Friday, December 31, 2021

What Is The Plan Of The Nature ?


when i see today how people are getting away from each other it also reminds me behavior of the Universe which was started as pin point dot and then started to break into numerous small and large bodies within the space and time and now we all know that these bodies are also getting away from each other whether as galaxy or as star .

This also makes me thought of that scenario when our sun ,earth and moon formed almost 4.6 billion years ago. I just imagine the closeness of all bodies at that time and this feels enchanting and really thrilling . I think of time when earth was born and moon formed after departing from her .It must be a magical sight to find such giant moon and sun rotating very close to the planet earth among all other stars and planets . I think of early people who witnessed such incredibly dazzling nights in this world 2.5 million ago. I bet that all space bodies looked far larger to the early people back then ,almost like now scientists are able to see through huge telescopes . 

I wonder what they would have thought about all the magic they stood within ? 

Despite of all hardships that early people had to face for survival back  then i bet they had developed deep spiritual connection with glorious stars and planets floating around them which led to imagine about supernatural divine power who seemed to create all this. Origin of faith in one divine power must arise first time from such wondrous  observation which left viewers stunned and surrendered ecstatically.  

Today we starve for such exceptional visual experience and head to see northern lights and find it a luxury.

Sun and moon are slipping almost 3 cm away from the earth every  year .This makes me understand why moon shining on my native piece of sky looked larger 31 years back than one i see now on local sky :( Are we doing the same as human ? 

As conscious part of  the universe we seem to follow the behavior of the  universe inevitably ? so this is we call "fate " right ?

Like stars and planets were so close to each other in the beginning of their existence we people also not different when we satrted to enjoy our life on this planet. Even before civilization there were strong bonding between people as group or community members ,Their  dependency  on each other had many reason including safety and food. Than came civilized era and families and societies took place. Marriages and family unit held highest place among people of the society .No matter which part of the world people lived family came first for everyone. Cultural customs and traditions held together. It was better face of humanity though what i did not like about it was it's narrow thought system. Family was everything and strangers were something to be afraid of and stay away from.

Than growing awareness broadened people's mind . Day by day increasing knowledge made people confident enough to step out of the family and be self dependent trust others and make new relationships . It also brought strangers close and slowly family seemed to fall in the background. The concept of the global village and global community added more strength in people's confidence and world seemed to get out of it's darkest hour

 "the racism"  This was most beautiful change indeed .But as each picture has two sides this modernity also introduced a dark side of this reality  as "with time and abundance of knowledge grooming self  consciousness made people to think about themselves more than others around them. Being self conscious is good but it is true that it makes one most of the time on the top of others .

So human rights and self reliance entered in the family system silently and people who were only separate physically but spiritually as one fall into brackets . The freedom was stretched enough to get around each head and hold him separate from other family member tightly. Everyone  stood alone as important and demanded respect for his privacy. We needed some rules and some balance before being expose to tremendous amount of freedom   but we missed the chance and now it seems no turning back until people get bored themselves by this scary freedom and try to get back to join each other willingly.

Why it is necessary to stick together ? because it will prevent us from disappearing in the space of existence .Each man is his won universe inside this is true but as human we need to stay connected and harmonize by our inner universe to create better living conditions and to sustain beauty of life. There is not any kind of dependency that will bring us close to each other but "necessity of emerging  in each other ,finding ourselves in each other loosing and rediscovering each other again and keep rotating around each other as conscious part of Nature till this existence fades away in the vastness of nothingness. Love and connectivity is divine beauty of Nature and we the humans are carrier of this tradition here !

When i  realize how strongly we are stuck in the pattern of universe this makes me smile okay laugh sometimes. 

If look closely we see there is certain balance in structure of Nature which though sometimes tend to change it's leaning side but still manages to move back to it's real position without coming into our notice .That reminds me a saying i used to hear after each earthquake back in village " when the bull who is holding the earth on his horn  changes the position  it makes earth shakes a for a while "

If we rise above from personal experience of good or bad which restricts our opinion to our own mindset we  probably will feel that no matter how dreadful times people of planet witnessed there still seems pretty much balance of " good" and "bad" in this world . 

With broadening observation we find that whether Positive or Negative both Forces of the Nature has managed to keep balance on earth since human being came into being. 

History shows worst and best part of human existence throughout the thousands of the years.I will mention only mother Teresa and Hitler .

