Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Pages From Book Train Your Mind Change Your Brain By Sharon Begley And Bits Of Business


I am unable to on my laptop even for a while because of recent business. We visited Sukkur city on Sunday and did some due shopping which we supposed to do in Karachi with our eldest son if he could have visit us in December. I had feeling that hubby wanted us to buy whatever we specially kids wanted to and i think it was because he wanted us to get rid from any sadness or disappointment we had because of the postponed visit by our son. We bought stuff that we needed to have particularly belong to kitchen. Boys bought few jeans and shirts. We had lunch on our fav hotel which we avoid mostly to skip eating out.Overall it was refreshing experience though we still desperately want to see our eldest son before our eyes no matter what !

My youngest son's mid term exams are about to end ,Just one paper left .He is in tenth grade . My younger son has scored 80% percent in Sat and in yearly(repeated) exams of higher secondary school and now the other tough part has began for me as mother. We are applying in different universities national and foreign countries , lets see what destiny has for him. It is long ,tiring and tough process everyday for me and my son needs my assistance not because he is less smart but he need push to move further always .We could finalize one application in three weeks almost ,but it was first ,i think others will not take as long hopefully.

Weather is still gorgeous though winter this years seems mildest ever in thirty years . The sunlight sprinkled on table beside window has soothing and delicate touch ,this takes me immediately to my native home yard where i enjoy the dancing water of memory fountain while enjoying the sunlight pouring!

I had started to read in August (probably) another book about human brain written by Sharon Begley " Train your mind Change your Brain"  i liked the text lot and it is annoying that i am unable to continue reading because of so much business .I am sharing few pages today from my previous reading  that i took screen shot for you hope you will enjoy it . 

Recent studies reveal how human brain resembles to the universe in shape and function and this makes them to think if Universe is Itself a giant Brain ?

My amazing imagination tells me to believe it because i am the one who felt the presence of mysterious energy around me that seemed to affect  my thoughts,views ,decisions and attitude throughout my life constantly from within too.

 Sky and each natural phenomena spoke to me ,i enjoyed loneliness because it gave me chance to feel closer to that comforting friendly energy. I don't know when ,how and why i started to turn my head towards sky while praying but whenever i looked up i felt my eyes were hold there by something and moving them down was not in my hands .This added more strength not just to my faith and  but empowered my self consciousness. 

So the energy pool within which we are floating can be the Brain and Mind of that divine energy which runs the show,sounds really exciting to me . If universe is trying to be conscious of itself as it's thinking part we should also try to figure out the power and mystery of our brain . Exploring our brain and mind can make it easy to solve puzzles of the universe and life .And to get better results we have to understand how for it can go .The book by Sharon deals with plasticity of human brain and how consciousness can mould physical brain astonishingly. I can relate to the topic because i know that long term meditation and yoga has transformed my brain to quite extent .

please take a look and share if you have thoughts about it too or you too felt better after some kind of mental exercise .

Thank you for bearing with me precious friends ! I really appreciate your support and kindness which encourages me speak my heart with all of you and learn what you think about things i am interested in !

Take great care and stay bless with hope which is most basic ingredient of the Faith ,it helps you to continue cooking the dish of life no matter what :)

Blessings to all of you!


  1. Retail therapy used to for me sometimes when I felt down about something. Now I don’t enjoy shopping so it doesn’t work any more. I hope you can see your eldest son soon.

  2. You are interested in expanding your soul by expanding your brain power. It is admirable. I'm glad your family had a nice trip.

  3. You are such a deep thinker! Fascinating if our brains mirror the universe in shape.

  4. I am pleased you and your family had a good trip.

    I wish you well as you are starting the University process for your youngest son.

    All the best Jan

  5. There's been much brain research and it shows some very interesting things. It certainly helps with instruction techniques.

  6. Lovely to have a family trip even though you had your eldest on your mind.
    Take care, be safe.

  7. Living life to the fullest, mainly in harsh situations, is what makes us strong, baili.

  8. The book sounds interesting, it touches on subjects I have read elsewhere but approaches them from a different angle.

    I am sorry that you are unable to meet with your eldest son at the moment.

  9. Being busy is not bad; you can distract yourself from your sadness, or feeling of missing your eldest son. Anyway, Baili, you’re such an avid reader and deep thinker. It is an interesting notion "how human brain resembles to the universe in shape and function and this makes them to think if Universe is Itself a giant Brain.” Keep reading, keep smiling, Baili.


  10. It is a good thing that you and your husband and sons could get away and while shopping doesn't make sadness go away, it was a distraction, which is good. I am always amazed, Baili, by the depth of your thoughts and feelings and must confess to not having the same levels of concentration. Thank you for sharing what you have been reading. I wish your son all the best in his mid-terms and search for a university.

  11. You always have such wonderful posts. You share the deepest parts of you and your family. Distractions from sadness.... getting it out.... releasing it from our bodies, minds and souls.

  12. There is so much in your posts that resonates with the belief that we are part of a bigger presence, cogs in a wheel, pieces in a puzzle, we operate independently but just imagine the power when we are as One. Interesting things you have been readying, Baili. I think meditation must be of great help in focusing your energy and channeling your study - I am lazy and not one who meditates, I have never made time - maybe when I retire from work I will explore this. I can imagine how huge the gap is without your oldest son at home with you :) I feel for you.

  13. Excelentes e interessantes leituras, Baili! Segundo Einstein o cérebro humano, ainda só estaria a ser utilizado em 10% da sua plena capacidade...
    Que bom, que estão passando dias felizes e que finalmente, ao fim de tanto tempo, conseguiu reunir toda a sua família, Baili!
    Beijinhos! Continuação de um bom fim de semana, e de dias bem passados e bem aproveitados!


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