Thursday, March 24, 2022

Stuff Of My Life And Some Photos By My Eldest Son


Our summer is still bearable if one is not under sun .I have started to use exhaust fan in the kitchen since two weeks and no sweat until now thankfully. Though i know extreme season is around the corner we are grateful for these mild ,breezy lush days .

Since i have eliminated rice (few months ago) ,pulses (long ago) potatoes (long ago) chicken and all friend stuff (long gone) from my diet i am feeling quite better and light . I don't know it is for all or for me that rice seems to make me fat and my mind blur so good bye to rice too. It is so nice to feel that constant practice of yoga and meditation has made me more aware what food is not welcomed by my body anymore . Hubby and me are happier to be vegetarian ,loving it actually ,Today i made onion ,tomato and gourd .Usually i fry gourd separate and the add to other cooked ingredients as final addition and cook for few more minutes but to avoid the much oil i tried it differently ,i boiled the gourds (for the first time in my life) and then added and dish was appreciated by hubby so much ,i too find it so tasty as i was worried before that boiled gourd will loose their taste , i decided to keep it this way in future. I realized that since i reduced many things including oil consumption tea tastes better but can't think how and why ?

 Clear mind means less chance to make mistakes and always ready to learn more. I wanted to read Philip Goff 's consciousness and Fundamental Reality but could not found it online unfortunately .So meanwhile  i am reading Sharon's Train your Mind Change Your Brain  ,To the Light House by Virginia Wolf and I Used To Be Stupid by Joe haggy needless to say that former is beautiful novel and later is a biographic read with delightful touch of humor.

I  am able to find bit more time for reading and this is because of my eldest son who (by the grace of God) has liberated me  from doing loads of laundry every few days  of the week  that would make me feel feverish for next few days .As mother i owe him this comfort and freedom but i can only repay this with countless prays my heart says for him along for all other children who care for their parents in such way! My Son has also paid remaining half instalments of the plot hubby had bought last year. He too  is so proud and grateful for such kind son ! God is so kind indeed!

In last two weeks we attended two wedding ceremonies ,one in the city and other in another town  far away . Motorcycle ride is pleasant and fun until season is mild so we chose to go there but as we age we find it difficult  to stay on motor bike for longer than one hour so it took two days almost to recover from physical tiredness mostly because of bumpy road .

I want to thank you all for taking your precious time and reading my simple posts  and i want to thank you all for the kind and uplifting comments always ! Your kindness is my strength, i feel lucky to have you all as blogging friends though i feel so close and not separated at all as you all stay in my thoughts and  prayers always!

Sharing some photos that my eldest son shared on request ,hope you will like them . 

could not ask the name of the place where my son went to visit with group friends whom he found online through "meet up" i think 

i found this structure very interesting ,i wish i can know what is this place ,may be next week when my son will contact on weekend 

i like the way such sites help people to find people who share common hobbies or interests ,my son is new in the London city and has only office friends ,i am happy  he can find such active company to spend his week ends ,he likes being outdoor more and that is satisfaction for me as mother .

 One of my son's friend is staying in London for a month so they try to spend weekends together by visiting different places such as this ,i think it is park or lawn of some museum (guess only)

This pretty young lady is Sandheya ,She is among those close friends who went to Germany after one another and completed their education and then started job , She is such a sweet and kindred  spirit and cares for all she know which is special gift for sure .Sandheya is fond of traveling and she aims to travel  so many countries ,she lived in America and France previously and now she will be going to spend her next month in Turkey and all by herself which is amazing !
Here they both went to attend some kind of stage show probably in London city.

                        my son likes sunny days most and this seems a gorgeous day worth outing 

whenever i ask my son to send his apartment pics he says okay but let me decorate it little bit ,i think he sent this one by mistake and i am publishing it today  lol .he has nice cozy place by the kindness of God ! he showed he new huge tv last week that he said is necessary for socialization specially if  his all friends will visit him at once from Germany ( which is most probable ) tv will help ,though personally he likes to travel countryside but for this he has to complete his driving classes first which can take few months .

