Wednesday, December 15, 2021

A Machine Without An Instruction Card ?

  It seems that mind works differently in flu .Everything feels different with different perspective .Like right now i am sitting on a chair near window and sunlight crawling  over the surface of table looks like a glowing fairy with dazzling wings moving slowly and shaking my hand, asking me  to listen the message of the universe which is calling me to look at how glorious the day is ,shower of the sunlight falling from sky stepping on the ground so gently and paving it's way through the veins of earth soothingly. Bathing under the golden shower trees are looking like gorgeous girls who are delighted and humming their favorite songs smilingly while embracing their imaginary friend "breeze" . I am feeling as i have left my body on chair and flown away into the divine sky far far away. I am floating within this huge universe like a "dot" though my longing to find harmony with whole universe  has pulled the all objects existing around closer to me  and i find them more brighter and enlarged. The dot of my being is absorbing the energy and light from everything around me.This is the time when i and universe both discern each other as one. This is strengthening my soul enough to feel  more alive and vibrant part of this whole "existence" ! This "feeling is added to my spiritual being as oxygen to my body.

Flu is weird disease ,sometimes it makes my mind so fogy and sometimes makes it clearer as never before. I try to survive with both conditions. Since i am more into "brain"  and specially it's connection with "divine Intelligence" i keep thinking about how our way of thinking can be revolutionized if we learn how to "teach our brain" .

I think as specie we are on beginning level of learning though our brain has made greatest leap in previous three hundred years . This does not looks random at all. The brain that was hardly able to adopt basic learning in thousands of years for survival was suddenly fast and furious with enormity of  it's wisdom and never ending longing to learn more . 

Does it look random to you ?

There is great success that homo sapiens has achieved in every field of life and science but level remains ninety nine point nine percent the "physical" one. Our scientist seems to stuck on question about "consciousness"  how we get it and how it works"

They are agreed on point that "thoughts" are form of energy though we can only detect their stimulation on computer screen and there is no other way to learn what they are ,how they appear so let alone the consciousness. Despite of that  science is here to discover "how things work" i still strongly believe that our ability to understand reason behind every action things make including our brain seems only a "privilege" given by Nature and for instance how our eyes are "deceived " to find colors in this world and otherwise there is no thing like color exist at all . 

I am going to give a simplest example here , As we know that a computer is a simple copy of a brain without any consciousness .We buy the( hardware or body) computer with memory space and some processing area . The other thing we need is obviously software that we install in the computer that is like soul to a body right ?

Did we forget something here ,yes the " drivers " that help different parts of computer to "communicate" precisely .

We humans are on beginning stage of learning where we still think of  ourselves as supreme creature among all others and since we finally admitted three hundred years ago that "We know Nothing" so we are on our way to learn and that is huge achievement. It is i agree but is it working ? All the learning spots on physical existence and appearance of things and seems to stop there at one point .

Aren't we missing something most important .Despite of that scientists agree on there is an invisible mysterious form of Energy in the universe and  in far bigger amount than energy we see in form of visible matter we don't turn our senses towards it at all. Running after visible matter has become fashion of life for planters sadly . If our learned community pay attention and try to discover the spirit of this scenario people may be automatically will follow the steps and their madness for more and more material will slow down i think, because science and means of media influence the mind of people like pottery wheel to clay . 

Sorry for loosing track ,so there are two things probably .

One that we are still ignorant that we know Nothing about most important tool of our body (brain) specially that our brain machine is given to us as a "Crud Hardware" with some basic learning ability and memory processing area.

The other that we are shy to acknowledge that we need to train our brain at first place .

With all other machines and appliances we buy we get manual card with instructions but it is not same with most important machine we get once for our whole life . So each of us use it according to his own understanding of life which can be great if we all gain good and healthy one. But we know it is not possible .What possible is that we  realize that Brain is a machine like all other machines we have designed though it is designed by Nature .We need to run it according to rules and regulations. All Machines  are made to use but we know that they need hands to use as well. The hand that can help to use this physical machine is invisible but far powerful than it ,yes the hand of "Consciousness" .The stronger the hand is the better machine works.

If we call this machine a computer than we need "drivers" that can bring harmony among our various thinking areas which can lead us towards better understanding of ourselves .Person who can understand himself better is less complex and mostly free from negativity and surely can live a healthy peaceful life because of his healthy mindset.

Brain is made to learn and respond immediately ,it's capacity to learn and memorize  is far faster than computer we have made .But we know that complexity of our emotions slows it down and makes it dependent on a machine that is mere a little copy of it.

I think this is not random too .Nature is trying to reveal on us that if we are not going to make our brain "clutter free" we can never understand  what miracles it can do and will be slave to thing that is trivial copy of our miraculous gift!

We are being little ridiculous by deceiving ourselves by the terribly wrong meanings of "freedom" i think.

What we call freedom sounds bit silliness to me. I mean  i  like the term"follow your heart" but at fifty i am in position to sort out what wish made by my heart is followable .I am cutting the crap that we learn from mistakes .I mean i love this term either but again now i am able to figure out that things could have far better if i would have avoided the mistakes. What did you just say ? Destiny ,Destiny should be relied on after absolute and most honest effort in my opinion and not use this word  just to comfort yourself .

Brain is a thinking machine but let us teach it "how to think" first. Our brain response to anything spontaneously and it is very natural because it is made to do so. A baby crawling on the ground can be attract by the glow of a coal  and after conduct of elders or bad experience he can learn not to touch it again.But as adults do we have to follow the heart and must learn after harmful consequences that we should not repeat it again?

