Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Respond To Karen 's Comment On Previous Post "soul desire" Why I Think The Way I Do ?

 dear Karen thank you for beautiful comment 

reading that you too could not attend collage made my eyes teary slightly ,knowing such courageous and insightful people pleases me more who did not give up learning even though they could not pursue it academically but they kept finding ways to learn whatever they loved to learn about . the strength of desire ,determination and will power plays indeed an essential role in this .

as far as the learning or source of learning is concerned since my early teens  i was always fascinated by things around me like natural phenomena or vibrance of life ,  i felt so compelled to stare at things for hours may be in order to feel the power behind them that made them the way they appeared . now at this stage of life i know that it was firm belief  hidden in my genes soaked by my genuine faith one i born with that there was something going behind the scene and it seemed that my mind was programmed to sense it or explore it and match it with my faith in divine force that is governing this universe and life within it , my faith in the "oneness" of all things grew gradually when each time when i learnt something new and it was matched with my own thoughts strikingly ,with my constant observations  i was  kind of sure since beginning that everything in this world has reason to exist and this reason  is supporting others things somehow  . From that understanding i realized that from tiniest to largest all things have purpose and their purpose somehow appears to "serve us the thinking part of  universe " 

What inspired me from the Philip Goff 's ides is his  insightfulness he shares regarding  human consciousness . He put it with exceptional details how divine intelligence is permeated into the whole universe and therefore we have inherited it as fundamental quality from universe . i did not reach on pages where he will discuss that basic particles  might have simplest form of consciousness.

I feel agree to this point  because i already believe that all things in things in this universe are serving their higher form "humans" that we see happens here in this world most often too.

Why the manipulation of some  fundamental elements  is responsible  for creating numerous things we find in this world  ?

Why it is possible that everything we need whether in far past or farther future  is already waiting for us to be discovered and utilized  by us ?

If universe happened randomly and bears random stuff and  happening why still it seems well unified and quite arranged over all when we seek for help?  and why the help is always available eventually ???

Why non living things decay after certain time ? because they have age too and age comes with life isn't it ? 

If decaying and dying is the part of existence process than Universe has age too ,it was born as baby and getting old and old with time ,it's objects smaller or larger are getting apart slowly why?

Why the formation of universe looks reasonable to observable eye ? 

We as humans are Brain of this whole phenomena and universe thinks through us mostly because we are best of her most probably  . We know so little and for learning the whole knowledge is certainly an impossible thing for short lived creature like human . 

Has therefore universe already has installed intelligence and wisdom within us to identify and understand her  secrets ?.

 And Is this understanding is possible only through physical brain or studies of physical brain ? 

 It is not ,But  by the "consciousness " because it belongs to whole divine intelligence of universe itself or to one who created it and we know that "everything moves back to it's Origin .

Science explains nicely how basic particles behave through their charge but why they behave this way or any way ? and where is the randomness in their behavior if they they result in something useful each time they transform ? 

I have to say what i feel because i  don't know how much life i have ahead and if yes will i will be in position to learn more enough to feel now i can speak my mind ,i don't know this either so let me share what i know at this moment and let me looking for more if i have way ahead .

take great care precious friends!


  1. A curious mind and intelligence have nothing to do with whether a person goes to college or not, or even any school. Some people have it and some people don't! You have it!

    1. dear Debra unlike me my mother had hardly any way to learn except socialization and holy book she would read and yet she was one of the most wise person i ever knew .
      i realized quite late it because of her that going to school or reading lots of books is another option but there is something which a person brings in his ,her genes and such people are guided by their "inner light"

      i have witnessed many people studied in well known collages and universities but none of their learning could turn them in better human being because applying makeup from outside cannot bring glow to one's spirit and i learned it with time .

      having higher education was my biggest dream as young person but my parents were not in position to support my dream and i was not in some advanced part of the world to help myself ,this was heartbreaking but i managed to study further slowly and all by myself without any tuition because it was linguistic like English literature etc
      but this could not give me chance to groom my inner self to more extent

  2. You would've been a brilliant student.

  3. Aren't we all students dear Christine who learn from lap to till grave . Just like a classroom have many types of students classroom of life also vary greatly in its students some popular some bookworm some slow some smart. Some like me strggling to keep in touch with shore of learning instead sinking into monstrous ocean of business totally

  4. My father didn’t finish school and I always considered him one of the smartest people I knew. I always wonder what he could have done had his circumstances been different.

    You have a brilliant mind and obviously continue to learn and challenge yourself.

    1. your father indeed was an inspirational man dear Marie though unfortunately he was one of those who have gift of intelligence and wisdom but are unable to pursue or complete education but i respect and appreciate such humble people more who always try to keep growing as better human being and their effort reflects in their life so obviously .

      i wonder how many well educated people are good human being too and show this goodness in actions they do in day to day living and relationships they carry .
      we are so blessed to have such parents who though were behind in worldly learning but far ahead in wisdom .
      at this part of life when i recall my childhood it gives me shiver if i did not have a woman in my life like my late mother was ,she did not just gave me birth but taught though her words and actions how to step ahead on this path of life with great care and consideration .

