Monday, February 28, 2022

Universe Has Both The Body And The Soul See Carefully

There are many things in this world that are impossible to prove they exist physically but we all witness their presence in our everyday life vigorously for instance air .I often used phrase in my many  previous posts regarding how air fills "soul" in views and everything looks much more alive and engaging .Despite of i cannot see the" air "  itself i am able to feel the vibrance and beauty it brings in environment . After quitting the room when one enter in the yard Is  it  hard to recognize how pleasant breeze changes the whole mood within moments ?.Damage caused by strong winds is undeniable yet it is not detectable by human eye or microscope even. 

None of us denies air don't exist because we are aware of it's presence due to it's direct effect in our environment and life.

Fragrance is another thing totally invisible to human eye  or any scientific tool but can we deny the transforming effect of  fragrance  when we smell a rose or any other fragrant  flower ? 

If see closely our universe is being governed by force which is "invisible" itself  and including scientists we all know that and still we deny the "soul" or "consciousness" is fundamental part of universe and us as we are part of it.
I can't blame as they are  obliged to declare an information they obtain as "fact or reality" after long research and so many approvals form  all around the world by co scientists  because they occupy a very sensitive place and cannot afford any mistake so public or media jump on them with tons of questions or demand explanations ,so they will keep quiet until they find  a way to detect the "soul"  
But i don't think that " Nature want us to detect what is behind the scene "
why ? 
I think because it is not part of the Nature's plan simply .
And secondly because Nature wants  us to explore  her soul side through utilizing our spiritual  insight or commonly called "consciousness"

If a man has born to follow simple reactions that his physical brain produce through chemical process than everyone must look like a puppet who's strings are pulled by hard wired mechanism . Like other animals man should have kept his focus on physical survival and there must have not been any other progress which differentiate a man from another on the base of his personality virtues .

We all know that it is not that simple . Each single man or woman that born with physical appearance  bring along specific " personality" to display through his physical actions and movements. Men can be same in their physical features and habits grown out of years of repetition but personalities that we bring encoded in our genes are different from each other completely . Genes can be physical but story they carry is mystical.

If man is blind follower of  "brain  chemicals" how two people can differ from each other on strikingly huge bases even they grew in the same environment . How mere brain chemical can decide how they are going to shape their lives by reacting totally different way in similar situation. 

The people who influenced the world in many ways were certainly great personalities  who had unique souls which made them do extraordinary things while living within an ordinary body .

We see people regularly in our everyday life for years and still when it comes to trust them for some sudden reason we are hit by fear whether we can  do it or not because though we" think" we "know" them yet we "feel" we don't ,don't you agree ?

Why so ? because knowing a person physically is not enough .To put trust in someone we need to know how is he or she from " inside " ?
what is this "inside" that when we be familiar with we are comfortable to believe in them ?
Inside is soul of that person which we can't detect with physical  eyes but we can feel it with our consciousness through her or his  thoughts and behaviors . Thoughts and behaviors are not just result of brain's chemical reactions but there is something else from our invisible side that guide us to adopt certain ways in life. If it was not so world would have never beard great writers ,painters ,musicians and so many other amazing insightful people who thought ahead of their time and founded modern ways of life that were more meaningful and more  sustainable . 
What about human emotions love and sacrifice particularly. Can we believe what science define about love ? Can a brain's chemical reaction be as powerful that we decide to devote our whole life because of it ?  And often compromise on  many important things and  pleasures of life we had before meeting to that special person ?

I don't think that for a "physical man" who is here to do everything possible to survive  on this planet would accept anything like this if he is obeying simply his brain instructions.

Here is something from personal experience . I am trying to improve my mental progress since some years and i am taking help from yoga and meditation . Since few months i am trying to quit everything from my diet that i feel makes my mind fogy or slow. Let me mention that some foods like rice or chicken gravy make my head heavy and i get upset very easily ( i realized it and than decided to quit completely) 
After few weeks i started to feel light and my head seemed clearer.
Which means that i was more attentive and cool. This made me think and feel better but that was all about everyday life .The emotions are very different things and belong to our inner being (soul) we have these emotions already though they are nurtured or displayed during  certain times and situations when i want to.They are eternal and not result of brain chemical reaction which is momentary. 

Like movies we know that in reality either people "sacrifice" their most precious thing  their "life" for their loved ones. Who will believe it happens because our brain release some chemical  and we decide to die quickly or slowly because of it . No it is very obvious reflection of  "Love" the pure and divine product of Creator and soul which can" make us believe" that giving away my physical existence is important because it will bring life or joy to One who's life is ( my belief born out of love i have for her or him) more precious than me. Brain is a physical thing which is not designed to do such foolishness. It is soul a part of divineness that knows that "giving" is greatest virtue. For which physical disappearance  is not death but "transformation" and soul as being part of eternity and divinity knows that no mater what physical form it will take or leave it further it still will remain in the domain of divine Creator  !

