  does not  belong to  you but  is  in  you to  destroy you. It  is  not  you ,it  cannot be you ,it  is  negative  energy  centered  right  within  your  brain .

Third  step  is  to  decide  ways  to  deal  with  it .
It  is  not  easy indeed  as  you will  feel  as  you are  mistreating  yourself  at beginning .

But  once  you  will  try  hard  and  get  your  first  victory  over  it ,you  will  be  surprise  to  feel  amazingly Free and  Peaceful afterwards .

Burning  down  the  dark  destructive thoughts  and  rising  high  from  their  ashes  will  make  you  realize  that,

You  can  do it and that ,

How  strong  you  are !

Sometimes  you  don't have  any  negativity  but  it  is  applied  from  outside  by someone  who  wants to  hurt you badly .He  wants  you  to  feel  as  trapped as he does ,feel  pain  as much  he  is in.It  is  not  your  fault but  still  you have  to find way out.

Since  previous  15  years  i  am  dealing  with  such  negative   energy  which  is not  mine  but  is  applied . I  thought  i  will  talk  about  it   in  my  final  years  of life but  it  seems  there  is  no  certainty for  such  future.

How  that  negative  energy  caused  problems to  my  life  specially to  me is  long  story . If  i  will stay  here  i  will write  it as  book  some day because  it  is  my personal  proud and  honorable  victory  over  that dark energy .Otherwise  i  would  have  gone mad or  died long ago.

It  is  miracle  that  i  found  way  out but  still i cannot  understand How ?  because  each  attack  was  painful and  to make me suffer and die  until  i was  able to  cross  the  pain  and  started  to  overcome it. Since  15  years  i  am dealing  with  such  terrifying  energy . And  with  each day  someone  mysteriously  making  me  stronger ,wiser ,patient and  calmer.

Once  again  in my  life  a  miracle  has happened and  an  attempt  that  was meant  to  perish  me  added  life and strength to me ,How ?
 I will  share later for sure 
right  now  all  i  want  to  say  is that  if someone  has  such  problem please DON'T GIVE UP BEFORE TRYING!

I  had  no  skill  or  insight  to  fight  back .
All i  had  was  my  unshaken  faith on  my  Creator  who  has always  guarded  me and  faith  in  myself as  person  who  is  on  Right  side where  God  stands beside  his  man !

I  assure  you  that  you  will  win this  war against  Negative  energy because negative  energy is darkness which is not more than  an  illusion, a trick that can be successful  if your faith and will power  is weak.
  To  kill darkness one  ray  of light is enough .
Your  strength springing from  your faith  is enough  to  push it away believe me! 

This  fight  can  make  you  stronger as  person  because it gives  you  constant  struggle  to  stay  attend   and  keep  fighting !
"Practice  makes  perfect " we know it .


  1. I'm sorry to hear you ave to fight against any negativity. I only feel positive energy from visiting you blog.

    "Our brain works like sponge " I need to stop squeezing my brain!

    Stay safe my friend.

    1. To be honest dear Joe
      I thought i will loose my blogging friends by sharing this part of my life :)

      All the pisitive energy you feel while visiting my blog mostly come from that negative energy
      I simply rely on the justice of ultimate Lord and i have seen how he is not just saving me but keeping his promise to do justice behalf of his righteous man
      Haha you don't need to aqeeze your brain your brain seems like overflowing glass of reason sense and good humor :)

  2. I think our faith is the key to helping us be positive instead of giving in to negative energy. This post gives us much to think about.

    1. I can't say about others but for me it worked throughout my life dear Connie

      as i said in many previous posts that my life is filled with incidents which made me realized that THERE IS SOMEONE AROUND ME ,WITHIN ME WHO HAS BEEN SAVING ME MIRACULOUSLY OTHERWISE I WAS NOT CLEVER ENOUGH TO DEAL WITH SUCH NEGATIVE FORCES
      i truly wish i can make people understand that faith in your Creator and staying on correct path of life is the only magic that turns everything in your favor ,and i am saying this because of my personal experiences throughout my life

  3. I too had a dark period of negative energy. For me, a daily focus on what I had to be grateful for in my life has made all the difference.

    1. it is true that everyone has to deal with dark energy once in a life ,it can be any period of his life

      Once we find how to remain focus not each day but each moment we learn to defeat it
      it took few years to learn that i was not the one at all who i was becoming gradually since we moved here ,everything was good and to be grateful for still there was hidden force creating fog and stress in our mind which caused harm to our family
      then i started to stay focus and keep check on my thoughts to analyze what and how was developing anger and anxiety in me
      you won't believe it was so easy once i was fully awaken and aware of my thought process
      it was beginning of betterment by the grace of Lord!

  4. Sponges (brains) are all different. We deal with problems in different ways.

    1. sponges are designed to ABSORB information and software installed in their solid parts (Genetic inheritance) help it to go through process of learning and response ,i don't have read it but that is how my own mind puts it and i share this because it is no shame to share what i think of things in world and life
      Yes despite of same circumstances our brains work differently because they are already programmed to react differently ,this variety of thought procedure is not for waste but to see how diversity of behavior brings different set of cultures and ways of life ,it is make life interesting and colorful indeed

  5. You write such thought - provoking posts. This is why your blog is fantastic Baili.

    You make very good points too. Bad, negative stuff can be channeled and used to think positive things and channel positivity.

    Be well and stay safe.