Nature  from the beginning seems to have solid plan at least it seems to me when i read ,listen about great people specially . None of great people who influenced world in any positive way led a life full of comfort ,luxury or acceptance and acknowledgement from people around them. You will see same case with almost every person who though born with exceptional talents but he remained unaware of them until Nature "pushed" him further by intensifying his life and surrounding with unbelievable challenges using whether negative people or hard circumstances around him  who shaken him off first and then forced him to peek inside himself to find ways for survival eventually. There he found the treasure of gifts that later made him accomplish higher achievements that might have stayed beyond his imagination in case if he would have not gone through miseries. 

I watched a video about how mountain form. When plates moving under the surface of earth create certain pressure from around, some part of squeezing plate try to find way out and this makes him "rise" from the plain surface of the earth as high land. Same story about the diamond whom transforms a  long period of confinement and constant environment of terrible  pressure. Even spherical bodies form because of tremendous pressure they feel around them.

Doesn't it sound to you that "to be something or someone meaningful" one has to go through certain and lots of pressure ?

If it was not plan of the Nature why two forces seem to oppose each other everywhere in this world ?

Why Nature chose the difficult play instead of smooth easy existence?

I can't tell sorry ! but all i know that Nature is enjoying what she is  doing and as conscious part of her we have to go through all this willingly or unwillingly anyway .

Being a Nature lover makes me have faith in the plan of Nature and try to follow her obvious rules she displayed through her various behaviors .

It also makes me have faith that in the whole Oneness of Universe we human are chosen as conscious part of the Nature to process   " Nature herself " and thus we form here " The Body Of The Humanity" on this earth .So we are obliged to be responsible for each other's well being  as all other  cells and organs of any living or non living body. Like If any single cell or organ of the body does not acts accordingly it makes body suffer and fall ill or decay and die eventually .

Similarly we humans as cells and organs of the "body of  humanity " can't act selfishly .if we do it hurts the system of whole body though we ignore because the process of such" harm " in the Nature is slow and appears later enough to come to our notice but later people see it's negative effects in coming times. 

What actually Nature want from us ?

I think we are the Nature and right now what we can observe is that The Divine force of the Nature which seems to appear in numerous forms is doing something which does not seem random to me at all. The formation of things from tiny to huge don't look baseless or useless at all science has proven it already that from bacteria to largest thing is serving in the Plan of the Nature somehow.

So how can we be random or waste ?

As most important part of Nature's plan we have consciousness ,not just awareness of ourselves but never ending thirst for learning everything around. We are different from each other and it also serves the plan or may be as our journey as "body of the humanity " is on from immaturity to maturity .Our brain are sharpening ,our  thinking process is getting better and deeper. We are on the edge where we are trying to stepping into our brains which will surely lead us towards something unusual and big. 

It is like peeking in the heart of Nature and trying to find out what lies there for us as specie .

If this is nonstop circle of existence and there exist so many other far advanced species in other galaxies then our journey has just began. Our transformation from physical to some other form of the energy is our next destination probably. Which will be the way to travel in deep space freely like fireflies.

Until then we are busy in our immature state doing stuff that does not matter for people we are going to be in far future.

The earlier we learn the true meaning of our existence the better this planet will be as home for us.

Thank you for bearing with me dear friends! if you managed to read this post please share your insight if anything touched you. Otherwise it is okay i can understand :)

I finally finished my medication course for pneumonia which kept me drowsy most of the time  .

I will share bit more about last few days in next post .please be kind to yourself and all around you ,this is true celebration of your humanity!

Hugs and blessings to all of you ! 

Friday, December 24, 2021

Merry Christmas To All My Blogger Friends!


Long ago when as teenager i saw movie The little Match girl on fourteen inch black and white tv screen the image of Christmas on my heart was heavy ! This was time of my life when i felt horribly effected by injustice and inequality of this world .The oceans inside me would always feel to find weak moment and break through my eyes for hours.

At that same time there was someone inside me to hold me back and give strength to have candle of hope in shaking hand of my faith!

The candle that turned into a sun slowly and vanish away all the darkness of  despair from my inner world.

One quality that i had have been throughout all the ups and down of the life is " feeling happy for others happiness" 

That is such a gift i realized it now . Believe it or not the joy of others hardly felt by my heart different than joy of my own. 

My joy regarding my "state of being alive" was never dependent on other worldly pleasures.

No matter how dark the moment was ,after bearing the uttermost pain i was slowly moved back (like spring) to my genuine position "the feeling of being alive" 

I truly admired the gift of life .This made me grateful and kind. And i am most grateful to my Creator for shaping me this way!

