Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Existing Within The Sandwich


It happens so often that it feels hard to focus on things we tend to do. 

Some years back i might have had no clue why but gradually i realized that like everything else we also are bundle of energy. I mean we all know that universe itself  is all about energy and it's various forms. Universe is made up of  few fundamental elements which further forms numerous kind of stuff by uniting and disuniting in complex way and We too are result of some of such long process.

So we humans too are form of energy with exceptional ability to have command over the energy we are made up of. That command is gifted through some extraordinary power produced in our brain in the form of "thoughts" 

There are two different opinion about what "thought" is . According neuroscientists thoughts are chemical reaction of human brain though  philosopher separate thoughts from typical reactions of the brain in daily life. They say human mind is different than brain and is governed by some super natural power. But  Unlike scientists Philosophers cannot prove their point of view . Though which ever side we believe truth remains undeniable that " thought" is form of Energy whether produced as brain's chemical reaction or lit by some divine  natural power.

Best about this is that it is in our hands ( determination, will power, constant struggle) to compose this energy and make it stronger to deal with life issues.

But what if  we would have got this energy in composed and stronger shape already ?

It enthralls me to think about the world where everyone is living with |" perfect and well arranged thinking program" and  when actions produced through such perfect and flawless thought system are applied in everyday life ,it makes world a heaven for all inhabitants equally. But we are not given heaven but duty to make one by using this mental energy in right direction. 

If two and two make four ,hydrogen and oxygen make water and so on why our "mental energy "  cannot be defined in such perfect term? ?

Why it is just raw and random thoughts springing in a brain as chemical  reactions ?

Is our brain is bound to react only ? or it has some phenomena inside which always desperate  to manifest it's intrinsic nature no matter what .

 Sometimes i think that our mental energy is springing randomly in our head because of the Dark energy that try to make objects  (including our mental energy) haste( expand quickly) rather than slow down .

It feels that we are in state of war against dark energy and this is because we are part of universe and bond to behave similarly.

Whoever put us in this War want us to fight it from first conscious breath to till last breath ,Why ? how can i tell.

I can speak what i feel only .And i feel that Nature has put us in this war for some reason .

Instead giving us one strong well composed robe of "thought system"( like perfect computer program)  whom we "on"  and press button to  find immediate solution Nature has given us raw random amount of mental energy like clay to potter .By giving us complete command over this "energy" nature want us to shape our lives according to our own will .And good or bad we do so.

When we try to concentrate on something we need our mental energy to be composed and come forward as bright light so we can see and understand what we want to. It is not easy most of the times. When we try to focus our brain seems to resist , dims and shut down totally sometimes. 

Rising against strong push of Dark energy is ,hard ,harder ,hardest yet possible .

Therefore we are here obviously trying to manage our survival within the sandwich .Yes Sandwich .

What i mentioned until now is only one side of the war where dark energy is whooshing us away ,On the other side gravity is desperate to bind us into uniformity .

 Moral of the story is probably that "when you have to fight from many sides ,only One thing can save you and it is your "strongest ,deepest focus " that can Compose your random mental energy into one "hardest weapon" which is able to defeat multiple attacks from various directions .

We see humans  "mental energy" is most miraculous thing among all others in the universe and can do wonders if even a little focused. It's invisible and undetectable properties seem something beyond our ordinary comprehension and this is why it's ability to become an Exceptional power seems ever extending probably. 

Imagine your brain is like one huge dark ,closed classroom where millions and billions of children are screaming and shouting . What will you do?

Of course you cannot reach to each and ask to keep quiet at once. You will open the door and windows so air and light can come through and children can feel better and calm though not serene completely and their noise and demands can start any time once again. the moment they are calm because of the breeze and light you let into the room ,can be perfect time you can understand their unrest and sooth them further by visiting as much as possible, while  handing them over a paper of "reason" 

It can take so long to receive answer from" all " but once they are tamed with writing down their demands calmly on the paper of "Reason" their protest and aggression can be reduced gradually . Spending some time in this classroom can save you from so many distractions and complexities in life .

