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Divine Game Between Soul And matter

 As i said in my previous post that i will share my personal opinion about the topic of How The mind Works .Although i am not a scientist who can tell  much but a simple person with thinking mind who 's imagination often stretches here and there  and try to put pieces together found until now . They cannot be of much worth if you seek strong background of degree or post behind my words but if you believe that each of us has come with unique mind to speak and is worth listening you will be able to relate surly. Because if we see carefully this is how things work in the world. Each of us  comes at certain point of time and observes life with unique perspective that he shares with his contemporaries and leaves and then another one comes and puts his effort to  stretch it further .

I was fascinated by the soul side of human being since always therefore material world and things attracted me little throughout the life. Though this was unconscious then .But now i know what and why i feel curious and want to learn about and how i anxiously i am looking forward to the latest scientific research about how our physical brain interacts with our Intuitive Mind that  "Feels". 

Feelings that have led man from caves to glossy high buildings and has handed him books and modern equipment instead hunting tools. Feelings that make us special among all species and Feelings that flourish our world with various forms of arts and make our life worth living and enjoyable by filling it with colors of love and other so many emotions that play important roll in shaping our life.

Steven Pinker as i shared in summary in my previous post has managed so well to described how by breaking down human brain (reverse engineering ,in his words)  back into the zero help us understand the process how human brain has developed and progressed slowly over the thousands of years to reach the point it dwells  right now .But sadly writer confesses unhesitatingly that Neuroscience is unable to explain further about Mind's function that use higher level of intelligence  such as Arts and various Forms of it.

And writer says so because he acknowledges that Human Psychology of Arts is not an adoption . Though he puts some theories about it which show how art or the pleasure seeking senses can stimulate mind circuits when they are in environment that would have led to fitness in past generations. Another theory is that Arts born by rich who wanted to display something particular that separate them from poor. Or that  art has been invented to bring harmony in the society etc.

I found it easy to disagree .I might have not felt this way if i myself was not poet . I know that whether big or small but i had felt that gift sprouting within me . I received it by my spontaneous intuition at the age of from six to eight if remember correctly . I remember that before it came to me i was not engaged in any kind of activity that could be reason to make me write that poetry. I remember that the first piece of poetry that i wrote was flawless in it's formation and meaning .I did not know then literally but i had feeling that were proven true by the appreciation and encouragement i got when i showed it to first my father ,second to school principal after few years and later to an established writer and scholar on radio. I remember that one of my class fellow who wanted to be a poet intentionally tried hard her hand in writing poetry for months but gave it up eventually because you can polish the gift if you have one but can't grow it within you willingly if there is none. 

So in this world wherever poet ,painter ,musicians and writers have been born and arraying their gifts were not inventor but people with stronger souls who made them "Create" more than do anything else.

From where can come this soul ?

Nothing is without soul i believe. I know i won't be able to see such scientific  revelation regarding my( or many others in various fields) claim in my short period of life  but in far far future probably but only in case of if Creator of this whole scenario allowed so, people will learn that soul is basic thing of life and preexistent of  matter because Nothing can live or grow without soul .

Two tiniest parts who's interaction makes possible the formation and development  of any smallest thing have soul and we call it "charge"

Without this "charge" the existence of this whole universe was Impossible .Soul  is "Charge of human body. Once the charge is gone body is thrown away like empty cane .

As we humans have  arisen from many such basic elements ,some of them have surely "stronger charge " or soul .And because soul is higher form so people having stronger side of soul show deeper emotions and higher intellect .

I also think that people who have showed unusual Empathy towards other people  and has served people humanity without discrimination throughout the history had same strong side of soul .

I am though not clear whether Can soul can be dark as well ? 

Or matter and soul both are living thing ,soul is a" Pure" thing that pull us towards Goodness and Enlightenment and rise us to heavens.

And Matter is Impure ,polluted and corrupt thing that  that push us towards "Badness" and make us fall to the hells .

I have only one proof that supports my this belief and it is my personal experience . The more i disengaged the material things (though in my case relationships were material things) the better i felt . Seems that root of all problem is

  " our  mad Anticipation in  material world " 

Body demands things from material world only. 

The more we are slave to these demands the worse is life.

Soul on the other hand is only an observer ,a vivid provider of ultimate inner peace that is out of reach to any material at all.

Scientists are failed to detect charge or soul under microscope until now so i think soul is the only mystery which will remain mystery until the far far future .

This makes me think if Creator want us to keep looking for solving this mystery and keep getting close to Faith that He exists .He has created this "Game " of universe and life so we can play freely ,learn and discover so much that give us "delusional ideas "about reality But actually this is only the material information by material world to satisfy our material senses. Th actual game of Creator is how Players recognize Him while playing with or without 

"Laws of this Game"


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    1. indeed dear Debra and i am curious if it will be solved ever

  2. Here's to the soul...agree that art comes from the soul.

    1. if there was no soul world have had no art at all in my opinion dear Christine because functions of body are mechanical not a spontaneous flow of some mysteriously occurring thoughts that liberate you from your physical cage and harmonize with unseen unfold realities which travel in your spiritual body like a smooth silver blood and make their way out by converting themselves into some extraordinary expression that is unfamiliar to even your own physical eyes until you connect to it through senses

  3. In the discussion of art I believe that the way I view art is the way it relates to my own feelings. A poem, song, or book is good to me if it evokes feelings, Paintings, drawings, sculpture, and architecture must create a reaction inside me. Movies, plays, and television combine words and sight for me to experience. The best art of all is to step outside and look around.

