Saturday, April 4, 2020

Unbelievable , And Hot Discussion With Blooms Of April

Hey  Beautiful  Hearts !
Hope  beating  
with  gratitude and  positivity :) 

No  matter  what  i  think  we  should  not forget  that  tough  times  come  to  add  some  more  insight and betterment to us .

Last  night i watched last  episode  of  "UNBELIEVABLE" on Netflix , a  limited series based  on  true  events .It  was  about  female  victims  who were abused  while living alone back in 2008 to 2011 in different states of u.s.
Very  well  made  indeed ,director  was  succeeded  conveying the whole  terribly  stressful  process  of  investigation carried  by  two amazing  female  detectives  form different departments. 

I was fascinated by Merritt Waver and her work specially her  magnetic gaze  as detective was dynamically excellent :)

Relief  given to  Marie in  last ep uplifted my spirit i believe many other's too .  Kaitlyn Dever  's work seemed also one of the finest i ever saw .I  wish  each country  may have  such  dedicated and honest  state  servants  so  unfortunate victims can get justice !

Last  day  while  talking  with  my  eldest  son through  whatsapp me and  my  son  indulged  in  discussion .Actually  he  seemed  sleepy  and  i  asked him  why doesn't he take  a tiny  cup of coffee or tea .I   teased him that if  he  had a wife  she would have made him cup of  tea for sure.

A long conversation  sprung out  from  my suggestion .He  said having  wife does not mean she will serve me when ever i need. I  said  it's  about  care  not  service. Love invents  the  whole  selfless care for  each other. I  also  added  that  " remember  chose  a girl  for you because i  thought she had  all that important  virtues which are  essential to make a long lasting relationship and happy family. I also said that i realized that she could be  a  sensitive and  responsible mother for my future grand kids .

My  son  replied   that he does not want  wife who do things for me out of sense of responsibility Instead  of love. She  should  not  think  that  she  is obliged to serve me ,if she is not in mood she can refuse my any request .He  said that  his  wife  should be strong and well aware of her self respect and rights .

I  again  said  that  as  humans we all  need  family to love and to have  love back for ourselves . What  is love ?

To  me love is great Sense of  responsibility about loved ones.

I  had  bit  blurred views about love before my marriage . I  thought  love is someone says some sweet things and  appreciate you .
But  after   marriage  i   Learnt  from my husband   that  love  is  not  just about  words or  spending  happy times  together but  it  is  Participating  in  chores of life as equals and  supporting each other by going out of the way.

I asked my  son  that  does he think i lack self respect when i do all my  house chores by myself and refuse to take any  paid help which so many other do fondly.

He said  he did not mean that  doing household is respect less but it is true that there are less like you mom (me) who prefer this. You do it because  it is your own choice  it is not forced it is your pleasure  but let's be honest and practical that mostly women of today don't want to be just house wife ,i would like to have her own identity and ambitions if she is interested .Meanwhile if she want to make me food or coffee by her wish i would consider my self lucky. He  said he want  wife who can  teach my daughter how to be strong and influential instead of how to make sacrifice to form a happy family.

His  views worried me little bit honestly ,i said  that  women are  special and main  essential  character   who  plays basic roll not just in formation of peaceful successful family  but also in character building of future humans. I think  like  people must  have  training for other jobs so  they can perform well without making mess, It is also  very very important  to  train  our   young  girls  so they can  be a wise and flexible person who can adjust in new environment of in laws easily. And so  they  can  bring up a healthy next generation .

May  be  i am old fashion but i think since long it has been done that mom teach their daughters how to contribute for  a successful  married life ahead .I  sill believe  that for women most important job is to create home where man of the family can feel peace and children can grow under wise care . If this basic law of nature is neglected  our world gets Less good people  and becomes a complex place.
you can tell me if i am wrong fro sure 

last morning when i got up it was gorgeous weather 
i think  two weeks back when it rained last before sunrise 
 flowers have started to dry though sun is not as warm yet ,few are late  but not the least :)

 my younger son gets up and try to make himself fried stuff sometimes ,plenty of time is making him chief lol other wise he is one who asks the glass of water when sitting front of laptop

 sunflowers are many but so close to each other therefore none is as big as they used to previously

Sending you lots of love and positive energy friends!

