Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Trip to Dubai by my Son !

Hello  dear  friends !

Hope and pray that new year brought so many big and small joys  into  your lovely  lives  and  you  started  your  journey of  life with  new revolutions and lots of positive  energy and pleasant attitude  towards LIFE !!!
Nothing lasts forever so do the problems ,they come to reawaken our strength and reveal our hidden  skills  to  rediscover ourselves.
Hope  though it is very cold outside you still have warmth of passion and love for successful  survival and love for life and everything about it . We  all know that sooner  or later the white cold  of  snow  will melt away and  earth  will smile once again through so much greenery and so many beautiful colors ! So  near  your fire place having mug of tea or coffee with keyboard on your knee or favorite book in hand is thing that tells you that you are Blessed with everything you wanted and you struggled for ,So stay blessed my dear friends!
Today i am sharing  some photos of my son's recent trip to Dubai where he went with his officials and colleagues for five days.Hope you will like them .

                            Hotel Tajawa where my son stayed during trip with his official team 

                                               In   hotel  room      with  his room mate  

view  through his window 

                                                                       view from other side 

          They visited to largest mosque  of Dubai after finishing first session of their meeting 

                                         The  Grand  Shaikh  Zayed Mosque inner  view

                                       Beautiful           Art work in roof  architecture 

They visited the desert when it was going to be sun set and my son says he experienced the most beautiful sunset in there when sun dived into the golden heart of sand slowly .

                                            Desert  seems  like under the spell of evening 

                           Here  the  golden  ball  pave  it's way  into the  chest  of sandy body .

                       In  the night they enjoyed the party and a fun show  of dancing 

                       Dancing  moves  were more interesting when the lights were off     

                                                 My  son  with  office  friends 

                                  Next day after meeting they left for the island for some fun , 

                                              A ferry took  the whole unit  to the island 

                                        Company took this island on rent for night over 

                                                       Beautiful huts for employees 

                        My son and his few friends found  this chess game  more fascinated 

                           after tiring meeting times ,it was nice place to relax,  though my son says his mind never quiet thinking !

                                                   A light !!! with delightful view of Dubai

                                                                     dinner  in water and lights 

                                                                   A  visit  to older Dubai 

                                                           View  from their destination 

                                                             An oldest ark  in older Dubai 

                                                     View of an old fort in Dubai 

                                                                         New  Dubai  

                                                               World's largest gold ring  in Dubai

                                                              My  son  liked the desert most .

Hope you like these photos  friend . I want  say  thank you to all of you who showed kindness and concern to my well being .thank you dear friends and please take great care of yourselves .wishing you all a very Happy ,healthy and safe year .

Love you all .God Bless You All.


  1. Wow, that looks like much more fun than any of the business travel I have to do, LOL! Dubai looks like a great place. Love that beautiful mosque especially!

    1. Hi dear Debra ,
      My son is happy to this largest company of Pakistan[our country] as this company has it's various branches in different countries of the world so when they have to call members from all over the world they try to give them best time and learning atmosphere too.
      Dubai is a famous city of gulf and capital of United Arab Emirate [U.A.E] and very well known for it's shopping ,hotels ,architecture and nightlife.
      It has 830 meters tall tower Burj Khalifa Dominates the skyscrapers .In it's foot lies Dubai fountain just offshore is Atlantis .
      it also has many water parks and parks .

  2. The mosque is inspiring! So beautiful crafted!

    Dubai looks marvelous!

  3. These are beautiful photos. Your son is lucky to have such a trip for work!

    And you are so right, baili - if we are lucky enough to have a warm place and a book or other enjoyment at our fingertips, we are lucky indeed. All the best to you and your family in the new year.

  4. Extraordinary photos!

    It looks like a lot of people drive out to the desert to watch the sunset!

  5. Family reunions are over. Great Baili trip. The photos are beautiful. Around here we have little snow and many frosts.

  6. What a lovely collection of photographs, I really enjoyed looking at them.
    Your son was so fortunate to experience a trip like this.

    All the best Jan

  7. Wow! These were incredible. I love these picture. I shared this post for others to enjoy.

    1. Thank you Martin for your kind response and words!
      i am honored with your sweet act friend.

  8. Oh my gosh, spectacular! What an amazing trip. And that Mosque is very beautiful. This is a great set of photos. I bet he'll never forget this trip!

  9. Happy New Year to you and your family. Thank you for visiting my page.

  10. Thanks Baili.

    A happy new year to you and your family too

  11. How wonderful to see the beautiful photos.
    Certainly an amazing place.

  12. It looks clean, crisp, and beautiful. Thank you for sharing the photos.
    Many blessings to you in the New Year!

  13. Loved the pics of Dubai. Its on my list of places to visit some day :) Thanks for sharing all these photos.

  14. Thanks for sharing these pictures with us. I haven't been to Dubai, nor anywhere outside the US, but I would love to travel more. I thought the views from the hotel were beautiful and the sunset on the sands looked nice (I know in person it is even better, always).

  15. Fantastic pictures! Your son surely enjoyed this trip with his colleagues. I envy him! :-)
    I like reading your posts. The really important things in life are the same, even if we live in the opposite corners of the world.
    It is so great, that you could visit your eldest son, and the family could spend a few days together. My elder son (I think he is the same age as your eldest) also lives in another city. Fortunately it is only two and a half hours away by car, but I miss him very much, and I am always so happy, when we can visit him, or he comes home.
    Standing between the waves of the ocean could be magical.
    And Karachi... It is so weird to imagine, that more people live there, than in my whole country.
    I'm glad, that you are now well again. (I hope :-))
    Wishing you a very beautiful year 2017.
    ps. Thanks for your visiting my blog, and for your kind comment.