He could have make me piece of rock laying on the patio ,a string of wild grass ,drop of water ,a sand particle anything i mean anything in this world that could exist and and disappear silently but i am thankful He created me as part of his " Consciousness"  

Consciousness that not just makes me aware of myself but allows me to seek ways to connect other Conscious parts in best way ,Share my strength and light with them and grow strong bonding to create eternal harmony among each other.

Each breath gifted to me is chance to make my Existence successful!

May my efforts be acknowledged and strengthened by my Creator amen!

     This is amazing how we "the human being " as Soul of  of this universe find core of our happiness in family and togetherness . First religion and then Science reveals that from a bacteria to largest body living or non living has certain purpose of it's existence . Through behaviors of Us the people  universe displays her most beautiful aspect .It seems Nature is always looking for herself to fall in love ,to be together and stay connected forever!

Love is most obvious theme of universe and family is most powerful color of this theme! 

this flowing water shows how desperately Nature walk through this journey for her self discovery and reunion ,from departing from ocean as vapor  to fall as raindrop  or snowflake on earth and find her way back to her ocean ,her origin is most beautiful and meaningful love story i think. bless are those heart where she rests as warmth of love that is for all like sunlight without any discrimination !
breathing makes us a living being but giving makes us "human being" The most basic ,most powerful virtue  of Nature is giving only if we have time to realize this !,  You Have Reason to be Happy Until You are Able to Spread Joy in Lives you encounter !

Merry Christmas to all of you my precious wonderful friends !

may health ,peace and happiness shower upon you all like soothing ,warm ,comforting shower and fill your life with joy to eternity amen!!! love you all!

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

A Machine Without An Instruction Card ?

  It seems that mind works differently in flu .Everything feels different with different perspective .Like right now i am sitting on a chair near window and sunlight crawling  over the surface of table looks like a glowing fairy with dazzling wings moving slowly and shaking my hand, asking me  to listen the message of the universe which is calling me to look at how glorious the day is ,shower of the sunlight falling from sky stepping on the ground so gently and paving it's way through the veins of earth soothingly. Bathing under the golden shower trees are looking like gorgeous girls who are delighted and humming their favorite songs smilingly while embracing their imaginary friend "breeze" . I am feeling as i have left my body on chair and flown away into the divine sky far far away. I am floating within this huge universe like a "dot" though my longing to find harmony with whole universe  has pulled the all objects existing around closer to me  and i find them more brighter and enlarged. The dot of my being is absorbing the energy and light from everything around me.This is the time when i and universe both discern each other as one. This is strengthening my soul enough to feel  more alive and vibrant part of this whole "existence" ! This "feeling is added to my spiritual being as oxygen to my body.

Flu is weird disease ,sometimes it makes my mind so fogy and sometimes makes it clearer as never before. I try to survive with both conditions. Since i am more into "brain"  and specially it's connection with "divine Intelligence" i keep thinking about how our way of thinking can be revolutionized if we learn how to "teach our brain" .

I think as specie we are on beginning level of learning though our brain has made greatest leap in previous three hundred years . This does not looks random at all. The brain that was hardly able to adopt basic learning in thousands of years for survival was suddenly fast and furious with enormity of  it's wisdom and never ending longing to learn more . 

Does it look random to you ?

There is great success that homo sapiens has achieved in every field of life and science but level remains ninety nine point nine percent the "physical" one. Our scientist seems to stuck on question about "consciousness"  how we get it and how it works"

They are agreed on point that "thoughts" are form of energy though we can only detect their stimulation on computer screen and there is no other way to learn what they are ,how they appear so let alone the consciousness. Despite of that  science is here to discover "how things work" i still strongly believe that our ability to understand reason behind every action things make including our brain seems only a "privilege" given by Nature and for instance how our eyes are "deceived " to find colors in this world and otherwise there is no thing like color exist at all . 

I am going to give a simplest example here , As we know that a computer is a simple copy of a brain without any consciousness .We buy the( hardware or body) computer with memory space and some processing area . The other thing we need is obviously software that we install in the computer that is like soul to a body right ?

Did we forget something here ,yes the " drivers " that help different parts of computer to "communicate" precisely .

We humans are on beginning stage of learning where we still think of  ourselves as supreme creature among all others and since we finally admitted three hundred years ago that "We know Nothing" so we are on our way to learn and that is huge achievement. It is i agree but is it working ? All the learning spots on physical existence and appearance of things and seems to stop there at one point .

Aren't we missing something most important .Despite of that scientists agree on there is an invisible mysterious form of Energy in the universe and  in far bigger amount than energy we see in form of visible matter we don't turn our senses towards it at all. Running after visible matter has become fashion of life for planters sadly . If our learned community pay attention and try to discover the spirit of this scenario people may be automatically will follow the steps and their madness for more and more material will slow down i think, because science and means of media influence the mind of people like pottery wheel to clay . 