I think victory in this war is not our target ,it is only survival and in a better way . Good and better vary for person to person but i believe that we all have come to existence with certain alarm system that inform us about it honestly whether we listen or not .

Thank you for bearing with me dear Friends .

wishing you all health ,peace and happiness in life amen!



  1. You are such a deep thinker Baili!

    1. from where i see dear Christine this is just a plain thought rose in dim mind like mine :)

      probably my deep connection with universe and everything makes me say this easily as sometimes i feel i can see from far above i don't know how ,silly enough lol

  2. Baili I love how you take things, contemplate them and bring it all forth with elegance. Have a very nice day.

    1. this is so encouraging dear Nichole

      things keep rising in my head randomly though when i sit with laptop i have to join them together ,sometimes i succeed sometimes lost totally

  3. Having read ayour post I have concluded that thoughts are energy and that they are not generated from within entirely but a response/use of surplus energy around us.

  4. I was following along until you mentioned the sandwich. Now all I can think of is what kinds of sandwich I'd like to eat right now. So easily distracted, LOL!

    1. oh i am sorry for if i disappoint you dear Debra ,i can imagine if reading time was snack time too it can be so annoying lol

  5. Profound thoughts. You gave me much to think about.

    1. you are think tank already my amazingly talented writer friend Susan :)

  6. ... I too return your good wishes of health, peace and happiness in your days.

    All the best Jan

  7. You have given me things to think about and how our brain forms thoughts. Oh ya, it takes and uses energy. That makes sense but I had never thought about it before.

  8. Is there victory in a war in the 21st century, bali?
    Doubt it very much.
    And the consequences, the lost, it will last for a long long time.

    1. dear Pedro war never brings victory destruction only what we assume as victory is our self delusion .

      we all know that if war happens planet will be barren for centuries probably

  9. Many things to think about in your post Baili.
    Stay well.

  10. Human should use their brain energy to do the best they can

  11. Hmmm...this will require some extra thought.

  12. You share such interesting things, Baili! I know I'd thoroughly enjoy a conversation with you!

  13. How I wish we could sit and share some tea and a chat, Baili.

  14. Thank you for food for thought, Baili, as always. I wish I could have invincible strength within me, which is derived from piled-up thoughts of mine, to fight against Dark Energy.


  15. Whatever it all means, you hit the bottom line, Baili. Our lives are in our own hands and our ability to channel our determination, will power and struggles impacts our ability to deal with life issues. Thought is not matter, so it must be energy. But how does mind/thought energy interact with with physical brain matter? I loved that a woman, Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia, questioned René Descartes on this. Science is very good at explaining the how, but not necessarily the why.

    I had great fun with my third graders and Descartes. Among other things, he devised the coordinate geometry system, and we had fun plotting points throughout our classroom on a giant grid and also on graph paper. I'd give them short, secret messages to solve by assigning letters to coordinate points. I was trying to give them concrete experience with coordinate geometry without complicating it with more abstract geometry and algebra. I would not have gone near dualism with my third graders for anything!

    1. dear Louise stuck into the business i am late to response which is a shameful thing indeed .

      scientists are putting so much effort to explain difference between "brain" and mind .brain seems more to support our physical system and cope with it's desires through repetition of responses though mind seems something exceptional dealing with more sublime and deep corners of life or in other words displaying "spiritual" side of a physique .
      what i felt here that because we human too are part of nature whether matter or nonmatter so our behavior seems not different than these two things ,being part of matter we are tend to behave likely and the proof i feel is hurdle to "concentration" power ,each time we want to focus it seems we have to fight against something that is trying to wither our mental strength ,like the book you are going to read by Neil Degrasse Tyson Tyson describes how much effort it takes to be a sphere ,i fee it is same with us ,to be visible at some point we have to fight against both gravity and dark energy .

      you were ahead of your time to make your pupils learn in such a amazing and interesting way :)


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