Sunday, April 23, 2023

Happy Eid 2023


Hello Lovely People !

Sorry if i am late to reach out your beautiful blogs since few days .

Actually our elder son has joined us from Karachi to celebrate Eid :)

despite he looks more weak due fasting during month of Ramadan it was great pleasure to have him for some days at least!  You can imagine how much we miss our eldest son on such special days ! But life is never something what we want but series of physical and emotional challenges that we face throughout our life and try to sharp our skills to deal with them better each next day .

This photo is taken on the Eid morning around 9 am when hubby and boys returned after Eid prayer. We felt concerned and expressed our worries regarding his health conditions and that he could have fast for lesser days but he said The whole city is off for Ramadan month ,no food stalls or hotel available and he had strict studies routine from 8 am to 5:30 pm so he found no energy to cook ( no packed food is found around here except few remote defense areas where foreigners live) he has been trying to cook his breakfast and dinner at home but constant fasting made him feel weak and dizzy .A good thing happened during Ramadan month though that A kind mom of one of his friend would invite our son at aftari (  food eaten at the evening for breaking fast: and dinner as well . That was such a relief for us. I contacted that generous lady and thanked her for her  for her kindness .She replied it was nice to take care of such a sweet and decent kid .We are trying to feed him well but we know few days food won't make much difference . The actual reason behind his health is his poor eating habits . I had to force him to eat more and finish his meal since always. He came thin and had sensitive health conditions for which he remained on medication and injection once in a month for three years. Treatment ended when he was sixteen by the grace of God! once kids are grown it is hard to guide them because unlike us ( we were obedient and i think if my it would have been great loss if i would have not listened to my mom for so many things)  i think God has created parents to protect children and guide them for better survival but modern generations lack such capacity sadly 

    My eldest son shared this image on my request when he returned from hiking with friends . this is joy to be able to see glimpse of his days as parents. He called us on Eid day twice which made our Eid day complete eventually !   He is gone to celebrate his Eid with His old friends in Germany which is comforting news for us as being alone on such special days is not good in my opinion .

More than a week ago a thunder storm hit our small city so badly ,howling of winds were so loud and scary and gust were powerful enough to cause damage to trees and poles .Power went off for one and a half day and i think if it was not matter of Ramadan it would have taken more time to return. Plants of my garden survived surprisingly except two sunflowers broke their branches .  But looking at theses gorgeous delightful flowers next day was treat for my heart :) 

      positive thing about storm is that temperature dropped to good deal which seemed enough to celebrate  sweat free last two fasting days and then Eid day with beautiful mild weather :) 

                                              after storm sky took two days to be clear 

    after rainy and windy day sky was divine and soothing ,evening walk was a spiritual experience with breeze so calm 

     Hats off to survivors ,indeed to survive it take wish and will power with undefeated courage to sustain this struggle !

See you soon ,please stay blessed with Faith that gives you wings of Hope !
health ,peace and happiness to you and all you love

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Divine Game Between Soul And matter

 As i said in my previous post that i will share my personal opinion about the topic of How The mind Works .Although i am not a scientist who can tell  much but a simple person with thinking mind who 's imagination often stretches here and there  and try to put pieces together found until now . They cannot be of much worth if you seek strong background of degree or post behind my words but if you believe that each of us has come with unique mind to speak and is worth listening you will be able to relate surly. Because if we see carefully this is how things work in the world. Each of us  comes at certain point of time and observes life with unique perspective that he shares with his contemporaries and leaves and then another one comes and puts his effort to  stretch it further .

I was fascinated by the soul side of human being since always therefore material world and things attracted me little throughout the life. Though this was unconscious then .But now i know what and why i feel curious and want to learn about and how i anxiously i am looking forward to the latest scientific research about how our physical brain interacts with our Intuitive Mind that  "Feels". 

Feelings that have led man from caves to glossy high buildings and has handed him books and modern equipment instead hunting tools. Feelings that make us special among all species and Feelings that flourish our world with various forms of arts and make our life worth living and enjoyable by filling it with colors of love and other so many emotions that play important roll in shaping our life.

Steven Pinker as i shared in summary in my previous post has managed so well to described how by breaking down human brain (reverse engineering ,in his words)  back into the zero help us understand the process how human brain has developed and progressed slowly over the thousands of years to reach the point it dwells  right now .But sadly writer confesses unhesitatingly that Neuroscience is unable to explain further about Mind's function that use higher level of intelligence  such as Arts and various Forms of it.

And writer says so because he acknowledges that Human Psychology of Arts is not an adoption . Though he puts some theories about it which show how art or the pleasure seeking senses can stimulate mind circuits when they are in environment that would have led to fitness in past generations. Another theory is that Arts born by rich who wanted to display something particular that separate them from poor. Or that  art has been invented to bring harmony in the society etc.

