Monday, February 28, 2022

Universe Has Both The Body And The Soul See Carefully

There are many things in this world that are impossible to prove they exist physically but we all witness their presence in our everyday life vigorously for instance air .I often used phrase in my many  previous posts regarding how air fills "soul" in views and everything looks much more alive and engaging .Despite of i cannot see the" air "  itself i am able to feel the vibrance and beauty it brings in environment . After quitting the room when one enter in the yard Is  it  hard to recognize how pleasant breeze changes the whole mood within moments ?.Damage caused by strong winds is undeniable yet it is not detectable by human eye or microscope even. 

None of us denies air don't exist because we are aware of it's presence due to it's direct effect in our environment and life.

Fragrance is another thing totally invisible to human eye  or any scientific tool but can we deny the transforming effect of  fragrance  when we smell a rose or any other fragrant  flower ? 

If see closely our universe is being governed by force which is "invisible" itself  and including scientists we all know that and still we deny the "soul" or "consciousness" is fundamental part of universe and us as we are part of it.
I can't blame as they are  obliged to declare an information they obtain as "fact or reality" after long research and so many approvals form  all around the world by co scientists  because they occupy a very sensitive place and cannot afford any mistake so public or media jump on them with tons of questions or demand explanations ,so they will keep quiet until they find  a way to detect the "soul"  
But i don't think that " Nature want us to detect what is behind the scene "
why ? 
I think because it is not part of the Nature's plan simply .
And secondly because Nature wants  us to explore  her soul side through utilizing our spiritual  insight or commonly called "consciousness"

If a man has born to follow simple reactions that his physical brain produce through chemical process than everyone must look like a puppet who's strings are pulled by hard wired mechanism . Like other animals man should have kept his focus on physical survival and there must have not been any other progress which differentiate a man from another on the base of his personality virtues .

We all know that it is not that simple . Each single man or woman that born with physical appearance  bring along specific " personality" to display through his physical actions and movements. Men can be same in their physical features and habits grown out of years of repetition but personalities that we bring encoded in our genes are different from each other completely . Genes can be physical but story they carry is mystical.

If man is blind follower of  "brain  chemicals" how two people can differ from each other on strikingly huge bases even they grew in the same environment . How mere brain chemical can decide how they are going to shape their lives by reacting totally different way in similar situation. 

The people who influenced the world in many ways were certainly great personalities  who had unique souls which made them do extraordinary things while living within an ordinary body .

We see people regularly in our everyday life for years and still when it comes to trust them for some sudden reason we are hit by fear whether we can  do it or not because though we" think" we "know" them yet we "feel" we don't ,don't you agree ?

Why so ? because knowing a person physically is not enough .To put trust in someone we need to know how is he or she from " inside " ?
what is this "inside" that when we be familiar with we are comfortable to believe in them ?
Inside is soul of that person which we can't detect with physical  eyes but we can feel it with our consciousness through her or his  thoughts and behaviors . Thoughts and behaviors are not just result of brain's chemical reactions but there is something else from our invisible side that guide us to adopt certain ways in life. If it was not so world would have never beard great writers ,painters ,musicians and so many other amazing insightful people who thought ahead of their time and founded modern ways of life that were more meaningful and more  sustainable . 
What about human emotions love and sacrifice particularly. Can we believe what science define about love ? Can a brain's chemical reaction be as powerful that we decide to devote our whole life because of it ?  And often compromise on  many important things and  pleasures of life we had before meeting to that special person ?

I don't think that for a "physical man" who is here to do everything possible to survive  on this planet would accept anything like this if he is obeying simply his brain instructions.

Here is something from personal experience . I am trying to improve my mental progress since some years and i am taking help from yoga and meditation . Since few months i am trying to quit everything from my diet that i feel makes my mind fogy or slow. Let me mention that some foods like rice or chicken gravy make my head heavy and i get upset very easily ( i realized it and than decided to quit completely) 
After few weeks i started to feel light and my head seemed clearer.
Which means that i was more attentive and cool. This made me think and feel better but that was all about everyday life .The emotions are very different things and belong to our inner being (soul) we have these emotions already though they are nurtured or displayed during  certain times and situations when i want to.They are eternal and not result of brain chemical reaction which is momentary. 