What you will call those people who spend their whole lives chasing their unique passions and dreams in order to achieve something bigger in life ? What chemical reaction in brain will convince them to choose harder path filled with dramatic twists and turns instead of doing nine to five job and enjoying simpler ways of ordinary living ?

Whatever force has made this all and put us middle of it with curious ,inquiring brain and on the other hand with " self aware, feeling and  conscious Mind "  might want us to find answers of physical realities by analyzing  physical facts of this phenomena  by using physical brain  and  look for spiritual answers by awakening and strengthening it's soul side . If we are part of Nature and can display astonishing intelligence in various fields of life we should think that how vast how deep and how mesmerizing must be the intelligence of this universe or One who Has Created it and let us adopt "bit of it" 

Think carefully about all the math and physics you have learnt does it not point out that  we are living within the really really sensitively designed systems and fields ,what are these "waves of probability" and what are the  "law of attraction" ?

Aren't they highly really highly thoughtfully woven webs among which we are placed carefully with so called free will and freedom of choice ???

Do we have not to bear the consequences of our each single action in life  (sooner or later ) ? Why ?

How can i know ,all i know what it looks like from all i learnt or observed and experienced .

I am on fortieth page of Philip Goff 's  Galileo 's Error but could not stop myself to write what i myself think about this topic .

Thank you for reading dear people your encouragement is my strength!
Blessings to all of you ! see you soon.

Thursday, February 24, 2022

The Soul Desire !


Life is miracle indeed but it is sad that it is too short to learn about life itself and everything related to it directly or indirectly .

It makes realize how "little" we know specially when we accept our ignorance and decide to erase it with" learning " slowly . According to my knowledge people seek for inner peace and long for deeper knowledge when they grow old and this makes me feel happy for those fortunate who fall in love with learning and research in their early period of life because they have more time to spend in this struggle .

I would have count myself among those fortunate probably if i have get time and chance to learn whatever i wanted to without being worried about anything else . No i am not complaining just in the deeper corner of my heart i have thirst for learning which still waits to rain of time and opportunity. I think it's okay to have such longing and sharing it with friends who understand me ( i believe ).

But i fear of life that ends without having such desire at all or any kind of desire i must say .Desire is sign of life and makes one to move further to achieve something. I don't know i will be able to achieve something in my life ever ,i mean achieve something i myself choose and want to achieve for the sake of my inner satisfaction and joy .

My desire to learn has grown enough to look for more meaningful things ( meaningful for me i mean) rather than just entertaining . I sometimes hated my sky stare habit as it hurts my neck but believe it or not i honestly realize that there is some force hidden inside me that makes me do so for years and years and it is driving me crazy  because i feel i am being pulled by something who wants me to do something ,do what i don't know but all i know that with each day passing passion for learning is growing powerful than ever before. Specially desire to learn bout universe and the way she behaves through her all appearances . I felt this appeal since i was child ,my eyes kept searching something beyond obviousness . I did not know what i was looking for but now i feel i was looking for "soul" within things that looked so ordinary to us because we had accepted them as normal and usual stuff that we took granted as spice .

When i say i don't credit myself for something like "desire " for learning i say this because i feel this desire and follow this instinct effortlessly so i should say i was born with it. Why ?

When  Science defines physical brain and how it acts through millions of neuron and all the electrical and chemical activity inside it i still wonder about amazing  human " feelings" and "emotions "that made their place in the map of history because they experienced them inside and made difference in world outside them . I wonder about glorious types of art and their sublimity that took place in someone's mind and brought him fame till eternity. What about great people like Einstein and Galileo ? Were they given extra chemical to think deeper or imagine reality as wonderfully that science  takes their words as last until  now ?

I love science but i feel reluctant to it when i feel i have to wait long for believing in " soul side of the universe" until science finds way to prove it.

While writing this post i am forced to think similarly that what on earth had made me pull out piece of time from the tight dryer of routine and write this all ?

Isn't it my restless mind or soul who want to reflect its point with the help of my physical brain and fingers of course .I when while writing this post tried to look here definition of "creative minds i was hold by line "creativity is basic  part of human thinking" ?

Did i need to read further to learn what is creativity . I think we should stop here and think "why and what makes it possible?"

I think only one thing makes it possible and it is " desire" We are given certain kinds of " hungers or desires" most of which are related to our physical existence. We strike physically to satisfy them.

But what was point to give us desire to "create something " ?

