Thursday, April 6, 2023

Decline Of Apatite After .......

 I have realized that my appetite has been declining slowly since my gallbladder surgery some years ago.

I have been noticing this change since few years and mentioned it to hubby often he when would ask why i ate so less ?

I have mentioned this in my posts as well or may be more in comments so if any of my blogger friends has similar experience can share .

I must have simply check some article about the topic but again lack of time (sigh) or when  i have time i forget about it and get busy with other stuff . 

Why i am writing post about it ?

Well as you know i am trying to fast in month of Ramadan at least twice in a week . Yes couldn't  go on with constant fasting due to drop of energy and feeling too sleepy because of the "weakness" i feel during fasting .Can't afford being sleepy during daytime because i am the only person in the household who does everything from cleaning to cooking etc .Actually hubby cannot help since many years because of his health issues specially his doctor has asked him to remain cautious and avoid much physical pressure specially after his recovery from Hepatitis .  

Here windy season has been started and cleaning that contains three parts ,dusting ,brooming and moping is necessary each day .This things needs lots of energy and time .Windy season will stay till the end of the July or little longer . Much physical effort and sweating makes one thirsty as well . I am not justifying just sharing how things are here so i am fasting only twice a week now.

One thing that came into my notice during fasting was that i don't feel hungry during fifteen hours of fasting instead i feel weakness only  which keep me down and grows in last  two to three hours badly. But sense of "hunger "that provokes one to eat and sense of hunger that makes "eating " a delightful procedure is absent and symptom is getting stronger with time after my gallbladder  surgery.

Though  hunger does not hit me anymore since some years i am able to eat a smaller portion of meal thrice a day than . It happened sometimes that i felt tempted to the "look" of food and tried to eat but could not follow my heart like before after certain amount almost third part of earlier meal. It makes me think that removal of gallbladder squeezes the stomach probably .Or something like this.

Another thing comes to mind that it is not only the "food" that is gift  " but "hunger" is also a blessing that makes us feel desire for food and let us enjoy it with or without being grateful for it !

Without "desires installed within us no gift is enjoyable but just a mechanical  part of the routine . Right?

Thank you for bearing with me dear friends! 

Health, peace and Happiness to you and to all you love!


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    1. well come to my place friend!
      and thank you for kind words

  2. So interesting that you speak of this. It is best to eat smaller meals, anyway. I on the other hand have been put on a diabetic medication to curb my appetite, but I feel after being on it..almost year, it makes me hungry. And this med also eats up my energy. And I can fall asleep quick, but then wake up a few hours later feeling it should be morning when in fact it's only midnight. It's interesting how they say there is so many meds for diabetes with actually its hormones.

    All the best to your fasting and the holiday. Be careful. Be blessed.

    1. Dear ellie i totally agree that taking smaller portions of meal periodically is healthier way than having large amount of food at once on certain times of the day . first this good advice was given by our eldest son who said he has started to follow this himself and has found helpful .he is young man of thirty unlike us .
      sometimes stuck in some sudden unexpected stuff we too do this and eat little portions of meal inevitably instead eating whole lunch or dinner and this surprisingly makes me feel good and stomach stays light .
      though most of the time we follow the old routine of preparing meals for lunch and dinner because of habit formed in life time
      last day i had guest who mentioned that according to her observation most of the ladies suffered with diabetes after the removal of gallbladder and she asked if i have this issue either but i said not not until now .
      sorry to hear that diabetic meds are causing problems for you my friend!
      my mother was on such medication for last ten years of her life almost but honestly she lived away from me so i don't have idea how that affected her back then

  3. Sorry about your husband's issues and wow, you are one busy lady. i haven't been that busy since I had kids in school and was doing medical transcription at home. Now I have a lot of free time but I don't feel lately like I'm doing much with it. All I know for me is when my husband was down the mountain for about four months helping my younger son a few years ago I started eating really light and just wasn't hungry much. Then when I went to help my sister's family this last fall, starting October 2 and was there about 2 1/2 months I had absolutely no appetite and hardly ate anything, not because I couldn't but I never felt hungry. I'm slowly coming back to a more "normal" for me but relatively light consumption of food. Still though I can't seem to stay away from chocolate trufflles when I see them as I'm out shopping, lolol.

