Sunday, February 28, 2016

First Steps Of Spring In MY Garden

Hi dear friends ,

In my country  Pakistan and  especially in my province Sindh climate has changed  quickly and it is not unusual for us though. Sun' rays are loosing their lovely warm touch and instead of it they seem little hard to bear now.But in spite of all this disturbing signs  i  love this season from the depth of my heart.

                              i don't know the name of this beautiful seasonal  red flower  

.Reason behind this love is that in this beautiful seasons  it seems that earth has smiled with all it's inner joy,and it's colorful smiles spread here and there to make our heart full of joy and release the bird of our soul from the cage of worries.

                                                   fresh leaves of  lemon  plant  

I am sure that like me you too whenever take look of  blooming flowers around you feel an undefined able sense of refreshment and happiness,which make you grateful to your creator and reveal hidden positiveness in your personality. Today i am sharing first step of spring in my garden with you.hope you will like them.May God Make You  All  Smile always like these Flowers.amen.

     when we enter  in my home it is one of  pot placed with the lounge fencing  first look of  spring's smile.

          i have more then one kinds of Marigold in my small garden,but it smiled first of all .

                                     my pomegranate   is opening it's eyes  slowly

                                                     lovely golden smile  of spring

                   it  embrace  fully in  mid march  i will share  it's more beauty   more  later  

have  a  lovely  blessed blooming  life  everybody .


  1. Beautiful flowers. Spring is still about 6 weeks away for me.

  2. Love the bright and attractive signs of spring!

  3. They are such beautiful flowers! Spring is my favourite season when the earth awakens and gifts us with new life. Today I saw signs of tulips rising in my garden!

  4. Hello to the blossoming of the life cycle. Your flowers are pretty. We have daffodils and hyacinth blooming here and the crocus is threatening to bloom any minute!

  5. Such pretty flowers; things are blooming here, so many beautiful trees here :)


  6. Lovely to see your flowers blooming and many I recognize.
    A lovely prayer too.

  7. that is lovely!

    Here in Espoo we are having snow and cold.

  8. Beautiful flowers, I've always loved flowers. I live in the desert now and since we have a water shortage here we don't see a lot of green grass or flowers unless they are wild flowers. There's more desert landscape and cactus here.

  9. Beautiful flowers. We have most of them here. I too love to look at flowers.

  10. Beautiful flowers. We have most of them here. I too love to look at flowers.

  11. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos from your spring garden! I enjoyed them.

  12. Lovely flowers, it is interesting how your part of the world has so many yellow and orange coloured plants and flowers!


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