Sunday, December 12, 2021

The Greater Good !

It is six pm almost .We got our electricity back just an hour ago after ten hours of disappearance . I came in from front yard after saying my evening prayer, it was cold and breezy but praying while looking at sky makes me serene so i wore my warm clothes . I did huge bundle of laundry yesterday so i am still feeling cold and exhausted. As i entered in our living room i wanted to throw my self on sofa because of dullness i am feeling right now but instead i dragged my self towards dining table and manage to sit of chair which offers straight posture which i am not in position to afford yet my wish to share with you my heart defeated my will to take rest and i am here again front of my laptop. 

I am little off today so please avoid if any mistake i make in this post. 

My eldest son called last night and spent some quality (online) time with us. I was feeling terrible before he called and within seconds i felt transformed when saw his smiling face! My tiredness and worries flew away instantly specially when he seemed happy and peaceful .

He told that the process of taking over of his company by another huge company ( one of few world's top companies) is complete almost ,the major steps particularly including decision about having employees . My son shared that he has been rehired by new company with sufficient salary incensement  and extra ordinary yearly benefits. That was such a relief to see our kid being satisfied about his job sustainability and added relief to his living!

I felt overwhelmed with the Grace of my Creator and it was hard to hide tears of gratitude . When he could not come to meet us this month we got really sad  and disappointed but once again God created good out of this situation at least for our son and rewarded him for his kindness that my son showed when he agreed to help financially to my nephew despite he had no flexible budget (my belief) .

I could not stop myself to ask him if he knew before joining about the "take over" thing he said he had no idea and even when he learned he got upset with thought of unpleasant possibilities instead. And again according to my faith i saw a miracle happening dear friends !  

Life is short and unpredictable and we have no control over things that life bring to us ,but i have discovered that real magic is only "having unshaken Faith" during difficult times and avoiding looking for short cuts or hurting others for personal advantage. If we can manage to do so Nature or Creator is always with us to adding to us from his ultimate and unlimited  strength and light! 

My son told that he will try to visit us in February  if possible , we will be praying but won't rise our hopes so high this time ,let's see what happens.

that is it for now precious people ! please stay blessed with hope that grow in the ground of faith and feed your soul with eternal peace!

Thinking all of you with heart filled with prays and best wishes guys,take great care ,blessings to all of you!


  1. I'm glad your son's job is safe and now even better than before! Good news!

  2. So happy the visit with your son, even if on line, made you feel better and that his job is secure. Have a restful, and wonderful day.

  3. What great news for your eldest son! With his job secure and better benefits, it will give him more security in his life. I hope he will be able to visit you in February!

  4. Aqui temos um ditado popular que diz que às vezes há males que vêm por bem... e como vê, Baili, depois do desapontamento sentido pelo seu filho não poder estar perto de vocês como estaria previsto, o Universo de alguma forma, parece estar a compensar tal sacrifício, com boas perspetivas profissionais, mais consolidadas para ele...
    O tempo passa rápido e em breve, Fevereiro chegará...
    Adorei a sua publicação, e senti-la menos preocupada! Um beijinho! Votos de tudo a correr pelo melhor!

  5. So happy he has been rehired as you never know with takeovers.

  6. That is great Baili - about your son and his job. Faith is an important quality to have and nurture - it's not a wish and hope that something will happen - as you know it's a knowing that God is the ever present force in the universe, Is the Universe and all within it always sending it's intelligence and perfection through everything. We only need faith to know that. You certainly have it.

  7. I am overjoyed that your son was kept by the new company. This sort of thing happens too often and people lose their jobs. Hopefully he will be able to come home in February.

  8. Great to hear good news about your son with regards to his job!
    Faith will help us in difficult times, I agree on this point, Baili.

    Have a nice week :-)

  9. So in life there's some good and bad. It's good that your son was kept during the company change. Enjoy yourself until your son visits.

  10. Is your son still in Portugal?
    My daughters will go in the next few days
    Have a blessed week

  11. Happy for you to have had that precious contact with your son. As this new variant of Covid spreads it is impacting on travel but I hope by February will be a much better picture and your son will be able to get home to you :)

  12. Ainda bem que o seu filho manteve o emprego dele. Ainda bem que você está bem. Desejo que continue a cuidar-se bem a si como todos os seu familiares.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  13. Oh Baili how wonderful and what joy to see your son with his good news. A load off your minds. He is a lucky young man. God works in mysterious ways..

  14. Dearest Baili, that is great news about your son and his job.
    I hope he will be able to come and visit you in February.

    Sending my good wishes to you.

    All the best Jan

  15. I am glad you had a happy conversation with your son. Online conversations are great if you are unable to meet in person.

    I am so happy that his job is secure and hope that he will be able to visit you in person in the New Year.

  16. The news about your son being hired by the new company and with an increase in salary and benefits goes to show, once again Baili, that good things do come to good people in time. Thank you for sharing this very good news. Even though you shared your disappointment with all of us about your son not being abl to visit as hoped for, your joy at this news was uplifting to your family and fellow bloggers.


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