Life is full of surprises and when we have a pleasant one it makes me feel gratefulness seeping into my bones !
May everyone has all the blessings in life and share it further who still in "wait" amen! 
Please keep smiling as it is an obvious sign of gratitude !
God Bless You All !

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Mindfulness And Cure For Depression ,Pages from Sharon Begley's Book Train Your Mind Change You Brain

 Quieting the OCD Circuit ,

As discussed in the two preceding chapters, scientists were piling up examples of how sensory input—signals carried into the brain from the outside world— can alter the structure of the adult human brain. Thanks to neuroplasticity, the fingering digits to expand, and the extra sensory input a stroke patient experiences in constraint-induced movement therapy causes the brain’s representation of the injured arm and hand to move to healthy tissue. Thanks to neuroplasticity, depriving the visual cortex of visual signals causes it to seek other employment opportunities, such as handling sounds or touch or even language. All of these changes arose from the world outside the brain. Neuropsychiatrist Jeffrey Schwartz of the University of California–Los Angeles suspected that signals capable of changing the brain could arrive not only from the outside world through the senses. They could come from the mind itself. Schwartz and colleague Lewis Baxter had launched a behavior-therapy group to study and treat obsessive-compulsive disorder. In this neuropsychiatric disease, patients are barraged by upsetting, intrusive, unwanted thoughts (obsessions) that trigger intense urges to perform ritualistic behaviors (compulsions). Depending on the patient, the compulsion can be to wash hands, to check door locks or stove burners, to count stop signs or windows or blackbirds or anything else on which he or she has fixated. Together, the obsessions and compulsions can become all-consuming, making leaving the house, holding a job, or forming meaningful relationships just about impossible. Oddly, however, in all but the most severe cases, the intrusive thoughts and fixations feel as if they are arising from a part of the mind that is not the real you. Sufferers describe feeling as if a hijacker has taken over their brain’s controls. As a result, OCD patients who feel compelled to wash their hands know full well that their hands are not dirty; those who feel compelled to dash home to check that the front door is locked know that it is securely bolted. OCD has a lifetime prevalence of 2 to 3 percent. In round numbers, it affects an estimated 1 person in 40, or more than 67 million Americans, typically striking in adolescence or early adulthood and showing no marked preference for males or females. According to brain-imaging studies, OCD is characterized by hyperactivity in two regions: the orbital frontal cortex and the striatum. The main job of the orbital frontal cortex, which is tucked into the underside of the front of the brain, seems to be to notice when something is amiss. It is the brain’s error detector, its neurological spell-checker. When overactive, as in OCD patients, it fires repeatedly, bombarding the rest of the brain with the crushing feeling that something is wrong. The second overactive structure, the striatum, is nestled deep in the core of the brain just forward of the ears. It receives inputs from other regions, including the orbital frontal cortex and the amygdalae, twin structures that are the seat of fear and dread. Together, the circuit linking the orbital frontal cortex and striatum has been dubbed “the worry circuit” or “the OCD circuit.” Until the mid-1960s, psychiatrists thought of OCD as “treatment intractable.” They tried all sorts of therapies, from electroshock and brain surgery to drugs and lie-on-the-couch talk therapy. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, however, psychiatrists noticed that when OCD patients who were also suffering from depression took the tricyclic antidepressant clomipramine, some experienced relief from one or more of their OCD symptoms. Newer antidepressants, including Prozac, Paxil, and Zoloft, also help some patients: about 60 percent respond at least a little, and among these responders, there is a 30 to 40 percent reduction in symptoms, measured by how often the patient feels an urge to carry out a compulsion. But with some 40 percent of patients not helped at all, and with those who are helped left with 60 percent of their symptoms, there is clearly room for improvement. At about the same time that researchers found that antidepressants helped some OCD patients, a British psychologist working in a London psychiatric ward began to develop what would become the first effective behavioral therapy for the disease. In what he called “exposure and response prevention,” or ERP, Victor Meyer had patients face their fears. He first exposed them to the “trigger” of their obsessive thoughts. For instance, he would have a patient who was convinced the world is covered with germs touch all the doorknobs in a public building but would not let her wash her hands afterward (the “prevention” part of ERP can be anything from gentle coercion to physical restraint). Although Meyer reported improvement in his patients, a number of them—estimates run from 10 percent to 30 percent—are so distressed by the treatment they never complete it and never improve. By the late 1980s, UCLA’s Schwartz had another objection to ERP: its cruelty. “I just couldn’t see myself hauling patients to a public restroom, forcing them to wipe their hands all over the toilet seats, and then preventing them from washing,” he recalls. As he cast about for alternatives that were both more humane and more effective, Schwartz, a practicing Buddhist, became intrigued

