Thursday, August 31, 2023

Taking It Slow To Enjoy More

 I am reading a book since more than a month and i am intentionally reading it slow because i found it very nice and i don't want it to end quickly .To support my intention i have started to read another book "God" by Reza Aslan and i am enjoying it too .

Do you feel something like this whether it's a book ,movie or show or anything else that you wanted to enjoy it's beauty more and for this you take slower pace with it ? 

i would love to hear your such experience dear friends 

health peace joy to all of you!

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Reality Is Created Only When Observed By Consciousness According to ..

 Yesterday i watched this interesting video about latest scientific research about Reality in which we are existing . I found it amazing as despite one the scientist says that "consequences points towards the  Consciousness which is creating reality in our universe, but we are not talking about spirituality or Religion here"

According to the consequence of long time research scientists think that "Consciousness is the only reason behind everything we experience as reality ,but Most Intriguing  part about  it is that "reality is created only when Observed " 

i will highly recommend this video dear friends and any thoughts you will share will be greatly appreciated !

Hugs and blessings!

Monday, August 14, 2023

Sadness ,Gratitude And Blooms

Hey Kind Friends 

Hope  solving the intriguing puzzle of life  wisely and carefully. 
We are trying our best as well here .Despite our August is quite airy unlike before surprisingly, heat of the season is still literally mind blowing.  
Last week when we were expecting our younger son from Karachi a horrible train accident took place near Karachi sadly. The unfortunate train left Karachi cant  station before the train, one in which our son was supposed to ride for home. The ten bogies of that train were derailed . More than 80 passengers lost their precious lives and one and 150 were injured. I think of mourners who lost their loved ones suddenly and my heart melts down .
Such sorrowful happenings stir so many questions in my mind but i know no one has the answer until yet.
Our younger son came through bus after two days of this accident. We were relieved to see him !

I keep prying for the safety and health for my children and for all who travel anywhere in the world!

Sharing some recent  flowers in our garden dear friends ,hope they will make you feel better after this sad sharing. And three photos from our recent trip to Islamabad when we had tea at popular restaurant La Terazza situated on the roof top of Centaurus Mall. 

                          our creeper loves summer heat and blooms densely

                                                                    most favorite one 

                              surprisingly these seasonal flowers survived till now which is unusual 

  they appear white with sensational fragrance at night and turn pink during sunlight, Nature is magical 

    we realized after finishing the tea that we di not take photo as it was our first visit to the restaurant 

Hubby had left some tea but i hold empty cup for the photo 

     the view was very enjoyable after exhausting walk and shopping in the mall ,it was breezy and beautiful and we liked the tea as well though it was quite expensive 

That is it for now friends!
Keep being kind to all around you including yourself!
God Bless You All! 

Sunday, August 6, 2023

A Poem For My Eldest Son On His 30th Birthday !

 This is strange how time flies by 

Just while ago you were a little boy 

Light and thin cuddling in my arms

Sometimes desperate sometimes calm

When you looked with cozy eyes

Whole universe seemed to smile !

Held my finger when with your hand

No joy on earth felt as grand !

In our little world you were the boss

Carrying your wishes was our purpose

Can't tell how it was to have you close 

For our souls you were energy source 

Absorbing "delight" through your giggles 

We had power to cross all obstacles

In our life you came like a "seed"

Tried to fulfill all your needs

With all what we had in  power thee

 Grace of God now you are Tree !

Independent on your own roots 

Bearing your own branches and fruits

Physically away from us though 

Which was essential in order to grow 

This departure hurt first huge! 

In "The Divine "we  took  refuge !

He says "if you love one so true"

"He is never away from you "

"Despite bodily distance seen"

"You are in touch with soul unseen"

As all matter is warped in "Soul"

"Which is matter's eternal goal" 

So with little gift of wisdom's bliss 

I could say to my sorrow "dismiss"

Feels my "existence" has got new bling

Like a bird who grew fresh wing

Do you see the miracle of love 

My heart follows you like a dove 

In the vastness of time and space 

Seems i  melted and joined Divine Grace

So i can stay close to you 

And my prayer keep surrounding you!

Oh my precious son and kindest soul!

How i give you a tribute as whole!

Thanks for the tears of gratitude !

Thanks for the smiles of peace and joy!

How you turned in a wonder man

 From a mischievous and lively boy

For the goodness you have shown always

I run out of words to praise !

Keep Walking on righteous path

Always with you be my dear God!

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