Does it has something to do with our any physical need ? i don't think so .All creative people who felt compelled to create something inevitably and created it eventually hardly got worldly profit for it or at once at least unless their creation is famous and others loved it enough to pay for it. All who had such creative skills did art because they felt they found pleasure in doing so but pleasure came later and desire came earlier so "desire" is foundation for art ,desire that does not relate to body at all .

My younger son has downloaded " Galileo's  Error " by Philip Goff for me in Kindle and i am reading it since few days ,hardly few pages a day . Philip Goff is British author ,Consciousness researcher and specialized professor of " mind  philosophy " in Durham university UK. In his book Goff has shared his views that he holds for human mind and how Universe may be has intelligence and we human  have inherited it from her because we are part of universe . Though Philip Goff   is joining the scientists who are few and share same point of view with him . Science research has been belong to our physical aspect since centuries but i think there were people time to time who might have thought similarly but were silent so no one can make fun of them as we know that we all prefer to follow the flowing wave or keep quiet .

I am on 18th page probably and enjoying this read because it describes what i had in mind unconsciously for decades and now consciously but lack of knowledge seize me down to speak about it.

Philip presents his arguments that science explains how human eye perceive the color or human tongue taste the sourness but the " experiencing the redness of rose or taste of sourness is something impossible to explain for science until now .

I agree with thought that science  could not find way to define how human mind is different than brain and where is the point where "mind " interacts" with brain and influence it's activities.

I can say this because i correctly remember that i was cleaning front yard with broom when anchor on the radio said piece of poetry which was kind of query actually . I cannot remember any intentional effort to what i wrote in reply within few minutes and i wrote it on the empty box of shoes ,it was very first piece of my poetry. I was around eight or nine probably. Till this day i do same .I can write when it comes to my mind only other wise there is no writing at all like this i am writing today. It is hard to believe it is my brain who is making me write and stop and than write because i can feel that ,

"writing is spontaneous activity of my mind or soul and when i do it i feel it is best thing i can do in this existence "

Hope i did not bother you precious friends!

thank you for bearing with me ,i would love to hear what you think about "soul" of the universe which became part of our existence because we are part of it .

Please keep being kind to you and all around you ,this is the only way through which  can make our existence successful !

hugs and blessings! 

Friday, February 18, 2022

Hugs And Blooms


   Hello beautiful Souls !

Hope making your existence successful so amazingly . We are trying to enjoy the beautiful days of leaving winter season as much as possible. Guests from surrounding villages are still coming to meet our eldest son surprisingly . One of the most beautiful January has passed like a lovely dream when we had our eldest son with us for almost a month . Like butterfly leaves hands colored January left us with some really special memories . There is hardly moment when we sit leisurely and dive into those memories when we were able to see him from close and hug often .Hugs that brightened our souls !

Sharing few glimpse of such moments below and some appealing smiles of Nature which filling my yard with beauty and joy by the grace of lord!. These are later plants actually most of plants that hubby planted with help of gardener were spoiled due to extra supply of fertile which saddened us little but than hubby planted newer and here they are. hope you guys will like them. 

In the ocean of life i am a flowing particle nurtured with awe and wonder ,intrigued with vastness of this ocean and stunned with beauty and joy it offers to my soul . Wave to wave i flow merrily without questioning the diversity of  their height or depth ,sourness or sweetness ,obviousness or mysteriousness ,as coexistent i try to flow smoothly ,harmlessly without loosing meaning of my being .how joyful is this journey as being drop of this ocean which is flowing towards it's origin . (this just came into my mind ) enjoy the blooms .

See you all soon dear Friends ! keep smiling and spread smiles always .We all love this gift to have from each other don't we :) hugs and blessings to all of you each moment!

Friday, February 11, 2022

Some Old Photos Of Flowers And Sky And Few New One


Hey Twinkling stars !

Hope spreading your light beautifully and making your existence successful . 

Our winters  are leaving slowly and temperature have drops from single unit to 15 to 13 to 26 plus .Days are glorious with soothing breeze and comforting sunrays . Living in a moment is beneficial when extremely hot summer is around the corner  so i am enjoying the each drop of life  from it's vast ocean :) 

We are still having guests once in a while that are late to meet our son actually . It is nice to have family visiting us for whatever reason so i try to attend them cheerfully and serve them some good food i make. Presence of hubby on such occasions is helpful because i am the one who has to attend guests and cook food as well so if hubby is not around in such times it is hard to perform both duties nicely. Gladly he is home when guests come these days .