Sorry for loosing track ,so there are two things probably .

One that we are still ignorant that we know Nothing about most important tool of our body (brain) specially that our brain machine is given to us as a "Crud Hardware" with some basic learning ability and memory processing area.

The other that we are shy to acknowledge that we need to train our brain at first place .

With all other machines and appliances we buy we get manual card with instructions but it is not same with most important machine we get once for our whole life . So each of us use it according to his own understanding of life which can be great if we all gain good and healthy one. But we know it is not possible .What possible is that we  realize that Brain is a machine like all other machines we have designed though it is designed by Nature .We need to run it according to rules and regulations. All Machines  are made to use but we know that they need hands to use as well. The hand that can help to use this physical machine is invisible but far powerful than it ,yes the hand of "Consciousness" .The stronger the hand is the better machine works.

If we call this machine a computer than we need "drivers" that can bring harmony among our various thinking areas which can lead us towards better understanding of ourselves .Person who can understand himself better is less complex and mostly free from negativity and surely can live a healthy peaceful life because of his healthy mindset.

Brain is made to learn and respond immediately ,it's capacity to learn and memorize  is far faster than computer we have made .But we know that complexity of our emotions slows it down and makes it dependent on a machine that is mere a little copy of it.

I think this is not random too .Nature is trying to reveal on us that if we are not going to make our brain "clutter free" we can never understand  what miracles it can do and will be slave to thing that is trivial copy of our miraculous gift!

We are being little ridiculous by deceiving ourselves by the terribly wrong meanings of "freedom" i think.

What we call freedom sounds bit silliness to me. I mean  i  like the term"follow your heart" but at fifty i am in position to sort out what wish made by my heart is followable .I am cutting the crap that we learn from mistakes .I mean i love this term either but again now i am able to figure out that things could have far better if i would have avoided the mistakes. What did you just say ? Destiny ,Destiny should be relied on after absolute and most honest effort in my opinion and not use this word  just to comfort yourself .

Brain is a thinking machine but let us teach it "how to think" first. Our brain response to anything spontaneously and it is very natural because it is made to do so. A baby crawling on the ground can be attract by the glow of a coal  and after conduct of elders or bad experience he can learn not to touch it again.But as adults do we have to follow the heart and must learn after harmful consequences that we should not repeat it again?

 After long term of meditation and yoga i could learn that there are few different  levels of our intelligence regarding our response to any phenomena. At very first level our brain choose immediate spontaneous reaction which sounds pleasing to apply as a freeman though in most of cases it brings series of harsh consequences . Wasn't it better to pause for a second and guide your brain what reaction he must choose and avoid all the miseries in future?

The other level is when your well trained brain waits calmly during any crisis until you let him to react .In such case may be you are on loss of immediate gain of any kind including "fun" ,but results it will bring will satisfy you on permanent basis .

 There must be other levels but as i said i am just a beginner on the path of learning.

I think the progress towards training our brain has started already as neuroscientists are trying to shake and awake people by their knowledge they share through their books. Yoga and meditation is getting more popularity day by day along with increasing knowledge about balanced and healthy diet which is greatest help on this ground. Still i think that we can boost this up by making the "brain train" program an essential part of our education .

We all love doing physical exercise because we want a healthy body but we over look the thing that come before body and it is our Brain believe me . It is not a secret anymore that a healthy brain can support better to body he owns. And just like our body our brain needs to exercise as well . 

I know that we put our brain on exercise by joining various educational academies from childhood like school ,swimming ,surfing and on but all these skills are addition to our learning treasury , not a way to teach our brain how to learn them faster and better. Taming our brain to respond precisely and on perfect time is key to open the more and deeper horizons of our brain and reveal it's true capacity which i believe is limitless because the mysterious force governing this universe seems to have no limits so we can be sure that if this force has chosen us as thinking part of itself ,all it need our never ending longing for learning and most powerful will power to make it happen ,with these two tools she is going to find herself through us .

There can any stop point for human brain but i can't think of it as i feel that just like everything on earth universe will keep dying and reborn for some time frame or may be for eternity .Whatever is processing this all has supreme and divine intelligence which reflects it's each creation too. So this remains still a question that how far we will be allowed to go in this journey "wisdom" 

I can only hope that i did not bore you guys ,if i did sorry !

please take great care and stay blessed with faith and hope as they are most trustworthy partners in the way of life!

blessings to all of you !!!