with the therapeutic potential of mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness, or

mindful awareness, is the practice of observing one’s inner experiences in a way

that is fully aware but nonjudgmental. You stand outside your own mind,

observing the spontaneous thoughts and feelings that the brain throws up,

observing all this as if it were happening to someone else. In The Heart of

Buddhist Meditation, the German-born Buddhist monk Nyanaponika Thera

described it as “the clear and single-minded awareness of what actually happens

to us and in us, at the successive moments of perception. It … attends just to the

bare facts of a perception as presented either through the five physical senses or

through the mind … without reacting to them by deed, speech or by mental

comment which may be one of self-reference (like, dislike, etc.), judgment or


Schwartz decided to see if mindfulness could help his OCD patients. He had

two goals for them: to experience an OCD symptom without reacting

emotionally and to realize that the feeling that something is amiss is just the

manifestation of a wiring defect in the brain—overactivity in the OCD circuit.

Mindfulness practice, he thought, might make OCD patients aware of the true

nature of their obsessions and therefore better able to focus their attention away

from them. “It seemed worth investigating whether learning to observe your

sensations and thoughts with the calm clarity of an external witness could

strengthen the capacity to resist the insistent thoughts of OCD,” says Schwartz.

“I felt that if I could get patients to experience the OCD symptom without

reacting emotionally to the discomfort it caused, realizing instead that even the

most visceral OCD urge is actually no more than the manifestation of a brain

wiring defect that has no reality in itself, it might be tremendously therapeutic.”

If so, then mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, in which patients learn to think

about their thoughts differently, might succeed where drugs, plain-vanilla

cognitive therapy, and exposure and response prevention had failed.

The mental note-taking central to mindfulness would go something like this.

When an obsessive thought popped up, the patient would think, “My brain is

generating another obsessive thought. Don’t I know it is not real but just some

garbage thrown up by a faulty circuit?” He would think, that’s not really an urge

to wash; that’s a brain-wiring problem.

In 1987, Schwartz launched a group-therapy session in conjunction with an

ongoing study of OCD’s underlying brain abnormalities. Patients came in for

therapy, and scientists tracked their progress using the brain-imaging technique

positron-emission tomography (PET). Schwartz began showing patients their

PET scans, to emphasize that their symptoms arose from a faulty neurological circuit. One patient got it right away: “It’s not me, it’s my OCD!” she exclaimed one day. Soon other patients, too, saw that their obsessions and compulsions were not really “them” but were instead the electronic detritus of brain circuitry. Schwartz wondered, could getting patients to respond in a new way to the obsessive thoughts characteristic of their OCD actually change their brains? He therefore taught patients to use mindfulness to sharpen awareness of the fact that they do not truly believe that they left the stove on or that their hands need washing. Instead, he said, tell yourself you are just experiencing the arrival of an obsessive thought. Start saying to yourself, this thing that feels like an urge to check is in reality just a brain-wiring problem.That hunch was based on the fact that cognitive therapy is, in essence, a form

of mental training. It teaches patients a different way of approaching their

thoughts. In the case of depression, those thoughts are, all too often, sad, glum,

bleak, or otherwise “dysphoric.” Everyone gets those thoughts now and then, of

course. What’s different in patients with depression is that the thought tips them

over the emotional edge into an abyss of negative, hopeless thinking powerful

and sustained enough to trigger a full-blown episode of (typically) months-long

depression. A setback at work or a romantic rejection escalates to “Nothing will

ever go right for me; life is hopeless, and I will always be a complete loser.” As

described above, cognitive therapy teaches patients to think about these

triggering thoughts and feelings so they do not bring on a cascade of depression-triggering thoughts and major depression itself but instead become “short-lived and self-limiting,” as John Teasdale of the University of Cambridge, England, suggested.