 After long term of meditation and yoga i could learn that there are few different  levels of our intelligence regarding our response to any phenomena. At very first level our brain choose immediate spontaneous reaction which sounds pleasing to apply as a freeman though in most of cases it brings series of harsh consequences . Wasn't it better to pause for a second and guide your brain what reaction he must choose and avoid all the miseries in future?

The other level is when your well trained brain waits calmly during any crisis until you let him to react .In such case may be you are on loss of immediate gain of any kind including "fun" ,but results it will bring will satisfy you on permanent basis .

 There must be other levels but as i said i am just a beginner on the path of learning.

I think the progress towards training our brain has started already as neuroscientists are trying to shake and awake people by their knowledge they share through their books. Yoga and meditation is getting more popularity day by day along with increasing knowledge about balanced and healthy diet which is greatest help on this ground. Still i think that we can boost this up by making the "brain train" program an essential part of our education .

We all love doing physical exercise because we want a healthy body but we over look the thing that come before body and it is our Brain believe me . It is not a secret anymore that a healthy brain can support better to body he owns. And just like our body our brain needs to exercise as well . 

I know that we put our brain on exercise by joining various educational academies from childhood like school ,swimming ,surfing and on but all these skills are addition to our learning treasury , not a way to teach our brain how to learn them faster and better. Taming our brain to respond precisely and on perfect time is key to open the more and deeper horizons of our brain and reveal it's true capacity which i believe is limitless because the mysterious force governing this universe seems to have no limits so we can be sure that if this force has chosen us as thinking part of itself ,all it need our never ending longing for learning and most powerful will power to make it happen ,with these two tools she is going to find herself through us .

There can any stop point for human brain but i can't think of it as i feel that just like everything on earth universe will keep dying and reborn for some time frame or may be for eternity .Whatever is processing this all has supreme and divine intelligence which reflects it's each creation too. So this remains still a question that how far we will be allowed to go in this journey "wisdom" 

I can only hope that i did not bore you guys ,if i did sorry !

please take great care and stay blessed with faith and hope as they are most trustworthy partners in the way of life!

blessings to all of you !!!



  1. I will say, Baili, that for someone who is dealing with the ailments of flu, your thinking is clearer than most people, even those who are not feeling ill. You are so right in saying that the brain needs exercise just like the other body parts, but too often this fact is ignored. Your comparison of the brain to a computer was very interesting and I also believe that we as humans fail to realize the full potention of our human "computer."

  2. I think we can only go so far in the comparison of brain and computer. Humans have emotions that influence what they do and think. Humans can be irrational!

  3. Flu makes us feel like we were run over by a train

  4. "Does it look random to you ?"

    No. We're not random at all. :)

    Baili, there is a podcast on You Tube I think you would love. It is by a doctor named Andrew Huberman. He talks a lot about the brain and how it works. I hope this link works. If not, you can search him by name.

  5. A very thoughtful post.
    Sending my good wishes and hoping you feel better soon.

    All the best Jan

  6. You never bore me Baili! And I'm so sorry you have the flu, being sick is awful. But I love your insights. What I zoned in on, is that thoughts are energy. It's very true. Imagine when you're angry with someone, how it affects you, how it gives off such a vibe that the person just knows they did something wrong, the discomfort, the anxiety...then imagine when you love a person and just want the best for them, how peaceful you feel, how wonderful and safe they around us... not just here, but in the spirit world, the angels...I feel the universe's energy all around me every day. I feel so blessed. Please get well soon my friend!!! ♥♥♥

  7. Interesting and enjoyed reading your post. Feel better!!

  8. I love reading your thoughts and insights on life. I am sorry you are ill. I am sending healing energy to you. Rest and be well.

  9. Gostei de a ler. O nosso cérebro é uma incrível máquina...
    Desejo um Natal cheio de Amor e um ano de 2022 com saúde, paz e conforto.
    Um beijo.

  10. Hello, Baili, how are you today? Hope you're feeling better. I’m so amazed that you could write this post with the symptoms of flu. With flu, I wouldn’t be able to think clearly to write like you. You put many thoughts on this post. I choose one thing, “freedom”. I think of two kinds of “freedom”, freedom as a member of the society, and freedom as only one being. Freedom and responsibility is two sides of a coin; we must practice our freedom responsibly. As to freedom as one existence, no matter how many choices we have, most of the people can’t be free, always caught in something, especially fear and worry. Why can’t we live like a tree or a flower, simply according to the Will of Nature? Happy Holiday Season and New Year to you and your family.


  11. Hello Baili, I hope that you are feeling better today. You are one of the few people who even when not feeling well can produce such an interesting and lucid discussion. As for myself, I would just rather lay down and be left alone when not feeling well.
    Thank you very much for your lovely comments on my post showing our holiday decorations. They were very much appreciated by myself and my husband. Yes, memories are the most important part of the holiday season and remembering people by the "things" that remain behind in their absence does bring some joy Christmas.
    Sending our best wishes to you and your family that the coming New year will be brighter and better for all. I know you have much to look forward to with the visit of your eldest son and that will bring you all much joy.

  12. I'm so sorry that you're not feeling well, dear friend! It is amazing how our bodies are dealing with pain and how our brain reacts to the process our bodies are fighting. I am keeping you in my prayers that you recover quickly! Sending my love to you and your family, and prayers for health and healing!

  13. HI Baili I'm afraid your post was a bit too deep for me, I couldn't quite take it all in! You have such an analytical mind and yet you also have a very creative side. I see you have flu and am so sorry (hope it's not Covid) wishing you good health and strength for 2022, thank you for your friendship on Blogland :) Betty


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