    1. this is so kind of you dear Brain!
      i think it is your generosity to encourage me

      yes this is so true that negative energy can be channelized and mould into positive one

      at beginning it is painful process specially when you are dealing with dark energy which is applied form outside
      but what i learnt through my experience is that it makes you even stronger and better than one you were before
      i must admit i had great flaw of being ABSENT MIND ,it was so often and common to make mistakes during daily chores and i hurt myself due to this flaw many times
      while learning how to deal with it and by improving my focus i have become more confident ,active and better in many ways
      this has lightened not just my soul but my life as house wife and mother

  6. I agree with you "to kill darkness one ray of light is enough." It's true! I hope many rays of light enter your life! Take care! Blessings to you!

    1. thank you dear Angela ,same for you my friend!

      yes this is powerful reality that slightest ray of light can pierce the heart of darkness
      it is determined by Lord and this is eternal law of nature which cannot be challenged or denied by creating false illusions

  7. Thank you for such an uplifting, heartfelt post! You have given us the BEST advice:)

  8. Well said, this time period.

    1. glad to hear from you dear Susan

      i know this is special time for whole humanity and positive thinking is needed
      but i think you will agree that life itself is state of war since always and stay same until last breath or until we win it with faith and positive energy within us
      after this ugly realities of life seem less harsh

  9. When things are not right and we have to deal with them do we have the answers inside of us as a DNA from our past or does life tell us what to do who knows but we do handle things differently sometimes it works sometimes not all we can do is keep trying

    1. Dear Merle


      we need to Ponder ,struggle and find out and Lord has put strength to do all of this right inside us believe me
      yes all we can do is KEEP TRYING ,attempts are meant to win eventually or we are in wrong direction ,but before reaching there we have to give our hundred percent

  10. Ups and downs are the way to make us grow stronger and wiser.
    Have a great week

    1. without obstacles we would be walking on straight easy path dear Pedro
      i think we know the difference between people who lead easy life and people who walk on hard rough road
      this is proved that later one grow more and better

  11. You're a fighter and that's a good thing!

    1. this fight is beyond my strength dear Debra
      if i had not my Lord with me i would have gone mad or died many years ago
      having Him beside me keeps moving with hope and strength and this is good i think

  12. Negativity in our lives is not good, it always pays to rise above it by thinking positive, though difficult at times it can be done, and will be done.

    1. what we pay is our certain kind of innocence or ignorance And energy that we grab by composing ourselves

      it is hard at first indeed ,but once you start to see what are you achieving makes you confident and strong and add more strength to your effort
      because it is something only You can do for yourself as it is war inside your head
      you have to identify the bad energy and turn it into positive one for your good

  13. Fighting back sure is the way. Life sure can throw crap at you but you got to get a shovel and start digging out. And as for negative, while I'm positive when something is going to be negative lol

    1. i agree two opposite attracts each other lol
      thank you for sweet words Pat

  14. Dearest Baili...oh how this fantastic post resonates within me!!
    I have been fighting this type of internal negativity for most of my life. It always pops up when I am feeling low, either mentally or physically. And it requires such a huge dose of effort to defeat it at those times.
    But, like you, I trust to a much greater power to guide me, and that never fails to help me over the worst times of negativity.
    Perhaps, overcoming this type of inner conflict is a huge part of our life lessons?
    Perhaps in doing so, we can then progress further along our spiritual path?
    Oh I do hope so!
    Dear Baili...please do write your life story...I would love to read it!
    And I'm certain that it would help a great many other people to understand the experiences they are going through in their own lives more clearly too!😊😊

    Have a great day...and please stay safe.

    Much love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  15. There is an old saying about our thoughts and what we choose to let in:

    Think about what you are thinking about.

    Blessings to you and your family. 🌸

  16. "Applied Negative Energy"...that is a very eye-opening concept to me Baili. This is a very interesting post for me to read today. I love your life experience and how it teaches me and makes me think!

  17. Wow Baili would love to read about this . You have a great attitude and it's likewhen you walk into a closet and it's dark but the minute you turn on the light - the darkness poof is gone! It's a gentle but effective shift of perception that brings us light instead of negative energy ...but sometimes it sure seems much more of an effort than a quick shift. I'm finding more and more that the intent to shift to the light easier and easier except.....when I read just too much darn negative news ...filled with fear tactics...ugh drive me nuts...then i know I need the light.

  18. You are amazing! Unique!
    I wish you a lot of health and God's blessing.
    Hugs and greetings from far away Poland:)

  19. Lovely and interesting post! Thank you, as always, for sharing your views.

  20. You're so right, Baili! We have to learn to cope with the negativity in our minds. It is not an easy struggle. I think how you have overcome your struggles is inspiring! As is your faith. Sometimes I can't get on top of it right away, but usually I can. For me, it helps to get moving. If I pull a blanket up over my head and stay in bed or on the couch, I'm going to be there for a while. Take care, my wise friend!

  21. São as dificuldades, que nos desenvolvem a nossa inteligência emocional e a nossa resiliência... e nos preparam para o mundo... que nem sempre se apresenta de uma forma fácil ou justa!...
    Sentir medo, não é reprovável... o medo deixa-nos mais atentos e conscientes sobre o que acontece à nossa volta... e se não o deixarmos tomar conta das nossas vidas... ele até nos pode ser útil, pois obriga-nos a repensar em muitas decisões, que poderiam ser tomadas de ânimo leve e por isso, terem consequências, menos desejáveis.
    Como sempre, adorei as suas palavras, carregadas de sabedoria de vida, e muita ponderação! Um beijinho grande! Tudo de bom!


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