Thursday, February 11, 2016

Adventure of job and learning

I am happy that finally my unstoppable flu now seems on its turning point ,and i can't say that i will be missing it because i am am glad that it is going still i learnt lot from its company .Because in my whole life i had no any kind of pressure on my head but something inside me always kept me poking that i must do something from which i can find out my abilities if i have any though ,

In  2004 when i  started my first job as a packing girl in a pharmaceutical company i learnt how to make quick decision because a single mistake or absence of mind  and you will miss  so many bottles on the  fast running belt.That time my education was not enough to be on good post i had passed only my matriculation then.I was enjoying my job and my lady boss who was famous for her rudeness among her staff was very kind to me. 

After 3  months i was promoted  as assistant of pharmacists where responsibilities were more sensitive.But by the grace of God i did it for almost 4 years until i had to return my hubby's home in another city as i was staying with my mother to look after her during that job.

When i was back to my own home,God blessed me with one more baby boy and i got busy with my life as wife and mom,So since almost eleven years i was free of every kind of pressure and from inside was forced to create pressure on my own for myself .Meanwhile i passed my twelfth grade privately and   i applied for teaching job in school newly opened by an N.G.O and got selected as principal but unfortunately the school was sold after few months to a local man who did not know anything about education and i left the job because we both belonged to two different direction.

I continued my studies and  again got job in one of the famous school of the city though i returned their offer letter because my son could not be admitted there due to less age then they took for nursery.And i could not afford to leave him on others hands .My hubby often said that you should enjoy your freedom of life do your daily chores and then watch t.v or hangout with friends.

But something was making me uncomfortable .after doing all duties belong to house and kids i used to feel space which now i feel little filled after my teaching job,I am really enjoying it,Every day planing lessons teaching and handling naughty kids with patience.every month preparing papers for monthly tests,taking test ,checking papers making result is lot of is adventure and i am enjoying it alot..Are you too enjoying your doings? 


  1. Hi baili , i enjoyed reading some of your blog. Your writing is very thoughtful - you write about feeling better from a long flu , glad for you it is letting up. thanks for visiting.

  2. It sounds like you have found your calling. That's wonderful. Not everyone does.

  3. Wonderful that you are starting to feel better!

    I'm pretty satisfied with where I'm at right now but I'm looking to change some things or try something new.

  4. Being a teacher is a very special calling. I'm hoping to make a change in my job in the immediate future.

  5. It is good to hear that you are feeling better now. Looks like you have found the right job and what suits you. Happy weekend!

  6. Teaching certainly seems to suit you. You are fortunate to have found your passion.

  7. Wonderful to read your flu is almost gone.
    Good to know you like your teaching job, keep enjoying :)

  8. Hi, I do have a flu when I read here your posting and your thoughts makes me feel better because I have had that same situations in my life this very moment that I need to think Am I happy or not and should I run away ( try to leave my job and find new one or stay and try to chance things ) last one will be my choice. There is still hope : ) . I can share your feelings about teaching because I also enjoy to share information and help people learn new things and reach their dreams.

  9. Hi, Good to read that you are always learning to improve yourself. This is a very positive attitude that you have.


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