  16. Boa tarde, maravilhosa selecção de belas fotos, seu filho certamente que vai gostar da estadia em Dubai .

  17. They are beautiful pictures Baili.
    Your text on the earth will be I found very inspiring green again.

    Cordial greetings

  18. Wow, this looks like a great trip!


  19. As I will never get to Dubai, I enjoyed seeing the photos your son took.

  20. Such beautiful scenery in Dubai, Baili. It looks like a lot of fun. May 2017 be a wonderful year for you and your family.

  21. strange to see such a modern architecture created in, partly, old tradition style.

  22. Great post and wonderful photos, thank you for sharing :-)

  23. Enjoyed these photos, and that gold ring is amazing

  24. Hello Baili. My goodness what a beautiful city Dubai is! I have heard a lot about it as I have a friend teaching there now and she LOVES it!!
    thanks so much for sharing these wonderful photos here. And your son is very fortunate to have visited there with his colleagues from his office of work.

  25. Beautiful post, thank you!
    I love your son's Superman song!
    Love your description of the sun slowing sinking into the sand, that's lovely.
    Blessings on you always!

  26. It looks like such an amazing time! Your photos are beautiful, and I really enjoyed this tour. Thank you so much for sharing! :) :)

  27. What a trip! :)
    Thank you very much for sharing these spectacular photos!

  28. Nice photos of many things about Dubai. Enjoyed them all.
    Wish you lots of Great Health & Happiness!
    Thanks for visiting me.
    Have a Happy Weekend!
    Peace :)

  29. Such beautiful photos...wow...thank you so much for sharing them with us.

    Wishing you much Happiness and Health in 2017 also! :)


  30. There is so much color and beauty there... it looks like your son had a wonderful time. I am in awe of all the different places and things to be seen in Dubai... xox

    Thank you for your very thoughtful comment, I too agree we need to remember there are good things and find a way not to box ourselves in out of fear or sadness xox

  31. Thank you for sharing these photos of your son's trip to Dubai, Baili! I would dearly love to see Dubai. My brother Roy and his wife Susan have been there a number of times, as have each of his four children. My youngest nephew (on my side of our family) learned to ski in Dubai. I wish you a wonderful 2017, Baili, with much health, happiness, love, and fulfillment for your and your loved ones! Sending you hugs and love!

  32. Wow, amazing business trip! Such beautiful pictures! Thank you so much for sharing! Sending you many blessings for 2017! Big Hugs!

  33. What an amazing trip indeed! How special for your son that his employer treated him to such a nice vacation, and a night's stay on the island! I really enjoyed all of your pictures, seeing Dubai. I have heard it is an amazing place to visit. I especially loved the pictures of the sunset too, so amazing to see the sun set in the desert!

    I pray the blessings of the Lord are with you and your family this year, and that the Lord continues to do great and wonderful things in you and your family's lives. Hugs to you my friend, appreciate your friendship so much!

    1. Thank you dear !
      i am overwhelmed by your kind words !
      May God bless you and your family with same blessings dear friend,amen.

  34. What an amazing place. Loved the mosque, and like your son I found the desert very, very beautiful.
    Thank you both for sharing the beauty - and a very happy New Year.

  35. He seems like a very nice boy! Dubai is such a place of wonder and luxury. It is popular in my country as well, and many people who have money go there for winter vacations and in summer too, one of our ex Miss winners in married there to one of their sheiks :)

    1. Thank you Dezmond!
      how amazing that one of your miss winner is married to one of sheikh as they are famous for their richness and luxurious life style.
      my son told me that they are very self possessed and proud to differentiate in their outfits and language ,even they are treated on special bases in hotels and mall as comparison to any other outsider citizen no matter how strong position he has.

  36. Dubai has changed so much since my husband and I went there in the 1990s. I loved the desert too, but I didn’t like the spiders that came up out of the sand after dark. It was amazing to see all these photos, thank you for sharing them.

    1. Glad you have visited Dubai dear Barbara!
      Dubai has fastest developing city according to my knowledge and the government wants to make it biggest attraction for tourists which are the main source of economical stability .

    2. My son did not tell me about spiders though .
      i will ask him about this definitely .
      either i don't like spiders .

    3. Glad you have visited Dubai dear Barbara!
      Dubai has fastest developing city according to my knowledge and the government wants to make it biggest attraction for tourists which are the main source of economical stability .

  37. Fascinating place. Heard so much about Dubai but have not been there.

  38. MI hai fato sognare con le tue foto.. che voglia di partire subito!!!

  39. Enjoyed the photos from Dubai! It looks like a very neat place. Thanks to you and your son for sharing.

    I am anxiously awaiting the conclusion of your story about the two sisters.

  40. Great shots! I love that he liked the desert the most!

  41. Dubai looks very impressive and do much fun! Wonderful pictures.

  42. What a wonderful trip that your son took with his company! One of my sons has been there too and loved exploring it and experiencing just a fraction of all it has to offer. I'm so glad your son had a chance to experience it also.

  43. it is an extravagant place, beautiful in every way. it is nice that he enjoyed it so much, his pictures are lovely!!!

  44. these photos look BEAUTIFUL!
    it appears that your son enjoyed himself on his trip...one day i hope to travel to dubai!
    many blessings to you, dear baili!


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