Like movies we know that in reality either people "sacrifice" their most precious thing  their "life" for their loved ones. Who will believe it happens because our brain release some chemical  and we decide to die quickly or slowly because of it . No it is very obvious reflection of  "Love" the pure and divine product of Creator and soul which can" make us believe" that giving away my physical existence is important because it will bring life or joy to One who's life is ( my belief born out of love i have for her or him) more precious than me. Brain is a physical thing which is not designed to do such foolishness. It is soul a part of divineness that knows that "giving" is greatest virtue. For which physical disappearance  is not death but "transformation" and soul as being part of eternity and divinity knows that no mater what physical form it will take or leave it further it still will remain in the domain of divine Creator  !

What you will call those people who spend their whole lives chasing their unique passions and dreams in order to achieve something bigger in life ? What chemical reaction in brain will convince them to choose harder path filled with dramatic twists and turns instead of doing nine to five job and enjoying simpler ways of ordinary living ?

Whatever force has made this all and put us middle of it with curious ,inquiring brain and on the other hand with " self aware, feeling and  conscious Mind "  might want us to find answers of physical realities by analyzing  physical facts of this phenomena  by using physical brain  and  look for spiritual answers by awakening and strengthening it's soul side . If we are part of Nature and can display astonishing intelligence in various fields of life we should think that how vast how deep and how mesmerizing must be the intelligence of this universe or One who Has Created it and let us adopt "bit of it" 

Think carefully about all the math and physics you have learnt does it not point out that  we are living within the really really sensitively designed systems and fields ,what are these "waves of probability" and what are the  "law of attraction" ?

Aren't they highly really highly thoughtfully woven webs among which we are placed carefully with so called free will and freedom of choice ???

Do we have not to bear the consequences of our each single action in life  (sooner or later ) ? Why ?

How can i know ,all i know what it looks like from all i learnt or observed and experienced .

I am on fortieth page of Philip Goff 's  Galileo 's Error but could not stop myself to write what i myself think about this topic .

Thank you for reading dear people your encouragement is my strength!
Blessings to all of you ! see you soon.


  1. These are the Questions of the Ages which great minds have always pondered!

    1. if it is true dear Debra than i would love to old grow more and i have always believe me .

      a thing comes to my mind when i am replying your kind comment that i hardly gave much importance to my physical appearance throughout my life and i was criticized for this by most of my family and friends and here by recent family too . i never felt like i must see mirror how do i look ,sometimes weeks passed and months ,i peek into mirror only when i have to go to attend some ceremony which is weird or bad i think or abnormal yes this is the word .but it is what it is .
      so believe it or not i was always annoyed by attention specially from opposite side when i had to be outside ,i desperately wanted a solemon's cap which makes wearer invisible for others ,so i am thankful that i am old and out of list thankfully .
      the longing for learning kept me engaged always and it was for spiritual growth now i can understand :)
      i am loving being kind of little free for other meaningful stuff in life :)

  2. I agree with Debra. It seems you are a great mind.

    1. honestly dear Nichole i don't think so ,i find myself like a child struck by wonders and mysteries of this life and Universe ,my simple mind finds want to understand what is going on and how and all i can do is try to find ways to learn little bit about it before it will be time to leave this amazing life :)
      and all for inner satisfaction though it brings joy to share my thoughts with friends like and all :)

  3. Well written. thank you for your encouragement. I love your views and faith.

    1. oh hearing this from beautiful writer like you is really honor dear Susan

      thank you for strengthening me with your kindness my friend!

  4. Replies
    1. glad you liked them dear Christine ,it was quick choice

  5. That soul is more and more absent in our World, baili.
    Have a blessed week

  6. dear Pedro i fear of day when soul will be disappeared from the scene completely but for now i feel that world seems quite balanced with goodness and badness which means people still exist who live by their soul mostly or to some and influence world consciously or consciously in positive manner ,same is for those who dance on beat of physical being only or to much extent . i wish and pray may Nature keep balance always

  7. I think the world needs more love in these concerning times.
    Good memes.

    My good wishes for this new month of March.