I found it easy to disagree .I might have not felt this way if i myself was not poet . I know that whether big or small but i had felt that gift sprouting within me . I received it by my spontaneous intuition at the age of from six to eight if remember correctly . I remember that before it came to me i was not engaged in any kind of activity that could be reason to make me write that poetry. I remember that the first piece of poetry that i wrote was flawless in it's formation and meaning .I did not know then literally but i had feeling that were proven true by the appreciation and encouragement i got when i showed it to first my father ,second to school principal after few years and later to an established writer and scholar on radio. I remember that one of my class fellow who wanted to be a poet intentionally tried hard her hand in writing poetry for months but gave it up eventually because you can polish the gift if you have one but can't grow it within you willingly if there is none. 

So in this world wherever poet ,painter ,musicians and writers have been born and arraying their gifts were not inventor but people with stronger souls who made them "Create" more than do anything else.

From where can come this soul ?

Nothing is without soul i believe. I know i won't be able to see such scientific  revelation regarding my( or many others in various fields) claim in my short period of life  but in far far future probably but only in case of if Creator of this whole scenario allowed so, people will learn that soul is basic thing of life and preexistent of  matter because Nothing can live or grow without soul .

Two tiniest parts who's interaction makes possible the formation and development  of any smallest thing have soul and we call it "charge"

Without this "charge" the existence of this whole universe was Impossible .Soul  is "Charge of human body. Once the charge is gone body is thrown away like empty cane .

As we humans have  arisen from many such basic elements ,some of them have surely "stronger charge " or soul .And because soul is higher form so people having stronger side of soul show deeper emotions and higher intellect .

I also think that people who have showed unusual Empathy towards other people  and has served people humanity without discrimination throughout the history had same strong side of soul .

I am though not clear whether Can soul can be dark as well ? 

Or matter and soul both are living thing ,soul is a" Pure" thing that pull us towards Goodness and Enlightenment and rise us to heavens.

And Matter is Impure ,polluted and corrupt thing that  that push us towards "Badness" and make us fall to the hells .

I have only one proof that supports my this belief and it is my personal experience . The more i disengaged the material things (though in my case relationships were material things) the better i felt . Seems that root of all problem is

  " our  mad Anticipation in  material world " 

Body demands things from material world only. 

The more we are slave to these demands the worse is life.

Soul on the other hand is only an observer ,a vivid provider of ultimate inner peace that is out of reach to any material at all.

Scientists are failed to detect charge or soul under microscope until now so i think soul is the only mystery which will remain mystery until the far far future .

This makes me think if Creator want us to keep looking for solving this mystery and keep getting close to Faith that He exists .He has created this "Game " of universe and life so we can play freely ,learn and discover so much that give us "delusional ideas "about reality But actually this is only the material information by material world to satisfy our material senses. Th actual game of Creator is how Players recognize Him while playing with or without 

"Laws of this Game"

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

The Summary Of How The Mind Works By Steven Pinker .

I am about to finish How The Mind Works by Steven Pinker a Canadian ,American  cognitive scientist who conduct scientific research as professor of psychology at the Harvard university  .Writer has tried to explain poorly understood functions of human mind by reverse engineering the human mind .  The writer has tried to explain what make us rational and why are we so often irrational .What make us happy ,sad ,afraid ,angry ,disgust. Why we fall in love ?

And how do we engage  with imponderables of Morality ,Religion and consciousness ? Writer puts light on the subject via cognitive science ,evolutionary biology and other fields that explain how the mind works. 

He begins  it with how a human brain started to work at first place in the evolution and how day to day task of difficult life made it adopt various concepts ,thought patterns and behaviors which helped him to face the challenges of food ,safety and  reproduction throughout the the life. .

According to writer content of the worlds are  not to "know only but to grasp with suitable mental machinery because everything we learn as "obvious " becomes less and les obvious when we start to learn about Universe .

Human psychology is engineering in Reverse in order to figure out our specialized information Tool .Psychology can be used in search to what was human brain designed to do. For it is hunt inherited universal characteristics of homo Sapiens. Ideas are gifts ,Communication is giving ,speaker is the sender ,Audience is recipient and knowing is Having .

Science and Morality are separate phrases of reasoning.

Step out of your mind for a moment and you will see that your thoughts and feelings are magnificent contrivance  of Mental world Rather than as an only way that things could be .