    1. what a beautiful way to say this dear Emma !
      art is a way of expressing one's feeling and therefore art can connect to one's feeling only .no other way to reach it otherwise :) beautifully said

  4. I believe there is good and evil in our world. It's a choice we make and we can only choose one.

    1. yes we can only choose "one" this is really a delicate matter if we try to realize dear Sandi because stepping into this game of "taking the responsibility of using your freedom of choice" is tough and one need to be aware and alert of his ,her thoughts

  5. So much to think on. And our perspective of how we go about life. I think of my youngest asking me once if I could see the patterns. I had no idea what he was asking me but that was how he saw the world. Perhaps that is the essences of analytical thinking. He loved electricity as a child and often it was frightening, wondering if he would harm himself. He knew batteries made things work. And he would put them in a toy wondering why nothing would happen.

    I remember when I was small how I could play by ear on the piano. It was such joy on that old piano. However, it does help to have parents to nurture those sort of things. Although, my mom would tell me I was too noisy. Not once did she encourage me, except for piano lessons and I had the harshest teacher who would slap my fingers. It was scary, and I stopped playing music. I never learned to read music. But thankfully, our musician never had piano lessons and somehow managed to read music on his own. He taught himself how to play the guitar. He likes to tinker with old electric guitars so they will play again.

    As life goes on, I still think my favorite moments are from helping others. Yet, these days everything seems more and more self-centered. I don't know if we have grown or not and especially with so much at our fingertips. Sometimes, it's good to get back to those things that gave us the ingenuity to go on. It could be art or just seeing what's in the fridge we can make a meal out of. Sorry to ramble. I am probably way off the subject. Thanks for this enlightening post.

    1. A heartfelt thanks for this beautiful comment dear Ellie !
      i am sorry that your piano teacher was unkind .I can imagine how such behavior can turn the mental world of a child upside down . you had gift to understand and love music which i believe is an invisible power that connect us to so many hidden realities reside within us and at the same time existing millions of light years away from us in the universe .somewhere .But i believe that such tough experiences at small age actually happen to stimulate something inside us so we can find our true direction and move further :)
      i am sure later in life music enrich your life somehow as you mentioned your musician who had great understanding of playing piano without any official degree .i think this is a genuine blessings a gift that someone inherit from his ancestors and groom it with his fondness for it .
      this made me shiver that your son would play with electric wires and stuff ,but then a thought of Nichola Tesla gave me relief as they say he had such gift that electricity would not hurt him .i believe that your son is genius who found his direction at little age wow .i am sure he is making you proud of himself everyday :)
      what you mentioned at the last is painful for me as well my friend . I think i was lucky to grow in a small village where whole community was considered a family back then ,no racism nor cost fever and no pride and prejudice .if i start to mention the harmony and love people had it will take few hours .but sadly when i visit to my native village no such thing exists anymore. people are divided and shelled into their egos .same thing is true for whole world ,seems like wheel of of universe has turned to move so fast as everyone seems to get away from each other .despite of all the technology and facilities distance between people is rising like wall growing to sky .seems like curse of knowing so much ,may be much knowledge liberate us on some level but imprison us in the cage of another type of ignorance .i think knowing is also an art and only some of us has gift to deal with it .
      i am thankful for your time and kind words from the bottom of my heart !

  6. Both this post and your last give lots to think about.
    Many thanks for taking the time to share them.

    Wishing you a blessed week ahead.

    All the best Jan

  7. More and more I believe in science, proof.
    My religious beliefs are melting.
    Have a great week

    1. i think the base that religion provide is base of life ,goodness and humanity Pedro .
      as i read my holy Quran since more than 15 years regularly everyday ,the meaning underlaying are divine spirit of morality and seem revelant to what science has been revealing until now ,not though in exact literal means but a heart that ponders finds similarities

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    1. thoughts that are provoked are sign of being "alive" as Soul dear Margaret

  9. A mente humana é um mistério. Mas concordo que a criatividade é um dom inexplicável que orienta o espírito humano para a criação de diversas formas de expressão.
    Gostei muito deste seu texto.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  10. thank you dear Grace !
    i agree that without the "gift" of creativity" there would have hardly any obvious difference between other species and humans .
    i fall in love with creator who has blessed humans with higher and richer understanding of life and everything and gifted us way to speak about it and express it in such magnificent manner :)

  11. It's all so fascinating, my dear friend! If only we lived closer to each other for some lengthy conversations. Have a wonderful week.

    1. oh i wish it can be possible dear Martha :) how much i will be able learn form an amazingly knowledgeable friend like you

  12. An astonishing mystery indeed. Will always be in awe.

  13. thank you for kind visit and words dear Lux
    indeed a biggest mystery of the universe is human mind and will remain forever possibly

  14. Baili, to add my thoughts on whether a soul can be dark as you asked. yes, I do believe that it can be especially when I read about senseless shootings by other humans who apparently had no regard for the preciousness of human life. While it may sound cruel, it would have been far better if those who murdered other innocents had taken their own life instead.

  15. You made me think deeply, Baili, as always. There’s something that remains as Mystery that humans can’t understand and reach – we have a limit. But it isn’t despair. What I can do is to try to grow better person every passing day.
    After cataract surgery, my vision (eyesight) became clearer and brighter but my another vision (ability to think with wisdom) doesn’t seem to get clearer and brighter accordingly.



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