Sunday, December 12, 2021

The Greater Good !

It is six pm almost .We got our electricity back just an hour ago after ten hours of disappearance . I came in from front yard after saying my evening prayer, it was cold and breezy but praying while looking at sky makes me serene so i wore my warm clothes . I did huge bundle of laundry yesterday so i am still feeling cold and exhausted. As i entered in our living room i wanted to throw my self on sofa because of dullness i am feeling right now but instead i dragged my self towards dining table and manage to sit of chair which offers straight posture which i am not in position to afford yet my wish to share with you my heart defeated my will to take rest and i am here again front of my laptop. 

I am little off today so please avoid if any mistake i make in this post. 

My eldest son called last night and spent some quality (online) time with us. I was feeling terrible before he called and within seconds i felt transformed when saw his smiling face! My tiredness and worries flew away instantly specially when he seemed happy and peaceful .

He told that the process of taking over of his company by another huge company ( one of few world's top companies) is complete almost ,the major steps particularly including decision about having employees . My son shared that he has been rehired by new company with sufficient salary incensement  and extra ordinary yearly benefits. That was such a relief to see our kid being satisfied about his job sustainability and added relief to his living!

I felt overwhelmed with the Grace of my Creator and it was hard to hide tears of gratitude . When he could not come to meet us this month we got really sad  and disappointed but once again God created good out of this situation at least for our son and rewarded him for his kindness that my son showed when he agreed to help financially to my nephew despite he had no flexible budget (my belief) .

I could not stop myself to ask him if he knew before joining about the "take over" thing he said he had no idea and even when he learned he got upset with thought of unpleasant possibilities instead. And again according to my faith i saw a miracle happening dear friends !  

Life is short and unpredictable and we have no control over things that life bring to us ,but i have discovered that real magic is only "having unshaken Faith" during difficult times and avoiding looking for short cuts or hurting others for personal advantage. If we can manage to do so Nature or Creator is always with us to adding to us from his ultimate and unlimited  strength and light! 

My son told that he will try to visit us in February  if possible , we will be praying but won't rise our hopes so high this time ,let's see what happens.

that is it for now precious people ! please stay blessed with hope that grow in the ground of faith and feed your soul with eternal peace!

Thinking all of you with heart filled with prays and best wishes guys,take great care ,blessings to all of you!

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Pages From Book Train Your Mind Change Your Brain By Sharon Begley And Bits Of Business


I am unable to on my laptop even for a while because of recent business. We visited Sukkur city on Sunday and did some due shopping which we supposed to do in Karachi with our eldest son if he could have visit us in December. I had feeling that hubby wanted us to buy whatever we specially kids wanted to and i think it was because he wanted us to get rid from any sadness or disappointment we had because of the postponed visit by our son. We bought stuff that we needed to have particularly belong to kitchen. Boys bought few jeans and shirts. We had lunch on our fav hotel which we avoid mostly to skip eating out.Overall it was refreshing experience though we still desperately want to see our eldest son before our eyes no matter what !

My youngest son's mid term exams are about to end ,Just one paper left .He is in tenth grade . My younger son has scored 80% percent in Sat and in yearly(repeated) exams of higher secondary school and now the other tough part has began for me as mother. We are applying in different universities national and foreign countries , lets see what destiny has for him. It is long ,tiring and tough process everyday for me and my son needs my assistance not because he is less smart but he need push to move further always .We could finalize one application in three weeks almost ,but it was first ,i think others will not take as long hopefully.

Weather is still gorgeous though winter this years seems mildest ever in thirty years . The sunlight sprinkled on table beside window has soothing and delicate touch ,this takes me immediately to my native home yard where i enjoy the dancing water of memory fountain while enjoying the sunlight pouring!

I had started to read in August (probably) another book about human brain written by Sharon Begley " Train your mind Change your Brain"  i liked the text lot and it is annoying that i am unable to continue reading because of so much business .I am sharing few pages today from my previous reading  that i took screen shot for you hope you will enjoy it . 

Recent studies reveal how human brain resembles to the universe in shape and function and this makes them to think if Universe is Itself a giant Brain ?

My amazing imagination tells me to believe it because i am the one who felt the presence of mysterious energy around me that seemed to affect  my thoughts,views ,decisions and attitude throughout my life constantly from within too.

 Sky and each natural phenomena spoke to me ,i enjoyed loneliness because it gave me chance to feel closer to that comforting friendly energy. I don't know when ,how and why i started to turn my head towards sky while praying but whenever i looked up i felt my eyes were hold there by something and moving them down was not in my hands .This added more strength not just to my faith and  but empowered my self consciousness. 