So he made people sad. By then head of the Cognitive behavior Therapy clinic at the Center for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, he recruited thirty-four people who had been successfully treated for depression within the previous twenty-four months. To induce sadness, he had two surefire methods: asking the volunteers to think about a time when they felt sad and having them listen to Prokofiev’s Russia under the Mongolian Yoke. Played at half-speed, Segal says, it induces five to ten minutes of deep sadness as reliably as Beth’s death scene in Little Women. Once the volunteers were feeling blue, Segal asked them to indicate how much they agreed or disagreed with statements such as “If I fail at my work, then I am a failure as a person,” “If someone disagrees with me, it probably indicates he does not like me,” “If I don’t set the highest standards for myself, I am likely to end up as a second-rate person”—all known to reveal whether someone holds attitudes that make him vulnerable to depressive relapse. Segal found that when people had been made melancholic by remembering a sad episode in their lives or listening to the brooding Slavic melody, they were much more likely to hold these attitudes. “The experience of depression can establish strong links in the mind between sad moods and ideas of hopelessness and inadequacy,” he says. “Through repeated use, this becomes the default option for the mind: it’s like mental kindling. Even among recovered depressed patients, the degree to which sad moods ‘switch on’ these attitudes is a significant predictor of whether the patient will relapse eighteen months later.” In some people, sad thoughts unleash beliefs that put them at risk for depression..

What these patients needed, he realized, was a different way to relate to the inevitable sadness everyone experiences at one time or another, a way that would not let a passing sense of unhappiness (from schmaltzy music, no less) send them tumbling down the rabbit hole of depression. And for that, they needed to forge new neuronal connections.

Mindfulness and Depression,

 In 1992, Segal met with Cambridge’s John Teasdale and Mark Williams to turn his theory of depressive relapse—that people who hold despairing attitudes are more vulnerable to falling back into depression as a result of minor setbacks—

into a treatment. Teasdale, who had been practicing mindfulness meditation for a

number of years, had been learning about a mindfulness program developed by

Jon Kabat-Zinn of the University of Massachusetts, a longtime participant in the

Mind and Life Institute’s meetings with the Dalai Lama. Although Kabat-Zinn

used it mostly for stress reduction, Teasdale saw other possibilities: to harness

the power of the mind to treat depression. He suspected that patients might

escape repeated descents into clinical depression if they learned to regard

depressive thoughts “simply as events in the mind,” as he put it. The key would

be to help patients become aware of their thoughts and relate to them as merely

brain events rather than as absolute truths. Instead of letting a bleak experience

or thought kindle another episode of depression as predictably as a spark ignites

a fire in bone-dry kindling, instead of allowing their feeling to drag them down

into the pit of depression, patients would learn to respond with “Thoughts are not

facts” or “I can watch this thought come and go without having to respond to it.”

That, Teasdale suspected, might break the connection the brain made between

momentary unhappy thoughts and the memories, associations, and patterns of

thinking that inflate sadness into depression. It would be like putting a wall of

asbestos between the spark and the kindling. It would be, literally, rewiring the


The program the scientists developed, called mindfulness-based cognitive

therapy, consisted of eight weekly individual sessions, each lasting two hours.

