Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Our [Asian] Traditional Meals [some of them]

Hey Friends!

Hope  everybody  is dealing so brilliantly with everything is coming up to challenge your capacity and skills for beautifying  your life.

I  am Happy  because weather is  changing smoothly and i can hear  the footsteps of spring through the freshness of breeze  and blooming colorful lights in my front yard!

Though  i know from May  the real HOT weather will attack suddenly and rule til October  but it  doesn't mean that these three prettiest months of spring can not be enjoyed.
Variety is something MOST special and important thing in life .Spring is  delightful because it comes after the break and after the Barren Grey season. This is actually Autumn  that highlights the Value of  spring!

I just came from my kitchen after washing my utensils and arranging everything back to it's place .While doing all this i was thinking about the time [few months back]  when  i got  sprain in my wrist  of right hand and was unable to do my basic daily  chores . I felt so helpless in those  few days and realized that there are countless blessings  that we take granted and do not pay gratitude for them to our Creator. After recover i felt overwhelmed by the sense of deep gratefulness to God who made me able to look after my home and family again .It is human nature that often he realize the importance of something when it is gone.I think this should be change we must be thankful for everything we have in life and should not think that we have it so what is the big deal?

Dear friends! Today i am sharing with you some winter dishes of our country and province . After me and my husband  

survived from our stomach problems there  came  huge change in our food .We try to make our food 

light and digestible so unlike before [mutton,beef, much spicy fried stuff] we rely on 

seasonal vegetables and chicken mostly .Here are some  dishes that i used to make these days .Let 

me  tell you that almost each dish of our includes  the cooking oil ,red chilies,salt,black 

pepper ,tomatoes ,green chilies ,coriander and ginger. 

                                                                  Spinach   with  potatoes .

                                                                     Chicken curry .

                                           gram pulse is my younger son's favorite.

          I  don't know what is the name of this vegetable in English so here is si pic of dish below .

                       we call it "tenda",kids don't like it so fried potatoes for them.

                             Again Pulse with  boiled eggs ajinomoto  salt which gives special flavor

                                                                 Fried  chicken .

                                             Rice with chicken [we call it chicken polao]

  It is made with mashed  potatoes and other stuff including cornflore [we call it" aaloo kabab "]

In rainy cold days i almost daily make this ,they taste delicious and are best in winters we call this "Pakory" these we make from Gram flour.

                                                                       Rice with chick peas .

                                                          cauliflower with pears

                                                           Chicken with turnip and pears  

                                                                Rice with pears

Here  in our country we prefer  to eat all theses vegetable and chicken dishes warm and with warm chapatti[below pic]

I  have some more photos of cauliflower and cabbage dishes in my phone but due to some problem my laptop is not connecting with phone so i can transfer to share but it's okay i will share them with you when i will be sharing our summer dishes .
Hope you liked my post friends.
Please take great care,stay Happy and positive in life .love yourself  so you can love the all around you!

God bless You All!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Moods Of Sky Above My Frontyard !

Hello  Dear  Friends!

Hope  and pray  that all  of you are enjoying your times though in different parts of land  and bearing various shades of weather .

Since  my  childhood i was most of the times lonely child who enjoyed  sitting or wandering alone more than being among friends and having fun [though i enjoyed it too but being alone for me unconsciously  was  a celebration and i used to  celebrate it while pondering upon nature around me with which my bonding was  as strong as sometimes my cousins ,friends or even family members  called me crazy for  looooong  stare at magical surroundings and smiling as those hills,trees and stream  were talking to me[only i was able to hear those talks] but i never  mind their laughter on me because i knew what i was blessed with.

When i got married i was only 19 and now i am 46 but still those memories of childhood are strength to my soul .Living in city after departing my  lovely village is still as hard as it was on first day i arrived here.My hubby will retire after 9 years and i am waiting eagerly for the time when he will be and we will go and settle in Islamabad .Yes we will not be staying in village but in city near it because there are lots of changes occurred  in everything in village  during these twenty five years including scenery  and people .I accepted that it is not same place any more not same people any more so it will be fine to settle in capital city which is  surrounded by hills and enriched with natural beauty.Islamabad is near to northern area and  hilly so  has pleasant climate throughout the year .

All  i said  above is just my thoughts that i found worth sharing with you  all friends,It  doesn't mean  that i am not  happy  here where i am living now . I am  blessed with contented nature  and can find joy in little things .I  am grateful to God for everything he has given  me and  stealing  happiness from each moment that come to me as i know  each emotion  has drawn out of life and precious to bear because life is sooo unpredictable and really shot .

Dear  friends  today  i am sharing  with you  the different  moods  sky above my frontyard .I used to take daily half  hour in my front yard and in recent season  sky looked  enchanting often  in evenings.I try  to capture  the magic with my phone for you ,hope you will enjoy them.

I  took   this  short [ some days ago when  it rained alot ] after  hubby  took  kids  to  the school ,beautiful  breezy environment said Good morning!

              within few hours  sky  hided it's blue charming face behind the grey dark clouds.

We  take this weather as blessing as our area  bears dry climate mostly with very less rains and long hottest summers[ 40 to 50 centigrade]

                   Sun  peeked out  through clouds before setting as  was saying how was day  without me people? See  you  soon1

              How beautiful !!! as somebody picked up a brush and draw  such a wonderful pattern !