So the energy pool within which we are floating can be the Brain and Mind of that divine energy which runs the show,sounds really exciting to me . If universe is trying to be conscious of itself as it's thinking part we should also try to figure out the power and mystery of our brain . Exploring our brain and mind can make it easy to solve puzzles of the universe and life .And to get better results we have to understand how for it can go .The book by Sharon deals with plasticity of human brain and how consciousness can mould physical brain astonishingly. I can relate to the topic because i know that long term meditation and yoga has transformed my brain to quite extent .

please take a look and share if you have thoughts about it too or you too felt better after some kind of mental exercise .

Thank you for bearing with me precious friends ! I really appreciate your support and kindness which encourages me speak my heart with all of you and learn what you think about things i am interested in !

Take great care and stay bless with hope which is most basic ingredient of the Faith ,it helps you to continue cooking the dish of life no matter what :)

Blessings to all of you!

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Travelling The Inner Universe !


Sitting on the dinning chair front of my laptop i am feeling bit sad ,not because i could not have my son on expected time but more because my last posting seemed to sadden heart of my friends whom i always like to encourage to stay positive no matter how hard the time is. I don't like this .I don't like to have negative feelings inside me ,it feels like i lack oxygen and can't breath properly and this is most scary feeling for anyone alive believe me.

This is not because i don't like to feel sad ,Actually to me it's okay to feel sad once in while because i believe that sadness is a genuine feeling and serves for better in us ,makes us feel healthy emotionally when passed and bring us stronger feeling of joy and gratefulness as well. So it is nice to feel sad once in a while as according to physics law universe has pattern of "waves " which has "up" and "down " so it is obvious to have down after each up and having up after each down .I think all the quotes regarding positiviism have this background .

Sadness is like autumn ,it's influence is rich ,deep and meaningful for people with creative power i think so because i too write a "little bit" so i find myself writing more when i am sad . Yes when i look at my previous written diaries i see they are all written during times when i felt intense and lonely in my life. As a tiny writer with little understanding of life i can say that sadness helps writers to write more or better to some extent .

My present state of sadness differs one i used to experience in my life in past. Despite of my special inner connection to super power of this universe i was still a common person who valued things and relationships existing physically and materialistically so i felt more "sad " and " little disappointed" both  when something bad or unexpected happened in my life. I felt broken ,alone and i cried a lot. I also  did some stupidities to feel better. 

Now when i look back at those times and part of me that existed then i feel like i was held in cage of negativity back then. There was some lush soothing  plant of faith within me to which my physical being was not able to connect perfectly and water properly though i always raised back to surface after each stronger push of negativity that tried to sink me.

I was fortunate to realize that "inner voice" which was trying to pull me in towards my "inner universe". We are not just part of a One Whole Divine Pool which we call "universe" but we have same ingredients and features as our origin has so acting similarly is so natural.

Gradually i started  to feel that "inner Pull" and started to follow it blindly ,blindly mean?

I had been always following this inner pull without being conscious of it ,So when i decided to travel inwardly i encountered with so many my previous situations ,decisions and the results i gained from them ,that encouraged me to not hesitate to follow it blindly  that guided me for moving further into my inner universe fearlessly and follow the genuine paths and natural destination it led to me.

The more i stepped in my "inner universe" the better i understood world outside me. That was astonishing in the beginning because it was really hard to accept that life can be as easy once your own thoughts are well read and well comprehend by you.

It was incredibly amazing to feel that there was no thing like "loneliness" or "disappointment" .

I realized that i was not alone but my being was created within something far far more powerful Energy than me. Despite of perfect separate existence my being was wholly solely connected to something divine and supreme .That divine and supreme energy was like an endless vast sea in which i felt floating like a bubble of it. The Energy existing within this sea had access to encompass my being from within as well as from outside. The phenomena of such dramatic existence felt exceptionally fascinating . Despite of all the strong connection and complete dependency to this Energy i was free to take shape of my choice ,adopt habits of my liking ,set behaviors that i find right for me. I was totally free to exist willfully and for this i was supported by that Energy just like a mother leaves her child to act freely after telling him all good and bad and what is right or wrong for him. What kind of person i want to be was totally "Up To Me" isn't it most beautiful thing to learn that i was born free to live free and make free choices. 

There must be some people like me either  who when once learn the "true face of reality" feel serenity that never leaves them during any disturbing circumstances of life in future. 

"Just like a child who feels protected and peaceful once he realize that he is holding the part of scarf his mother wearing !"