Using the mindfulness training pioneered by Kabat-Zinn, the patients steered

their attention to one region of the body after another, trying to focus intently on

the sensations their hand, knee, foot was feeling at that moment. They then

learned to focus on their breathing. If their mind wandered, they were to

acknowledge it with “friendly awareness”—not frustration or anger—and focus

once again on the breath, which served as a magnet pulling them back to mindful

awareness of the moment. The patients also practiced at home, trying to notice

their thoughts impartially rather than reacting to them, and regarding their

feelings and thoughts (especially the bleak, despairing ones) as merely transient

mental events that happen to “come and go through the mind” and that are no

more significant than a butterfly floating into your field of vision. Most crucially,

they kept telling themselves that the thoughts did not reflect reality.

n 2004, Teasdale and his colleague Helen Ma replicated the findings,

showing again that mindfulness-based cognitive therapy reduced relapse. This

time, in a study of fifty-five patients, they found that for patients with three or

more episodes of major depression, the rate of relapse fell from 78 percent in the

treatment-as-usual group to 36 percent in the mindfulness-based cognitive

therapy group. “Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy,” they concluded, “is an

effective and efficient way to prevent relapse/recurrence in recovered depressed

patients with three or more previous episodes.” Or as Segal put it, “There are

modes of thinking which are more easily triggered the more they’re accessed.

Mindfulness works to keep you from triggering the depression network.” By

monitoring their own thoughts, patients who practice mindfulness are able to

keep the dysfunctional products of their mind from cascading into full-blown


You don’t have to believe in any spooky power of mind over brain to guess

what might be happening in these patients. Somehow, mental training was

altering brain circuits, in what we might call top-down plasticity, since it

originates in the brain’s cognitive processes. (“Bottom-up” plasticity is the kind

that arises when plain old sensory inputs resculpt the brain, as they do when

dyslexic children hear specially crafted sounds or lab monkeys carry out a

repetitive finger motion.) Brain-imaging technology would show precisely how mindfulness meditation was training the mind to alter brain circuitry.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Existing Within The Sandwich


It happens so often that it feels hard to focus on things we tend to do. 

Some years back i might have had no clue why but gradually i realized that like everything else we also are bundle of energy. I mean we all know that universe itself  is all about energy and it's various forms. Universe is made up of  few fundamental elements which further forms numerous kind of stuff by uniting and disuniting in complex way and We too are result of some of such long process.

So we humans too are form of energy with exceptional ability to have command over the energy we are made up of. That command is gifted through some extraordinary power produced in our brain in the form of "thoughts" 

There are two different opinion about what "thought" is . According neuroscientists thoughts are chemical reaction of human brain though  philosopher separate thoughts from typical reactions of the brain in daily life. They say human mind is different than brain and is governed by some super natural power. But  Unlike scientists Philosophers cannot prove their point of view . Though which ever side we believe truth remains undeniable that " thought" is form of Energy whether produced as brain's chemical reaction or lit by some divine  natural power.

Best about this is that it is in our hands ( determination, will power, constant struggle) to compose this energy and make it stronger to deal with life issues.

But what if  we would have got this energy in composed and stronger shape already ?

It enthralls me to think about the world where everyone is living with |" perfect and well arranged thinking program" and  when actions produced through such perfect and flawless thought system are applied in everyday life ,it makes world a heaven for all inhabitants equally. But we are not given heaven but duty to make one by using this mental energy in right direction. 

If two and two make four ,hydrogen and oxygen make water and so on why our "mental energy "  cannot be defined in such perfect term? ?

Why it is just raw and random thoughts springing in a brain as chemical  reactions ?

Is our brain is bound to react only ? or it has some phenomena inside which always desperate  to manifest it's intrinsic nature no matter what .

 Sometimes i think that our mental energy is springing randomly in our head because of the Dark energy that try to make objects  (including our mental energy) haste( expand quickly) rather than slow down .

It feels that we are in state of war against dark energy and this is because we are part of universe and bond to behave similarly.

Whoever put us in this War want us to fight it from first conscious breath to till last breath ,Why ? how can i tell.

I can speak what i feel only .And i feel that Nature has put us in this war for some reason .

Instead giving us one strong well composed robe of "thought system"( like perfect computer program)  whom we "on"  and press button to  find immediate solution Nature has given us raw random amount of mental energy like clay to potter .By giving us complete command over this "energy" nature want us to shape our lives according to our own will .And good or bad we do so.

When we try to concentrate on something we need our mental energy to be composed and come forward as bright light so we can see and understand what we want to. It is not easy most of the times. When we try to focus our brain seems to resist , dims and shut down totally sometimes. 

