Sunday, February 28, 2016

First Steps Of Spring In MY Garden

Hi dear friends ,

In my country  Pakistan and  especially in my province Sindh climate has changed  quickly and it is not unusual for us though. Sun' rays are loosing their lovely warm touch and instead of it they seem little hard to bear now.But in spite of all this disturbing signs  i  love this season from the depth of my heart.

                              i don't know the name of this beautiful seasonal  red flower  

.Reason behind this love is that in this beautiful seasons  it seems that earth has smiled with all it's inner joy,and it's colorful smiles spread here and there to make our heart full of joy and release the bird of our soul from the cage of worries.

                                                   fresh leaves of  lemon  plant  

I am sure that like me you too whenever take look of  blooming flowers around you feel an undefined able sense of refreshment and happiness,which make you grateful to your creator and reveal hidden positiveness in your personality. Today i am sharing first step of spring in my garden with you.hope you will like them.May God Make You  All  Smile always like these Flowers.amen.

     when we enter  in my home it is one of  pot placed with the lounge fencing  first look of  spring's smile.

          i have more then one kinds of Marigold in my small garden,but it smiled first of all .

                                     my pomegranate   is opening it's eyes  slowly

                                                     lovely golden smile  of spring

                   it  embrace  fully in  mid march  i will share  it's more beauty   more  later  

have  a  lovely  blessed blooming  life  everybody .

Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Picnic Trip to a Power station on Foundation Day

Last day i  woke up at 5 30 in morning and prepared traditional lunch as a group leader.As   our principal  arranges  the picnic trip with higher lasses grade nine and ten and all school teachers before the every annual exams.This  time she selected one of the huge power station of the state from where one third of the electricity is provided to our province.

                   student and teachers got off the bus           Rest house where we stayed  for while

I was so excited as it was going to be a very informative and full of learning  experience for me.there were almost 70 people in this trip including  14 teachers and more then 40 kids.Mame divided us in five groups and i was in group five.Mostly i don't feel  much active  in early morning times inspite of it and avoiding the load shading of light i tried my best to fulfill my all tasks belonged to kitchen as i had to fry the four packets of nuggets for my own kids's annual  party along with break fast and that

Teachers and kids got some rest here  and  in second pic  i am   enjoying observing  everyone.
Though  it made me tired but when i reached in school and sat in bus for trip my inner child got her life back and i felt so happy and curious for trip.I selected the most back seat to sit where the cheerful noise and activities  of kids were less.Journey took more then three hours to reach that station,where we stayed for little time in a rest house which was enough comfortable to spend sometime there.

about to enter in power station, the first look of the station does not reveal the inner wonders

                                         beautiful  road leads to the actual  complex

After little rest,we were ready to visit the power station,so we left for it .It was few minutes away from rest house and was worth watching.When we entered in the huge wide area it seemed to me some kind of wonder of the world where everything was made so marvelously and complicatedly yet so beautifully.Though we did not find any guide there who can tell us about everything that how does it work ? still it was one of the best trip of my life.

inside this building the heavy and complicated machinery is situated ,all these mechanical systems are involved in the production of electricity which lightens our whole big province .                                                                                      

                                        view from the roof where we went by mistake

that man in control room told us on my question that yes there are political reasons are also involved behind the load shading because politicians are operated by businessmen which use their powers to reduce the power supply throughout the country just to sell their products as generators etc .

                     this beredge is built on the biggest river of Pakistan called River Sindh which  forms  with the ice melting of northern high mountains and travels through the whole country  while including four more rivers in it ,it ends its long journey in the lap of Arabian Sea.

                                                 beautiful view of river and bridge                                        

outside the hall its me and my principal

                          though  mat was torn but hall where we had lunch  had comfort and nice food.

After this almost whole day adventure we got back to our bus.It was evening and everybody was tired.Still we all had great fun though missed a guide but at least we discovered some facts which were unknown to us before.I made more then one  hundred pics but not possible to share them all with you guys.god bell you all dears .

Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Love Day

Love does not deserve to be along with just for one day.It is  source of inspiration  for breathing so it must go on and on with each breath. But it great to have a one day to celebrate love with all its warmth and sensation.

This time the valentine day came on sunday and worse about it that there gathers  lot to do at this one single day and more chances to have guests too so i missed my valentine day post therefore.Will you believe that my hubby and i postpone our outing and dinner program for few days.

                                                           My dear son and Hubby
Though he wished love day in his usual style with tiny red rose  which turns in larger then sky when it comes to my hands.My dear son who lives in another city wished me with a beautiful message and i felt lucky.I  am in Love with love and can't imagine living without love of my family , my creator and his creations.

our principal and her hubby who just has returned from his pilgrimage


In my school the whole staff expressed their love and respect for their principal and the chairman of school her i am sharing some pics of this simple but warm party.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Adventure of job and learning

I am happy that finally my unstoppable flu now seems on its turning point ,and i can't say that i will be missing it because i am am glad that it is going still i learnt lot from its company .Because in my whole life i had no any kind of pressure on my head but something inside me always kept me poking that i must do something from which i can find out my abilities if i have any though ,

In  2004 when i  started my first job as a packing girl in a pharmaceutical company i learnt how to make quick decision because a single mistake or absence of mind  and you will miss  so many bottles on the  fast running belt.That time my education was not enough to be on good post i had passed only my matriculation then.I was enjoying my job and my lady boss who was famous for her rudeness among her staff was very kind to me. 

After 3  months i was promoted  as assistant of pharmacists where responsibilities were more sensitive.But by the grace of God i did it for almost 4 years until i had to return my hubby's home in another city as i was staying with my mother to look after her during that job.

When i was back to my own home,God blessed me with one more baby boy and i got busy with my life as wife and mom,So since almost eleven years i was free of every kind of pressure and from inside was forced to create pressure on my own for myself .Meanwhile i passed my twelfth grade privately and   i applied for teaching job in school newly opened by an N.G.O and got selected as principal but unfortunately the school was sold after few months to a local man who did not know anything about education and i left the job because we both belonged to two different direction.

I continued my studies and  again got job in one of the famous school of the city though i returned their offer letter because my son could not be admitted there due to less age then they took for nursery.And i could not afford to leave him on others hands .My hubby often said that you should enjoy your freedom of life do your daily chores and then watch t.v or hangout with friends.

But something was making me uncomfortable .after doing all duties belong to house and kids i used to feel space which now i feel little filled after my teaching job,I am really enjoying it,Every day planing lessons teaching and handling naughty kids with patience.every month preparing papers for monthly tests,taking test ,checking papers making result is lot of is adventure and i am enjoying it alot..Are you too enjoying your doings? 

Saturday, February 6, 2016


I don't know whether i should celebrate its almost fourth birthday or i should cry over it ,Yes my seasonal fast and furious flue has completed its almost four month and is about to enter in fifth month and reason behind it looks my bike ride every morning to my school in a very cold weather  as i am not  to it. It is my first winter to do so that is why flue caught me badly .

Though i am taking medicines but they are failed to stop it ,it only reduces for two or three days and then again sneezing and blowing nose ,I am just tired  of it,It seem while to feel and think normal,

Yesterday i had to go to my school twice once in morning for taking part in arrangements of Meelad function and once in evening to attend the function,but due to horrible mental condition i thought that i will hardly be able to visit once only so with the permission of my  principal  i did not go in the day time as my principal said being attend in evening time is more important  then  morning.

So i went in night and how i made myself sit with blowing nose and cold its another story but with my phone i took few pics of participants and two of my students who looked who came along their parents. Aren't they adorable . 
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