So gradually i grasped  that i was one of those shy or coward children who are always afraid to be left alone in this crowd if they lost the hand of their mother .

Few years back i counted the blessings i had such as life ,health ,shelter and family and felt grateful for them but now i realized that having all such blessings is more precious and meaningful when you see the how and where are the things placed for you!

If i was going to die before  realizing my place in this pattern of life i would have not acquired such sense of fulfillment and peace.

One thing i hated to have in life is "disappointment" .I hardly felt really disappointed but low for while when odd occurred in my life and i feel it was because of this little plant of faith planted in my soul i don't know by whom and since when. Since i learnt how my existence is directly connected to my origin and supported by it completely i found out how can i keep  this connection more "active" to get maximum strength and there is only one rope to tied it stronger is "Unshaken Faith" .Once you are aware how mechanism of things work your faith on a machine is deeper, similarly when i have learnt while travelling in my inner universe how the pattern of this "Sea of Divine Energy" works my faith on Nature or Creator is ultimate !

And once you are on this" level of faith " your possibility to experience miracles is more .

I can feel sad but i cannot feel disappointed because i see the scenario of life on biggest canvas and being part of it makes me think of   things on little bigger scale . I try to follow the rule of Nature or Creator whatever you call it and try to exist harmlessly which makes me hopeful that Nature will support me back for it as it does for everyone else.


Whenever i feel that negativity is trying to haunt me down i close my eyes and find myself  existing within pattern that is my origin and is always there for me .Even with my open eyes i can see now how my being is floating in sea of Divine Energy .It is very Real and Comforting feeling for a child ! I wish we all feel that we are in lap of mother and her children who are obliged to support each other as part of her existence !


Monday, November 29, 2021

We Have To Wait


We were preparing to receive our eldest son after three long years but  last Sunday my eldest son called and looked bit stressed . I thought it was tiredness of his long trip to Sintra town but he told that his HR informed him last day that company is going through some kind of huge changes in first two weeks of December  (not allowed to mention) so it will be better for all employees to remain present physically meanwhile. He informed that he cancelled his seat while ago though not completely .He has open ticket now and he will rebook the seat when things are finalized .He also mentioned that he has to book before a month or two because tickets are too expensive due to covid thing .

We felt quite sad as we were very happy to have hope that he will be home within a week. My senses dimmed for while but i composed myself immediately when i realized that his sadness must be graver than ours as he was away from home since three years and looked quite low when mentioned all this . He said he was all ready to fly home and did lots of shopping for this purpose too though he has to wait now!

I ,we buried our sorrow inside our heart and try to comfort him with positive conversation smilingly. I still think of him if he is more disturbed than us !

All parent want their children to be happy in life ,we have no issue until he is doing fine in life and moving further to achieve his dreams ! Our prayers and best wishes are with him each moment!

We are trying to get out of this tense feeling asap and i  hope we will feel better in few days . Life is beautiful no matter what ,every day has new surprise for us and we must keep this in our mind though being parent it is most difficult task i think!

It is good to have many photos of children as they can sooth  soul of desperate parents to  some extent .

     were dreaming of such happy family time together ,i hope the day will come soon by the grace of Lord! image is taken in 2017 when my son was preparing to leave for Germany .

it was first time for us to part from our son for  one possible year and he was going to foreign country which made us really anxious and sensitive ,we took many such photos ,my son came to visit us after one year as he promised but then covid took over the world and like us so many parents and relatives starved for their kids and family unfortunately ! i heard Britain had banned some countries once again specially from asian lands ,this is worrying for parents like us . 

 I found this lovely quote online ,how true ! In this whole world i since beginning never ever longed for any worldly joy but "family" in which i can give my love like farmer water the fields and gardens ,in return i always wanted to see them flourish in this world with all i tried them to brought up with!

I have no wish to harvest because i am not a businesswoman but a mother who's veins have fluid of love for her children and who's breathes are dense with prays for their children ! all i want them to be healthy ,happy and successful in life ,amen!

Hope i did not make you sweet friends sad ,please don't be ,you know me i am positive and i will feel better soon :)

blessings to all of you and all you love !

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Visit to Heavenly Sintra Town And Pena Palace By My Son

Sorry if i am being little late for reading your blogs dear friends  as shorter days are giving me little tough time when there is one week left in arrival of my eldest son from Lisbon Portugal . We are trying to rearrange things so house can look more neat and much well coming for our baba who is coming home after three years ,heartfelt prays for him and all travelers ,may everyone have safe journey amen!