Stay well ,strong and blessed !
keep treating your self lovingly !


  1. I like watching these kind of real life tv programs where they tell you how the murder got caught usually via dna, they are fascinating. Don't worry about your son, he's modern but has the right values - he wants a girl to adore him and care for him, not obey him because she has to but because she wants to - that's got to be good?

  2. You and your son had a very interesting conversation, Baili. I can see the merits in both of your viewpoints. Your son has obviously given this topic a great deal of thought and for that you should be proud of his insights. I hope that you and your family are staying well and maintaining a good utlook during this pandemic as the news does not bring any joy, so it must come from within these days.

  3. Another interesting and thought provoking post!

    I must admit that I think more like your son. I think different people are just different. Some women will choose a path that you describe. Others will be very independent. Some will choose an in between path.

    I hope that you and your family stay healthy and safe.

  4. I think your son will make a fine husband, he has a more modern view.

  5. Marigolds look so pretty! I like marigolds, kind of easy plant to take care, but it has been a long time I haven't plant them :)
    The snacks look mouth-watering!
    Baili, your son is not only smart, good looking, but also respect to others. He has a sacred heart!

    My thought about millenials: Seems the children have different concepts and point of views about several things to their parents. Actually, they are learning and knowing (nurture and nature) how to be better than their parents, but in fact millenials lose compare to boomers.

    Be safe, Baili.

  6. Lovely flowers.
    You both are right.
    Your son has a modern view, you were taught differently as I was taught differently from you. The generations, or the generation gap maybe.
    Take care and stay well.

  7. Such an interesting conversation! I think the most important is for woman to have a choice. I think my most important role is being a mother and wife, but it is my choice. Other women can choose something different, no woman should feel pressure to do one or the other. I am sure your son will be the great husband one day! Beautiful flowers☺

  8. I like what you wrote Your son sounds plugged in to what women of his generation are like . But I like your ideas also. I remember doing it all...working (working at home in a business) long time ago, keeping the house and because I enjoyed yard work I enjoyed doing that too - on the other hand my husband had a long rush house commute into Los Angeles and coming home and usually didn't get home until 7:00 - he always took over at night and on weekends so it was definitely a partnership. basically for me I'm on the fence about one view or the other - mostly because it's such a different world now.

  9. I think you and your son are both right. Each has his or her own perspective. :) Your photos and flowers are lovely. I enjoyed seeing them.

  10. Gostei da conversa com o seu filho. Claro que ele tem outra visão da vida a dois. Mas o importante é que se respeitem e amem. Gostei de ler este seu texto e das fotografias.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  11. I think I used to see the world more like him, but now I am more old fashioned. How did that happen?? I see the value of home and tradition and mom making it a safe place. I have turned into Caroline Ingalls! Ha ha...if you don't recognize that name, she was on Little House on the Prairie. I think the old ways are more important than we may think.

    I sent you an email about putting a link to your blog in a post I am writing. Did you see it? 😊

  12. You are not wrong! Just different views. For me, as long as everything is done with love, that is the main thing! I love all your flowers and your pictures of your food! Stay safe and healthy my friend! Big Hugs!

  13. Fantastic post. I admire wonderful flowers and delicious food.
    I wish you good health.
    Hugs and greetings from far away Poland.

  14. Your son sounds like a wonderful young man. Your conversation was very interesting. I have these types of conversations with my daughters sometimes. It's always enlightening to share different ideas and views.

  15. I can see both points of view. I think that your son over time will realise that marriage is teamwork and the husband and wife have to work together for each other.

  16. Adorei as suas partilhas, Baili! Vivendo em um país diferente, é natural que o seu filho, tenha outra visão do mundo... não necessariamente melhor ou pior... mas complementar... e isso, talvez não seja completamente mau... pois de certeza, que ele também conserva muitos dos vossos valores, e tal, desde que todos se respeitem, poderá ser muito gratificante para todos! Não se preocupe demais, sem ser por um bom motivo, e confie nele, e nas suas opções... que podendo ser diferentes, podem não ser necessariamente más ou erradas! É sempre bom dar o benefício da dúvida!...
    Adorei o seu jardim... e os pratos que parecem ser bastante deliciosos!
    Beijinhos! Tudo de bom!


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