    All the best Jan

  8. dear Jan what is heartbreaking most that people in past mostly used religions to divide people ,each leader tried to infuse faith in innocent minds that their God is supreme than God of others . they instead should have rooted faith in people that there is only one divine power who run this world and his manifestation display that we all must follow his universal laws that never provoke for think of others inferior or crush for worldly supplies and kill .
    Love is the basic and most powerful agenda of the maker of this universe which we forget when it comes to prioritizing things in life .
    the whole construction of this world shows that unity is way to create and construct and falling a part and dividing is destructive and unlike by One who made us

  9. Tem razão um Mundo é maravilhoso li o seu texto falando sobre sua pessoa.You're right, the world is wonderful. Here in Brazil🇧🇷

  10. Your post reminds me of a great Christian writer, C.S. Lewis, Baili. He went through phases in his life when he was an atheist, a theist, and finally a Christian. What convinced him that God was real was this hunger in our hearts and minds for God. He thought that we wouldn't have this hunger inside us if there was no way to satisfy that hunger. Furthermore, since God exists outside of the universe, he can't be inside the universe anymore than a staircase in a house could be the architect of that house. God can only reveal him/herself inside us by influencing us to act in certain ways.

    We have an understanding of such concepts as justice that other living creatures don't have. We have an internal moral compass. You have been and are continuing to ask the most profound questions of what it means to be human.

    I don't think that our search for the divine is just a result of capitalizing on evolutionary advantages that such a search would bring. I think the development of religions was not just the result of trying to understand things in nature. There is evidence that the earliest people cared for their sick and their dead when they were able to. Humans experimented with art and music early on. This compulsion to create separates us from other animals. Tolkien believed that humans create, are sub-creators, as a way to express the divine in them by becoming creators. Since humans are created in the image of God and God creates, we have the ability to create.

    I hope you have the chance sometime to read Tolkien's small book "Tree and Leaf." It contains his famous essay "On Fairy-Stories" which outlines his theory of sub-creation. It also contains a short story called "Leaf by Niggle." This short story always gives me hope when I fall into despair about my writing.

    Wishing you a fulfilling weekend, my friend. Thanks for always making me think! Hugs to you!

  11. dear Louise thank you from the bottom of my soul for this insightful sharing !

    my early life or childhood was weird in many means , though i played with my cousin but it was always them who called me and asked to join ,i never felt " alone " . enough to need someone fill this space . unfortunately for long time i could not understood why i was weird like this . my unconditional empathy for elderly peoples in village was also something that would surprise others . third thing to confirm me weird was my remaining untemper when girls in school were unfriendly or bully additionally i would help them sometime when other will leave them alone in times of need . growing with such weird habits there time came in my life in mid twenties (after marriage) when i hated myself and question God why he made me like this ? why i could not be formed like normal people who keep all others after themselves ?

    How gracious is our Creator who always answers when we ask truly .i started to find all answers gradually . I never felt alone because He himself was within me because if not so i should have felt loneliness piercing and run for crowd ,it never happened not till today .

    Because God is "love" so where he choose to be more love is strongest element of that thing and my being was this thing probably .

    Patience is strongest robe to which if we hold firmly it helps us to get out of the dark well of disappointment and misery that others bring for us .I had heart who was not made for negative emotions like "Hate" or jealousy so forgiving others was and is so easy . such things may sound unreal and crazy but believe me they worked for me other wise i had no guts to lead life i have today .

    It is hard to think of life without having Faith that i have someone who take cares of me in terms that i should stay fully " attend " and" cautious" try hard to avoid mistakes and than leave rest upon that force who's rules i am following .simplest agenda of life .

    can't predict what life will be tomorrow or will it be or not but if i will have one it will certainly be spend in learning let's see if i have more time to follow my dreams ,no matter what happens what will keep me serene is my "bonding" to my maker.

  12. The greatest spiritual teachers all taught the 'Love' is the key.

    The greatest teachers are often referred to as 'Christ' and that is a clue to the realization of the existence of life and its creation and where our earthly path should lead us back to.

  13. lovely post

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