What make us  unique as homo sapiens as we are proud of ourselves today for ?

these are physically as below ,

Visual animal 

Group living 

Hand Hunting 

Mind is the system of the Organs Of Computation ,Designed by Natural Selection to solve the problems of our ancestors faced in Foraging way way of life. In particular outmaneuvering other animals ,plants and other people . Each  our our mental modules solve this problem by the Leap of Faith How the world works ,By Making Assumptions that are indispensable but indefensible -the only Defense being that Assumption worked well in the world of our ancestors . There is Nothing Common about Common sense. No Database can install us facts that we Know tactically and No one Ever Taught them ever to us.

According to writer the mind was designed to attain number of maximum copies of Gene that created it .Only Applicators whos Effects Tend to Enhance the Probability of Their Own Replication come to predominate .

There are two theories until now about how the mind works .One is theory of Natural Selection and Other is The Computational Theory of Mind.

According to Computational theory of Mind 

   Beliefs and desires are information, incarnated as configurations of symbols.

Beliefs are inscriptions in memory, desires are goal inscriptions, thinking is computation, perceptions are inscriptions triggered by sensors, trying is executing operations triggered by a goal.

   • “Mental Organ”: It is clear the mind is structured heterogeneously with many specialized parts.

• Free will is an idealization of human beings that makes the ethics game playable.

Intelligence, as used in a majority of the text, is the ability to attain goals in the face of an obstacle by means of decisions based on rational (truth-obeying) rules.
• The concept of the individual is the fundamental particle of our faculties of social reasoning.
• Life is a densely branching bush, Not a scale or ladder, and living organisms are at the tips of the branches, not on lower rungs.
• Evolution is about ends, not means; becoming smart is just one option.
• Human brains evolved by one set of laws, those of natural selection and genetics, and now interact with one another according to other sets of laws, those of cognitive and social psychology, human ecology, and history.

Consciousness has various forms. We can have self-knowledge, access to information, and then there’s the big mystery of sentience.
Access to information consciousness is a mere problem, not a mystery. Therefore, one day we will understand our minds ‘consciousness’ however, the answer may not be as satisficing as sentient experience makes its self out to be.
• Learning is often described as the indispensable shaper of amorphous brain tissue. Instead, it might be an innate adaption to the project scheduling demands of the self-assembling animal.

This is  the summary i shared with you here .

I save my personal opinion on the topic till  next post hopefully .

Thank you for reading dear friends!

Health ,peace and happiness to all of you and loved ones

Thursday, April 6, 2023

Decline Of Apatite After .......

 I have realized that my appetite has been declining slowly since my gallbladder surgery some years ago.

I have been noticing this change since few years and mentioned it to hubby often he when would ask why i ate so less ?

I have mentioned this in my posts as well or may be more in comments so if any of my blogger friends has similar experience can share .

I must have simply check some article about the topic but again lack of time (sigh) or when  i have time i forget about it and get busy with other stuff . 

Why i am writing post about it ?

Well as you know i am trying to fast in month of Ramadan at least twice in a week . Yes couldn't  go on with constant fasting due to drop of energy and feeling too sleepy because of the "weakness" i feel during fasting .Can't afford being sleepy during daytime because i am the only person in the household who does everything from cleaning to cooking etc .Actually hubby cannot help since many years because of his health issues specially his doctor has asked him to remain cautious and avoid much physical pressure specially after his recovery from Hepatitis .  

Here windy season has been started and cleaning that contains three parts ,dusting ,brooming and moping is necessary each day .This things needs lots of energy and time .Windy season will stay till the end of the July or little longer . Much physical effort and sweating makes one thirsty as well . I am not justifying just sharing how things are here so i am fasting only twice a week now.

One thing that came into my notice during fasting was that i don't feel hungry during fifteen hours of fasting instead i feel weakness only  which keep me down and grows in last  two to three hours badly. But sense of "hunger "that provokes one to eat and sense of hunger that makes "eating " a delightful procedure is absent and symptom is getting stronger with time after my gallbladder  surgery.

Though  hunger does not hit me anymore since some years i am able to eat a smaller portion of meal thrice a day than . It happened sometimes that i felt tempted to the "look" of food and tried to eat but could not follow my heart like before after certain amount almost third part of earlier meal. It makes me think that removal of gallbladder squeezes the stomach probably .Or something like this.

Another thing comes to mind that it is not only the "food" that is gift  " but "hunger" is also a blessing that makes us feel desire for food and let us enjoy it with or without being grateful for it !

Without "desires installed within us no gift is enjoyable but just a mechanical  part of the routine . Right?

Thank you for bearing with me dear friends! 

Health, peace and Happiness to you and to all you love!

Sunday, April 2, 2023

Memories And Elderly Friend Ma Razia

 Some days back when i was reading post one of my blogger friend Emma 's post which had nostalgia about her grandfather's farm and how she would played and observed everything there as little girl it opened an window to my early teen age  days.