Beautiful weather is another excuse which compel us to spend more time out in the front yard ,such cooler days are really rare here when senses seems to work well and one feels able  to be out and observe whatever little natural beauty is present before eyes, as  hot weather which lasts almost nine to ten months here force  us to stay confined in the rooms under the fan mostly.
 Hubby has started seasonal plantation and to begin with he has brought few rose plants from the nursery  last day. Plants had already few flowers  which filled colors in our yard instantly . Chilled breeze and divinely blue sky making days glorious thankfully!

My eldest son  visited Sintra town an outstrike  of Lisbon .It is situated in the lap of Sintra mountains . He  shared some spectacular photos of  sintra park and  a magnificent  castle called Pena Palace  there. Red and yellow palace is right on the hill top and gives commending view of the town below. For the trip actually my son had to choose between Porto and Sintra and he found Sintra more attractive as he loves serene natural sights more like his parents i guess :) The images he shared are breathtakingly beautiful to me as loved all the natural beauty along the way till top of the hill and the gorgeous view that palace offer :)  I am thankful to my son and his friend who (whom he met during his surfing lesson not online which i mentioned in previous post mistakenly sorry)  took such amazing and lovely shots throughout the tour !

fascinating road ,specially those that travel upwardly ,they always have strong appeal for me ,getting down is easy but once you are up there what you get makes you forget tiredness earned by journey from below to up.

hill stations are my favorite too ,i love lush and peaceful environment  they offer ,i remember scenes from so many movies when doctor says to patient "you must spend sometime on some hill station you will feel better" i think they were so right bout it.

away from city rush hours one must feel relax and regain his mental energy lost in city noise while observing the natural beauty around and hear the whisper of silence. 

old but a gorgeous fountain ,the sound of water must heal the soul of listener :) 


                 i think he/she has grapes in hands still posture seems uneasy i could not figure out why 

                                                           must be an ancient cathedral 
i wish i can learn the story about this couple as their pose makes me curious and little sad because the he has hold her seems like it was move to protect and comfort her ?

it feels good to see life is getting back to it's norm ,i like seeing different spread on ground here and there celebrating life with gratefulness ,being familiar and kind to each other and offering help ,this is what life for indeed! 

                                             maple leaves floating in water look tranquil 

this and few more photos of such narrow stone ways i wonder what kind of place and for what it had been used ?

either i would have found so hard to stop taking photos as the whole upward journey looks filled with stunning views that demand visitors to stop for while and click to preserve and take this beauty along .

             looks like an ancient caves or tunnel built for some protection or hideout for army may be 

i have seen one side stair in some old well for cleaning purpose but never saw such well which seems built for visiting instead of water ,intriguing isn't it ?

doorway to tunnel or cave i think , do you feel scared when you have to enter some cave ,i think of early people who lived in such caves for thousand years ,that natural lifestyle kept them more active and healthy than us who are forced to watch tv and shop instead 

 happily dancing angle probably , dancing is expression that can vary with mood but i think of the " dance of Universe " don't you think the whole universe and all the objects with it are dancing round and round from an basic atom to largest body floating in space everything seems to dance smoothly ,do you wonder who makes them do so ? i wonder and alot ! 

you can only imagine the gratefulness a mother feels when she sees her babies are doing fine by the grace of kind lord and trying to exist successfully ! my heartfelt prayers for all ,may all mothers on this earth find same joy amen!

         would you like to have cup of coffee here while inhaling the beauty of scene :) i would definitely :)

i think masks are necessary here specially inside the building though outside it depends on distancing probably ,the exquisite artwork on walls resembles with Islamic art we find in Persian architecture i think . 

        looks like this palace yard is used  for special gatherings as you can see the arrangements for sitting 

                                 Loved this image Most!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                  found the clouds pattern amazing here 

                         few huge parks here have such rides here too but i prefer walking instead 

Jesco is friend whom my eldest son met during his surfing class ,My son adores him for his love for travel as he has visited many countries already including Mexico and Sri Lanka though he is only 22 mashallah ! they both enjoyed traveling together and a lot according to my son . 

     what if you have to live there ,i would love to ,i miss my native home and the days i spent there were most beautiful despite of all odds !

                                                         looks like a lovely painting to me !

i found this color scheme unique and DELIGHTFUL , castle appeals eyes from far because of such exuberant colors  

Okay that is all for now precious people ,i will be joining you asap.
please keep being kind to you and all around you as kindness is Best gift you have received from divine Creator and you can share it with all you meet in life :)
wishing you all best in days ahead!
God bless you all!

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