Friday, February 18, 2022

Hugs And Blooms


   Hello beautiful Souls !

Hope making your existence successful so amazingly . We are trying to enjoy the beautiful days of leaving winter season as much as possible. Guests from surrounding villages are still coming to meet our eldest son surprisingly . One of the most beautiful January has passed like a lovely dream when we had our eldest son with us for almost a month . Like butterfly leaves hands colored January left us with some really special memories . There is hardly moment when we sit leisurely and dive into those memories when we were able to see him from close and hug often .Hugs that brightened our souls !

Sharing few glimpse of such moments below and some appealing smiles of Nature which filling my yard with beauty and joy by the grace of lord!. These are later plants actually most of plants that hubby planted with help of gardener were spoiled due to extra supply of fertile which saddened us little but than hubby planted newer and here they are. hope you guys will like them. 

In the ocean of life i am a flowing particle nurtured with awe and wonder ,intrigued with vastness of this ocean and stunned with beauty and joy it offers to my soul . Wave to wave i flow merrily without questioning the diversity of  their height or depth ,sourness or sweetness ,obviousness or mysteriousness ,as coexistent i try to flow smoothly ,harmlessly without loosing meaning of my being .how joyful is this journey as being drop of this ocean which is flowing towards it's origin . (this just came into my mind ) enjoy the blooms .

See you all soon dear Friends ! keep smiling and spread smiles always .We all love this gift to have from each other don't we :) hugs and blessings to all of you each moment!


  1. I needed those beautiful flowers this morning -- thank you!

  2. You have such a wonderful family. I love all of the flowers but most of all I love the way you write and the goodness in you spirit.

  3. Gorgeous flowers can't wait for our spring

  4. It looks like you are basking in the glow of your son’s recent visit. He is such a blessing!

  5. Lovely photographs ... hugs are so special.

    Your flowers are beautiful, so many wonderful blooms.

    All the best Jan

  6. Hi Dear Baili,
    “In the ocean of life I am a flowing particle nurtured with awe and wonder, intrigued with vastness of this ocean and stunned with beauty and joy it offers to my soul.” That is beautiful! Your soul is beautiful! The flowers are beautiful! The family pictures are wonderful! A very sweet post. Thank you Baili!

  7. Your sons are as perfect as your flowers! You're a natural nurturer.

  8. this is a lovely post Baili and it was so nice to be reminded this morning of how lucky I am too that I have a family to hug and a garden to nurture. Nurturing is what I feel I am on this planet for :)

  9. Hello Baili,
    Lovely images of your smiling faces and family. Your garden and flowers look beautiful. Take care, have a happy weekend.

  10. When can I go hug my daughters and my parents???
    Have a great week dear baili

  11. Que família bonita, a sua. Que flores maravilhosas aqui nos oferece. Retribuo o abraço.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  12. Beautiful boys and beautiful flowers. The weather is beautiful here as well and with the drop in covid numbers it is so wonderful to be outside and see people.

  13. Your flowers are magnificent Baili! Oh how delightful to enjoy their beauty and soak in the lovely fragrance and aroma of springtime! I know January was such a special month for you as your son visited, how thankful I am that you had that precious time with him. Such sweet pictures, and oh I see the joy on your face! We are having very cold weather here, springtime is a month away at least for us. Soon though, we will enjoy the beauty of crocuses and daffodils as they poke their heads up through the snow. I look forward to it! Blessings to you dear friend!

  14. Your posts are always full of love and beauty! They always make me so happy. You have a wonderful family, baili.

  15. First, thanks Bali for your comments on my post about our recent road trip. While, the weather was uncooperative for several places, it was still seeing friends and family members that made it enjoyable. Usually, I take way too many photos but this time far fewer were taken even of those we visited. Instead, we will have the memories in our mind. Time spent together seemed more important than trying to capture images. It always seems that time spent with loved ones passes way too soon and it was wonderful to read and see images of your family during the visit of your son. Hopefully, it won't be as long for a future visit.

    The flowers in your yard were beautiful to see as yesterday we had an 8-inch snowfall in Nashua, NH, and thankfully returned home 2 days earlier to do grocery shopping.


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