Rising against strong push of Dark energy is ,hard ,harder ,hardest yet possible .

Therefore we are here obviously trying to manage our survival within the sandwich .Yes Sandwich .

What i mentioned until now is only one side of the war where dark energy is whooshing us away ,On the other side gravity is desperate to bind us into uniformity .

 Moral of the story is probably that "when you have to fight from many sides ,only One thing can save you and it is your "strongest ,deepest focus " that can Compose your random mental energy into one "hardest weapon" which is able to defeat multiple attacks from various directions .

We see humans  "mental energy" is most miraculous thing among all others in the universe and can do wonders if even a little focused. It's invisible and undetectable properties seem something beyond our ordinary comprehension and this is why it's ability to become an Exceptional power seems ever extending probably. 

Imagine your brain is like one huge dark ,closed classroom where millions and billions of children are screaming and shouting . What will you do?

Of course you cannot reach to each and ask to keep quiet at once. You will open the door and windows so air and light can come through and children can feel better and calm though not serene completely and their noise and demands can start any time once again. the moment they are calm because of the breeze and light you let into the room ,can be perfect time you can understand their unrest and sooth them further by visiting as much as possible, while  handing them over a paper of "reason" 

It can take so long to receive answer from" all " but once they are tamed with writing down their demands calmly on the paper of "Reason" their protest and aggression can be reduced gradually . Spending some time in this classroom can save you from so many distractions and complexities in life .

I think victory in this war is not our target ,it is only survival and in a better way . Good and better vary for person to person but i believe that we all have come to existence with certain alarm system that inform us about it honestly whether we listen or not .

Thank you for bearing with me dear Friends .

wishing you all health ,peace and happiness in life amen!


Thursday, March 10, 2022

Galileo"s Error By Philip Goff

i just finished Galileo's Error . It left me with unique joy that i felt while reading it .It had all i wanted to know i mean quite most of it. I am happy that i belong to era when science is taking  new turn towards consciousness of  the universe .
Philip Goff did a great job by joining dots of previous philosophical and scientific theories and works  on the subject and then he put his own  opinion alongside carefully by comparing other  aspects of  contemporaries. I enjoyed the each bit of this book and i think you will either if you are interested in knowing how Philip reveals the hidden part of Nature that despite of being presented before our eyes is neglected until now.

When we look at different things in Nature and say they speak to us we don't realize what we felt actually and how "consciousness" soaked in the  Nature tried to attract our attention in order to register Her presence. There must have been someone who not just has eye to observe it but power to think about it , insight to write about it and courage to share about it through books and articles. Not everyone would show such dare as none of us want to be ridiculed by others.

We all know that whenever something unique  comes to a sole mind for the first time it is  hard always to say it in a perfect way because Nature  process her works gradually through us like everything within her and it take us centuries to take it from that single raw idea to it's developed form that can be presented front of others as "theory or hypothesis.

Philip shares in the beginning that that according to Galileo to understand  physical world  mathematical language is the only way and conscious remains mystery in his theory that is put aside until someone else discover it. All scientific research going under the influence of Einstein's general relativity tell us only " what matter does" but what are these particles and why certain particles behave in certain way science does not explain it at all.

All scientific discoveries reveal "functions" but not those who do this function ,therefore we must expect that our knowledge about universe is incomplete and fails when it come to define 
"intrinsic  nature " of matter .

There are few theories developed about consciousness such as Naturalistic dualism who divide nature into two  distinct categories "physical objects and their mathematical properties" and "incorporeal minds  with consciousness" later is beyond scientific understanding though they do not think of mind as mystery but part of the natural order . Second theory is "Materialism" Such theorists deny that consciousness is a "real phenomena and sits in the physical explanation" they think consciousness is nothing but an illusion. 

Third theory is Panpsychism ,pansychists believe that "consciousness is a fundamental  and ubiquitous part of the physical world. 
To understand what is right solution we have to understand deeply what the problem is ,this way we can bring consciousness into the business of science once again for further investigation .
Philip shares that according to desecrates early idea of consciousness "mind is better known then body because even when you don't know you have a body you know you exist as a conscious being ". Though dualists take this idea far still there is a limit and they are unable to prove the "area of interaction between immaterial  mind and physical body.
 If we listen to Hume (1711-1776) he declared that we cannot explain any of the fundamental casual relationship of the universe ,we find dualism out of the race already.

