Sunday, December 25, 2022

A Heartfelt Merry Christmas To My Friends !


Wishing you all a very lovely Christmas filled with health ,peace joy and love !hugs and blessings

Friday, December 23, 2022

Happy Moments Are Like Butterfly

 Hey kind hearts! 

Hope beating positively with the rhythm of faith and gratitude as we know each moment of life is precious and offer astounding diversity of possibilities crucial to our growth. 

Sometimes it is hard to distinguish speed of time from speed of light. Yes we have left only one more week to spend together. My both sons will be back to their work and studies and three of us me, hubby and our youngest son will return to our home khairpur a small city situated on six drive from Karachi. Truly said by someone that happy moments come in hands like a butterfly for while and fly away while leaving beautiful colors in our palm that we open and glance at time to time in future to relieve them. 

Though most of the ordered furniture and other stuff has arrived but bed and fridge is yet to come. We are waiting for the bed so can arrange this small flat properly. During last week we had few nice outings including watching movies where our eldest son enjoyed us too. Sharing some glimpse of those glittering moments. 

   This is Habit place a happy combination of shopping area, cozy restaurants and offices. We were there to participate in selection of furniture when I asked them to pause for me as I hardly forget during such special times that all that will stay behind with two of us is memories and I keep try to freeze them.  Same applies for life for me as well 

 Our both sons decided to take us to cinema so our eldest son took early leave from office and took us to the lunch before movie. We were waiting here for the meal and our younger son who joined us later 

 I really liked the calm environment of the restaurant and food was remarkable 

Two days ago when we went to the shopping. We have been delaying shopping for this time of the year so can shop from original outlets in big city of Karachi which is profitable not only in price but quality as well 

      My Younger son spent his whole day with his older hostel mates on their Invitation before. Moving to this place 
               After cruising they explored sea food market and I found it interesting as I never got a chance to visit one like this 
     Another interesting Image by young men. 

               Younger son shared this photo that he had captured previously while I was taking long to choose the books 

          Shared eldest son when he had coffee with one of his friends who  arrived from Germany to visit her family. 

       Lucky One Mall 

       Everyday I see them from the window of car. Sometimes sitting on footpath sometimes one wire. I wonder how they look at all the rushng life on the roads here and there. If was them I would have fly away to some lush serene place. But if it was as easy why we see people living in most difficult areas like Antarctia, Sahara desert and peaky mountains. What compel creatures to stick to such life threatening situations  any idea? 

             Sometimes at certain moments e even city seems to transform Into a calm tranquil twon when sun descending behind high buildings feels like similar to the one you used to look at while sitting on desk In home yard near garden :) 

 Meanwhile my soul leaves my body on the seat and rise above In the sky to look below how earth moving round around the sun is glowing in the soothing light of evening. That one tiny moment of wholeness surpasses my whole physical existence experience at once

          That is all for today dear friends. Trying to visit you all time to time. Thinking of you all with heart filled with best wishes and prays for you and your loved ones. Please stay positive and have faith! 

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Some Photos From Our Outing In Karachi

 Hello precious friends!

It's been a while since I could not post because of the rush hour of the business we are having here in Karachi. As you know we have come to the Karachi to stay with our younger son in his newly rented house. My younger son was supposed to come to home(khairpur) during his winter holidays but my eldest son suggested that we should join his brother instead and help him with setting up the house that had nothing except roof over the walls. So we all are busy in buying necessary stuff for his home. Since my eldest son is noticing excitement of his younger brother about his new home he is spending lot to make it comfortable for him. He has been ordering various things online which are arriving slowly. I will share images once everything is done hopefully.

How true that life is mixture of joy and sadness. Seeing kids grown well enough to take responsibilities for themselves is greatest pleasure and peace of mind for any parents but at the same time sense of departure and concerns how they gonna do so dominate heart when we see them going away. Laws of Nature are strict and for the betterment of us and making peace with them brings serenity to the soul I believe though. Sharing few photos of our outing with and without our eldest son as he is back to his office works until Christmas holidays that are just two :(

    This is from where my eldest son has rented an office so he can focus on his work. He invited us to show the place and then we shopped some furniture for the house. Habbit(place name) had everything quite expensive so we dropped the idea of personal shopping. 

    Yesterday when our younger son took us to the Lucky one mall we bought some clothes and books and had nice food afterwards 
   My younger son has been adopted by a very busy life style suddenly which seems to affect his health negatively though he keep telling us that he will learn to fix the issue soon hopefully. 

         Okay before entrance was a gorgeous little pool and we found it cool to take few shots. Though this one seems to miss right timing oops 

Thank you all for dropping by and leaving sweet words! 
Will be visiting your blog in each possible time. 
Hugs and blessings 

Sunday, December 4, 2022

Photos Of Trip to Istanbul By My Eldest Son


Hello precious friends! 

Hope all is good with you by the grace of God! 

Leaving to karachi to meet our younger son who could not join us because of his exams. Our eldest son is with us for the month by the grace of Allah! Sharing some images of my eldest son's recent trip to Turkey with his childhood friend ( primary school) Dilawer who had been an inspiration for him either due to his early earning skills. Dilawer has been working as online freelancer since he was in middle school. Unlike most of the youth here he started to earn quite early and have invested it very well.My son adore him for his sense of self relience .They both share taste for games, shows and travel as well and according to my son it was one of the best vist to Turkey with where they explored Istanbul and Izmir and  tasted many meaty food together. My son drove from Istanbul to Izmir to practice his driving as he recentlyreceived his licence in London. 

See you soon.! 
Health peace and happiness to all!

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