Sometimes i wonder what will remain behind if memories are extracted from our heart . Science says that secret behind that we find days longer when we are little or young because of the "pages of our memories " at that time of the life are mostly blank and we feel lonely or empty because of that "blankness" But as we grow we form memories extensively which fills our pages of memories abundantly ,therefore time seems to be slow because our mind has so much to process now . This thought seems frightening that if someone looses his memories accidently life can become a question mark for him sadly .

I don't know whether only i feel this way or many others too but it seems that we all live dual life or our journey of life feels like walk on track where days and moments we leave behind form an ascending order where memories of present  stand tall and clear but we have privilege to walk back on that "time track" to visit or relive those moments.

This "time track" looks very direct and lucid sometimes but sometimes is fogy and all look so blurred and entangled .

I don't know i would have strive for memories as strongly or not if i would have stayed in my native village .Actually i think the more you are pushed away  from your birthplace and people you grew up with the harder is longing of memories .I believe that memories have been created to keep us alive and connect to our previous versions . 

Time peel down us layers by layers and reveals the Core of our being eventually . As time passes we don't need to be someone else which our desire to be fit in make us sometimes . We make peace with our Core but it takes time and effortlessness. Yes to be real all we need is effortlessness

I love to be at ease or you can call me lazy . I remember i as little girl though played with girls of my age but i also followed my instinct and did what made me feel at ease and so genuine and i did it without thinking of what others will say about. I had an indefinable affection for elderly people ,women particularly .I felt i was pulled by some innate energy to be friend with them and to help them with small house chores .It would make me feel at peace. At that times there were five very old ladies  at least in my village whom i held close as dear friends . 

Ma Razia was from Burma .She got married to a man of our village who might served in Burma as army soldier at some point of time . She was tallest woman in the village i think ,skinny smart and active. I hardly saw her face without a sweet slight smile that would make her appearance pleasant kindred.  

 I think she was in her mid sixties when we had each other . As i grew young she grew old and her smile seemed to be dimmed. Not because of her old age probably but because of the unkind behavior of her daughter in law . Ma Razia would face restrictions by her as if she was outsider. Her daughter in law would ask her remain in her own room ,she was not allowed to play  with grandchildren whom she had carried on her lap all the time when they were babies. At first i would go to her room and help her to fetch water from tube well and cleaning ,would sit and ask her question about her childhood which was her most favorite topic .Her face would glow and smile deepen while telling stories of her native homeland and family . I think now i was the only one probably who will give her chance to speak her heart so freely .Meanwhile the peace and joy i would find on her face would feel like a great harvest .

When once she told me that i should not visit her because her daughter did not like this and scold her when i leave . That was sad because i knew she there were many things in which she needed some younger to help. I kept visiting other olden female friends regularly except Ma Razia .When i would return to home i would look at the room of her sadly and sigh. 

But after few days when i opened the door at knock Ma Razia was standing before me with her unstable breathing and dim but lovely smile .I felt so happy and excited to have her .She had a dress in her hands and she wanted to iron them . I first served her food as it was lunchtime and then ironed her dress . She left soon after that by saying that she had to get back otherwise her daughter in law would shout. 

Ma Razia 's visit to my home once in a while decreased within few months . I would ask about her from other girl friends of my mom  who would visit her sometimes but nothing particular until one day we heard a Razia fell down because cow pushed her . That was heartbreaking news and i realized that Ma Razia is in more trouble now. Me and my mom visited her few times but she was silently laying on her bed with closed eyes . I got no single moment to have word with her alone .I had feeling she is awake but not opening eyes because of trauma she is facing because of the cruel behavior of her daughter in law. 

Within few months we been told that Ma Razia has died . She  had sever fall which hurt her thigh so badly . No one took it serious or get her treatment except some home remedies by sympathetic visitors from surroundings. 

Ma Razia had four sons . Eldest one had driving job for a family living in village surrounded by high hills .The family had son who would earn in some middle east country and would sent quite wealth to parents including all the electric appliances that were useless to them because of the absence of power in that area. So this was the reason Ma Razia's daughter in law had everything gifted by the boss of her husband .When electricity came into village Ma Razia 's daughter in law was first to have tv in the house . She was social person and polite to people who would visit her to watch tv programs. She would show great likening for me when Ma Razia passed away and i was in middle school . She asked me to teach her eldest daughter who was second to send school after us. I taught Ruby her daughter for one year or so . She was bright and learned fast. Though she got married after passing tenth grade . Ma Razia's daughter in laws had seven daughters . She had three sons who could not survive after one year. 

Whenever i visit our village she meets warmly .She looks more old and weak each time . Sometimes i seek her regret in her gaze if  she is ashamed of her rude behavior to her mother in law or afraid of point of the circle where she might have thought she will never  reach  .  

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