In materialism  Physical science tries to give purely Objective characterization of reality that can be grasped by anybody regardless of his or her perspective ,we find no Subjective qualities such as redness of red experience ,feelings of itch ,taste of biting chocolate in this description so materialism has failed to define the whole  image of Reality  as well.

Panpsychism is a view that consciousness is fundamental and ever present part of physical reality ,Pan mean everything and psyche mean mind ,everything has mind. pansychists put it this way that in human being consciousness is sophisticated thing ,involving subtle and complex emotions ,thoughts and sensory experiences. But there seems  nothing wrong to think that Consciousness might exist in every simple  form ,like conscious experience of a horse is much less complex than a human being , and experience of a chicken is less complex than those of a horse .
As Organisms become simpler perhaps at some point the light of consciousness suddenly switches off  ,with simpler organisms having no experience at all. But it is also possible ,
" light of consciousness never switches off entirely ,but fades as organisms complexity reduces ,through flies , insects ,plants ,bacteria and ameba. For the pansychists this fading while never turning off continuum further extends into inorganic matter with fundamental physical entities perhaps quarks ,electrons possessing extremely rudimentary forms of consciousness to express their extremely simple nature .
What physical science tell us it is about the "stuff  and it's relationship  to other  particles ,fields and spacetime but no light on the "intrinsic nature " of these entities .  
Philip has quoted many philosophers  in favor of panpsychism i liked Stephen Hawking's words from his book A brief History Of Time ,  even if there is just a set of rules and equations ,What is it that breathes fire into the equations and makes a universe for them to describe ?
According to pioneer pansychist Eddington " we have dismissed all preconception as to the background of the pointer reading on our measuring instruments, and for the most we can discover nothing as to it's nature,But   in one case namely ,for the pointer reading of my own brain -i have an insight  which is not limited to the evidence of pointer readings . That insight shows they are attached to a background of consciousness ".
So for Eddington it is intrinsic nature of matter made up  forms of consciousness  that breathes fire into equations .

The emergentist panpsychist try to solve the sum of consciousness not by how lots of little conscious entities "add up" to a big consciousness but rather they try to discover the basic principles of nature which give rise to "emergent wholes"that is to say complex systems that are more than sum of their parts .

While typing this i have my kindle near my laptop .I am carefully reading what can i pick up from this amazing read to share with you ,everything seems so intriguing and very important to share but it will make post so long and thought that this can bore or irritate some of you is stopping me to do so.

Philip Goff has filled all acquired areas for this topic so beautifully which leave no sense of misunderstanding or not comprehending his point of view .

He shared some recent research by other scientists who believe share his opinion. According to certain experiments scientists has proved that just like animals trees and plants also have consciousness . Suzanne 's research in plant communication brought some extraordinary results.
By injecting trees with isotope Suzanne showed that there is beneath our feet is a complex web of communication between trees which happens through mycorrhiza structures which connects trees to other trees via fungi .these trees and fungi enjoy a quid pro quo relationship and deliver carbon to the fungi which deliver it further to other trees.Unlike humans there is no prejudice in tree community and they send carbon to across species .Like humans trees do exhibit preferential treatment  for their on young .Trees at the center of the network give not only greater amount of carbon to their kin butalso send them defense signals which can increase by a factor of four young trees survival chances., from this we learn that like humans plants also communicate ,learn and remember .

Dear friends i hope you enjoyed peek inside the new concept of science regarding "consciousness" 

As i mentioned so many times before that here in this universe where ever we see nothing looks random or without reason ,and this is biggest proof of this reality i think that whoever has made and developed this scenario has done this for purpose .He has permeated "light" of His own self "that we call consciousness"  in the very nature of everything so without coming into our notice he can support us to be what we want to with responsibility of bearing consequences of our decisions . Creation reveals their Creator and each creation we find here seems flawless with may be in raw physical shape yet with complete meaning and purpose of it's being. Denying Creator force and His wisdom will be like we are avoiding sun by putting head under sand or covering eyes with hand.
That is all for now .
thank you for reading, see you soon !
God Bless You All!