    1. dear Sandy life of a housewife is harder here than your part of land specially regarding household and dealing with guests and giving time to family members.
      house chores are more difficult here unlike northern part of land .we live near desert and on sandy land .when it is airy or windy in summers cleaning is Huge issue to deal with for us particularly who have open house with windows and big yard with garden and plants. usually people make house that are well closed with good air-conditioning system but when we left our small shell like previous house we wanted to experience house which give us an open environment with open sky and airy yard but everything has price so along came the huge responsibility to keep it clean . With age and drop of energy we both are thinking about moving to small and closed home so we can save energy we spend on it everyday .i am thankful for the big relief came in my life after my eldest son gifted my automatic washing machine !
      so after this what amount of energy i have i try to spend it in reading or blogging or spending time with family but still there something inside keeps me poking that i can make my time more productive .
      I agree that when some close member of the family is away for some reason it effects our diet negatively. when i lived away from hubby in Islamabad i remember my eating were decreased to whole one meal almost. i think some people eat eagerly when they are surrounded by loved ones :)
      how nice you are coming back to your normal eating habits :)
      yes sweets or chocolates are strong addictions ,i hardly had any of this except occasionally on few times of the years or festivals. but even leaving them was hard .i realize that without my long term meditation it was impossible to leave them somehow. i feel only long term meditation has power to change our brain somehow who won't crave for sweetness .and therefore i am able to skip the tea but not at once ,slowly

  4. I hope Ramadan brings blessings to your whole family, Baili.

    1. amen dear Marie
      yes Ramadan month feels to have certain piety and depth :)

  5. I went through something similar after having a stroke. In the beginning I was hungry but because my taste buds and salivary glands were affected It was difficult to eat. Eventually I stopped eating. I knew I was not consuming the nutrients I need to live but it was too hard. Soon I did not feel hungry and I only cared a little bit. I kept telling doctors that I could not eat. Most just nodded and told me to eat what I could. Finally one doctor listened and said it was not uncommon after a stroke. I was elated. Someone heard me. Unfortunately she offered no solution to the problem. My son was worried that he would have to put me in a home. My son suggested we try several small things to eat six times a day. He monitored me and made sure I ate things like 1/2 cup applesauce, a small bottle of Ensure, or pudding. They were all things that did not require chewing. He made sure I drank enough water in between. It was hard at first and I was proud when I began to look forward to my next little meal. I was getting nutrients into my body. Soon I was eating a small meal for supper. As I became stronger I realized that my son had saved my life. I had been starving to death. I now eat regular meals and feel healthy.
    I know that during your holy days you must fast After sundown eat maybe 2 very small easy to eat portions. In the morning before the sun rises do the same. As I have aged I eat less than I did when I was younger. I suspect this will be true for you as well. Just remember to eat what you are able and keep yourself healthy. And lots of water.

    1. thank you so much for the beautiful and heartwarming comment dear Emma !
      reading this made my eyes teary!
      as they say one who has none has God still!
      God reveals himself through different ways when he has to help us anyway ,so He almighty chose your son to save you my precious friend!
      you have a kind ,blessed and loving son .Love is strongest element .it never gives up and finds it's way to solution eventually .Love is miracle indeed and that miracle happened for you because of the love your son has for you !
      i can only imagine how nice you might have felt when felt hungry once again :)
      i am happy and thankful to kind God who made this possible dear Emma!
      as far as i am concerned i think i am happy with this new change .i was good and fast eater .would feel hungry always before it was time to next meal .though hardly wanted to loose weight but yes wanted to remain active so can do all house chores without taking any domestic help .and i succeeded until now by the grace of God.but after gallbladder surgery things changed finally and for good hopefully . i started to feel less and less hangry and now i feel only weak but not hungry at all even when i fast .seemed weird but since i find no harm in it i am happy to eat less .i agree that it also can be sign of growing old :) with what i am pretty much more than okay :)

  6. Many people find as they get older they eat smaller portions at mealtimes, but it is important to eat a variety of nutrients depending on any health issues there may be.
    If you have any health concerns it is always advisable to see your Doctor/medical team.

    Take care and have a blessed Ramadan.

    All the best Jan

  7. thank you so much dear Jan !
    this is good that i have an instinct for self improvement always .because of this habit i am thankful that i am able to eat healthier food then before .i have left far behind to listen my heart but what is good for me

  8. Ramadan blessings to you and family, Baili! Our appetite changes as we get older. Both my husband and I eat small portions and food that is not heavy. And to tell you the truth, I like it that way. Light meals make me feel better. I hope you had a wonderful week, my lovely friend!

    1. so true that with age our appetite is reduced slowly which is normal indeed
      but what i feel is a kind of disappearance of desire to eat actually dear Martha and during fasting it has been obvious that despite of fifteen hours fasting i don't feel appetite rather just a weakness and i link it to the surgery of gallbladder inevitably because it started after that .
      as far as eating smaller meals i too find it better because it keep me light a;)

  9. Happened exactly the same thing to my parents after they removed their gallbladder.
    Nothing to worry about, baili.
    Have a blessed week

  10. Desejo que o seu apetite melhore. Eu, também já faço refeições mais pequenas, mas não me estou a dar mal. Gostei de a ler.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  11. I had my gall bladder removed many years ago. I used to have good appetite but I noticed that as I age, my appetite is not as good as it used to be.

  12. Belated Ramadan blessings to you and your family, Baili, as I am late in reading blogs since we were away for Easter visiting family. I hope that you will be feeling better but can understand eating less. We are doing so, by choice, to lose weight but when you are not trying to do so it can be worrisome.


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