Sharing some old photos of flowers and sky  along with three fresh images sent by my eldest son .I loved the place he visited in France for skiing and wanted to share ,hope you will like too. 

  the place where he stayed with friends ,after three working years in Munich my son got some nice opportunities to visit various countries and cities when he had to avoid renting house in London because he wanted to visit us before settling there so first he stayed in Lisbon for a month and then France and few weeks in Laos London hope i wrote the correct spelling . He liked this place and skiing activity most after Lisbon he told. 

            he told he and his friends learnt skiing soon though first two days everybody fall often but they started to ski well from third day ,the most annoying part was wearing layers of many clothes to protect from cold and it would take quite time and energy .

my son admired his ski instructor who was well learned man with amazing skills of teaching one of them was "patience" and he had it a lot .his ski teacher told he had visited many countries but likes here most and it makes him happier when people can ski well and soon 

i am never tired to look at flowers and i hope your love for flowers is similar so i shared some old pics today  as our recent plants are still taking time to bloom completely 

i admit that gardening is hubby's responsibility completely and he know his job well though he takes some help to do it quickly from his acquaintance . I see how greatly hubby loves gardening and plants. When we were in old house it had no area for plants specially when huge house was divided into small portions so i would keep some plastic leaves hanging on our wall in tiny front yard ,hubby will look at it sometimes and say one day you will be having real plants around you hopefully and lots of them ,Love of Nature and plants is common in both of us for which i am so thankful.

   sky is my another deep love and i love various patterns of clouds on sky and therefore i have so many such images which live in " google photos" though i had to delete most of them from my phone to free some space 

  I hope we will be able to visit Islamabad this summer ,i miss being there as Islamabad is lush and gorgeous capital city surrounded by foothills of Himaliya mountains .you can call it a big beautiful village equipped with all facilities 
                                 Free conscience lighten one's soul and makes him happier person  

    few week ago my eyes followed sunlight moving on the wall quickly ,in summers the pace of sunlight seems so slower than this in winter .moon is another fellow wondering about the matter :)

When i see family or couple i feel it is true reflection of "Nature" i wonder why :)

Blessings to all of you dear friends ,You have light so keep sprinkling it around you please :)

Friday, February 4, 2022

New Washing Machine Gift By Eldest Son , Family Photo And Some Flowers


Hey beautiful Hearts !

Hope beating amazingly with hope and faith like a flower in the garden which spread beauty and peace no matter how bad is weather or environment .

After my son left we all felt bit sad for few days .Actually his days to leave were near and my heart started to feel sinking already but reality is something we have to face eventually and day came when my son left for London with promise that he will be visiting once or twice in a year if  world sticks to it's normality. All we can hope and pray for making it happen! Few of our relatives came to meet my son but they were late as he was gone already.

Two days back i did my laundry and asked my younger son to spread it as usual he smiled and said " are sure "? 

And guess what i was not tired at all because  my eldest bought a new washing machine for me :) He ordered online on the second day of his arrival and machine was here within a week. Unlike my old one (technically new actually as hubby bought it hardly an year ago) It rinse and dry the clothes ,i mean not completely dry them but when i take out clothes my hands don't get wet at all which is amazing because that is what bothers me during winters .My son was saying to buy this one from more than year but i though it was quite expensive but this time my pneumonia made him do so unhesitatingly. May God bless each parent with such kind kids amen! 

Sorry for unclear image ,actually we have installed it in one of our attached bathroom as my kitchen is not that big ,if i would have agreed to have it in kitchen it would have restricted my mobility there so i thought it is nice to have it in bathroom as i don't have to take any part in what machine does so all i have to do is minding my own business and take out clothes when machine is off.
Honestly i was doing my laundry by hands beacuse i realized that washing machine (older one)  makes me more tired as i have to leave all other jobs and stand by and take out laundry after each 20 minutes and rinse them. In winter i have to warm water as we don't have geyser yet .It would take whole day and i would feel so exhausted and often get feverish for few days (sigh ,aging) .So solution according to my simple brain was classify clothes ,then dip portion of them  one by  one after taking out each .And because each portion of clothes has to saty dipped in mixture of detergent for while i would get enough break to do other routine house chores meanwhile ,i was keeping this from my son but he knew when i got sick seriously in recent winters. But now i am truly grateful for this luxury and enjoying using this gift by my precious baby!

                               this image and below is taken when my son had to leave next day 

 our family was able to have this family photo after three long years thankfully ! i am deeply grateful that for the visit of my son after so long and i am happy for all other friends who were able to meet their loved ones finally!

              few photos from my garden that explain the joy of  our  heart that we felt when met our son! 

Thank you for bearing with me precious friends! your support always strengthen me to share my heart with you and i am so happy to have you all with me as blogging friends!
See you soon hopefully ,God Bless You All!
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