                           My  heart leaped out  to dive in this marvelous world !

After sunset everything seems so silent so calm as  feeling the depth of this moment when both times dissolve in each other and form a new face of time Night!

Ahhh............. Can you  listen the silence ! Life  is so beautiful !  [it is saying]

                  Autumn moon brings gloomy  smiles ,related to the memories and imaginations!

        After  my evening prayer i came out and was mesmerized by this jewels of evening  !

                                                            My front yard after the rain 

                   Hubby planted many seasonal flowering plants which start blooming in January 

                                                Most  favorite flower of me with lovely fragrance !

                                                       another pretty smile of the season !

                                      While doing my chores my eyes absorb joy from them !

Waiting  for spring when my neem tree and small garden will look relived again [like this] [old photo of spring]

Hope  you enjoyed this post dear friends.will be sharing the more blooms later.
wishing you  all a very  happy ,healthy and positive life .
please stay calm ,relaxed and focused .
Grab joy from each moment and be grateful  for what you have along with struggle in right direction what you long for.
God Bless You all .

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Few more Glimpse of Our Summer Vacations 2016

Hello  My  Dear  Precious Friends!!!

Hope  and heartiest pray  that everything  is going fine and smooth in your  Beautiful  lives  ,and  you  are  choosing  the  all colors  very carefully  and  brilliantly  to  make your portrait of  life more  pretty and reasonable .As  i truly  believe  that each  of us is blessed with the unique art to make life  beautiful ,useful ,and  productive .  

If we  keep any doubt about it it is just  the faithlessness  and nothing else  because our creator  is BEST doer of justice and he cannot do injustice to anyone .

All we need  is to ponder upon it .,to step  into our insidious  world and look very carefully  for the skills hidden under the lazy cover of  ignorance .  When  we  find it we have to polish it,  and use it to  make our personality bright ,confident and positive for ourselves  and for  the world around us .

Dear  friends today i am sharing some photos again from our summer vacation trip to my native area near capital city [Islamabad] of our country [Pakistan] .We  went  to Murree a  hill station which remains crowded during the whole year .But this year it was fasting month during vacations when we visited there and to be honest i loved being among less crowed because it is not much extended and main shopping and food street stay packed with visitors  and i  finds even walk among so many people really  bad idea as i am person of solitude or feel nice among less  . We  also visited mall where our eldest son took us to lunch which was nontraditional and quite difficult to swallow for me though kids loved it .

Murree  was founded  as British   sanatorium  in  1851.Town of muree  was built in 1853.
Many  prominent Englishmen were born in this town .After the formation of Pakistan it became a popular  hill station for Islamabad and Rawalpindi inhabitants due to it's natural marvelous views and outstanding weather.[ Image source google] 

Visitors from all over the country including foreigners come here to enjoy and nights are  for walk ,chat and food here instead of sleeping .this is the view of famous shopping and food street called Mall Road  where during night people walk all night  even in Ramadan no body go to it's hotel  room  until the dawn.[image source google] 

We  used to enjoy amazing views  from  chairlifts whenever we visit there but this summer chair lifts were closed for maintenance which is the part of preparation  for biggest  yearly festival  Eid that come at the end of fasting month.[image source google]

We  took long walk from Mall road to Kashmir point and enjoyed the views and weather while chat  and taking snaps ! All roads  had   huge high trees  on both sides and decorations of flowers alongside roads were treat to eyes!

                          Me and my son took many shots of these beautiful flowers .

I  took  this shot from the train station .That trains give visitors a very beautiful round of hills and views through this are captivating! i already share photos of this train in one of my earlier post .

                       Due to much snow fall  in winters  roofs of houses are slope .

    Fog  ruled  there  and environment seemed  so calm and  peaceful  to mind and soul!

             I  took  this  photo from the window of  the  hotel where we stayed,you can see  the hills through the fog so many houses laying randomly in the lap of hills down!

 Here  my  sons  started  the race which won of course the youngest one [who else can dare to make him loose as he is dearest to his bros !

              A  restaurant 's  area  which  was closed  ,a naughty pause for photo !

Here  my  hubby  asked  us to sit and have tea which  we took  along  for ourselves.

                                        We visited to a shopping mall in Islamabad called centaurus .

                                                                             It had  36 floors .

                                                  We had coffee  and kids had pizza here .

                                                                              He loves pizza !

                                                               Kids enjoyed many games too.

After  watching movie our son took us to restaurant where he wanted us to check out his type of food!

                    oops  i don't know what names he told me while reading menu .

                                          I can see rice ,vegies chicken and cheese here .

                                      Cheese is everywhere omg what to do ? but i finished my dish and told my son few days later that cheese was hard to swallow specially melted one and he laughed lot and said mom you should have told me this we could order something else .

Dear  friends hope you enjoyed this visit with us .
We  are  having still  snow in area which is not much far from us and that is  temperature is  still below centigrade .
Hope  you are having  bearable climate in your area ,though we all have to bear the all kinds of moods of nature.
Please take great care ,stay happy and positive for yourself and people around you !
Big Hugs and best wishes for all of you friends!
God Bless You All! 

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