  5. Another very good post.

    All the best Jan

    1. thank you dear Jan it is hard for me to keep in heart what i think actually

  6. Dear Baili, Your brilliance shines through your consciousness. I am touched by your deep understanding of the spirituality of nature. I love your words … “since my early teens I was always fascinated by things around me like natural phenomena or vibrance of life.” The spirit is in you and the way you share that in your posts is very special. Thank you Baili. Kind regards to you from Seattle. John

    1. i felt honored by your kind words dear John

      most importantly i think it is your greatness to encourage me in such warm words ,believe it or not though i am a self aware person still i really don't think i am special in any means specially regarding such sensitive facts of universe and life yet with my small capacity to think of things i find it okay to speak my mind and share it with kind and wise friends from blog land ,it makes me feel serene as i could convey what i was thinking about to people for whom i believe that belong to more rich (i mean in thoughtfulness)and comforting (facilitated by authorities) environment as they must, be more
      "aware " of all things than me living in underdeveloped country .i am not saying that people living in my country cannot what i want to say but i have no access to such people who are interested to carry such conversations so sharing my heart in online diary makes is satisfaction enough to me .

      as far as is concerned "consciousness" i am lot into it since sometimes ,i am wondering not just what is consciousness but how i gained it and from where .
      i believe that if i have life ahead of some years or more i am going to devote it to find answer to these questions .
      i am really grateful that you found my simple words worth reading dear John !
      this is strengthening thank you again God bless you!

  7. Intelligence is not measured by the amount of education someone has because I have known people less educated than others who were smarter in so many ways. In writing this I am remembering my parents, both has only a grade school education and did not attend high school. In the years when they were growing up, it was necessary for them to help out at home or to work. They ensured that my brother and myself had more opportunities and still I consider myself less informed than many others.

    Your posts are always so thought provoking And it makes me realize how little I know so thank you, my friend, for sharing your thoughts which are so much deeper than my own most days.

    1. dear Dorothy i once we understand in life how important is "learning" and go to take first step we feel how little we know i totally agree .

      despite your parents could not attend high school they had genuine love for learning which they could find to fulfil through their children if it was not their soul desire the divine nature would have not provided them with way to see this becoming true in their kids .my mom was totally uneducated school wise but she would read all the news papers and magazines easily ,my father would say smilingly sometimes he had taught her well :)

  8. Sometimes my brain hurts from thinking about all these things, Baili! I think God gave us brains, and we are meant to use those brains to learn as much as we can and to apply that knowledge to improve the lives of people and living things on our planet. We are the universe becoming conscious. That doesn't exclude the possibility of other conscious beings in different places in the universe also contributing to the consciousness of the universe.

    My mother often said that we see through a glass darkly (an idea expressed in the Bible). My hope is that after my physical death that my curiosity and desire to learn will continue and that I will see more clearly and have answers to so many questions ~ (Also that there are libraries in heaven, so I can read all the books I haven't had time to read! ~ LOL).

    I'm taking my computer into the Apple store on Waikiki in a couple of hours. Their techs are going to update my computer which needs a lot of updating! I love the Apple store here because I can walk to it in a few minutes, whereas at home I have to drive in heavy traffic for at least a half an hour each way. And since my vision is bad, I can't see for that long.

    You wrote about looking at the stars making your neck hurt. I can relate!!! To focus on anything beyond a few dozen feet, I have to stretch my neck up and out. Before long my neck aches. I'm going to buy an eye patch to cover my left eye. One eye with one image must be better than two eyes and two sets of overlapping vision. Hopefully Apple won't have my computer more than 48 hours.

    Love to you and your family. Sending you a big hug, my questing friend!

  9. dear Louise thank you won't be enough the way you take from your precious time and read my simple words and then respond with such kindness . i can only imagine the enormous and deepest love your mother had for learning and her children specially you inherited this from her . without having passion for learning words cannot not have such striking appeal and strength the thing i find in your extraordinary writings this shines through all you share and the way you share !

    i agree that everything in Nature has reason and consciousness given to us is surely for exploring all laid down for us in this universe and utilize it to find ways to benefit humanity and nurture it with more and deeper knowledge .

    we are focusing more on inventing things that make life more easy rather than more meaningful and mindful rich with peace of mind and bring people closer in terms they can share more and learn how valuable is "unity" and " mutual respect" | consciousness is most precious gift and i hope we can realize that living through conscious or soul can solve most social issue for us because it gives us deeper understanding how we all are connected to each other to support each other instead of divide and make fall each other .

    to my simple mind nature want us to realize this and adopt such lifestyle . If we keep failing in this realization the actual target given to us will remain unachieved and we will stay "lost" in falseness " and misery created by our own selves .this would curse for not comprehending what Nature saying to us

  10. Gostei de ler o seu texto. Gostar de aprender é algo que torna as pessoas diferentes e mais instruídas. A vida é uma constante aprendizagem.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.


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