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Happy Woman's Day And Flowers

Happy Women's Day to all my female and male friends !

Hope not bothered with my women's day greetings for my male friends as we all know including male themselves that all the warmth and beauty of their life is possible because of women they had and have so far :)

If my eldest son would have not sent me Happy Women's day message i could have not remember honestly . I want to thank him for his sweetness as i know how his days are tightly packed with business and yet he remembered and greeted. I can only imagine how fortunate will be the girl who will accompany him in the journey of life :)

I don't mind if you will call me feminist as i think this is the only(hopefully) bad (in terms to be racist i mean) habit that i could not quit until now. 

As teenager (mid teens) i wanted to own separate planet  where i can inhabit all female creatures .Though later when i mentioned this to hubby he laughed loud and said then all women will consider you as enemy ,i still wonder why ?

I love woman most probably i  had one of the finest woman as mother to whom i owe my life i have today. When i rethink my past i shiver with fear what could have be done with my life if i did not had my mom . Specially despite of being  uneducated the way she could understand  the importance of education for her daughters .The way she stood for our education before her elder brothers who had strong influence in the village particularly in family ,did labor in fields or sold sometimes expensive utensils bought in good times  (when health did not allow her to work).And how she stopped my elder brother to marry us to our uneducated and spoiled cousins .I think a  Mother reflects Creator who placed  her in the world to do his most delicate and most beautiful job. I know once i started to write about my mother this post will look like happy mother's day post so i try to put dam front of my emotions .

I love women most probably because i have bit a poet's heart who is known for having special admiration for beauty and delicacy though my appreciation is mingled with deep sense of respect and care that i feel for women as gender and they play various rolls (under the pressure  and threat sometimes ) in society and still  empower their male characters with great  support . 

I treasure courage of women belong to restricted parts of the world specially who never give up  their fight against suppression and harassment and always try to rise from ashes when pushed by fire of negative circumstances .

I believe that if remove women from the map of  life scenario will resemble to a garden from where all the flowers are plucked away and plants remained in the garden are just physical part of  the view  whereas "soul" has disappeared completely !  

Aristotle  defined  woman as weaker part of substance that could not achieved the higher form to be a man . But i can't agree to this because i think like everything else woman was created for Reason. We can see how this so called weaker part of substance provides Strength and glory to so called stronger part of the substance throughout the world. Woman surely is soul part of existence where men are "mass" power mostly. Both are interdependent because this was the part of Nature's plan (believe it or not) . Nature's most interest seems in "family unit "and to raise a family Nature needed partner slightly weak physically yet more enlightened spiritually so can feel forced to stay with children and infuse wisdom in them. How this physical weakness was taken as granted and manipulated by males in all levels of society  is obvious. Nature 's plan is forever and perfect because physical strength can be gained  later through practicing various physical exercises ( if one want to)but upbringing of their children is not something to build  later. This is huge topic so i will stop here dear Friends!

I am thoroughly enjoying the Galileo's Error by Philip Goff ,yesterday i closed it on eightieth page ,truly a gift for me !

Sharing some more flower form my front yard ,hope you will enjoy the delight.

Keep spreading your light precious souls as we all need light badly so it can enlighten our inner world.

God Bless You All! 

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Respond To Karen 's Comment On Previous Post "soul desire" Why I Think The Way I Do ?

 dear Karen thank you for beautiful comment 

reading that you too could not attend collage made my eyes teary slightly ,knowing such courageous and insightful people pleases me more who did not give up learning even though they could not pursue it academically but they kept finding ways to learn whatever they loved to learn about . the strength of desire ,determination and will power plays indeed an essential role in this .

as far as the learning or source of learning is concerned since my early teens  i was always fascinated by things around me like natural phenomena or vibrance of life ,  i felt so compelled to stare at things for hours may be in order to feel the power behind them that made them the way they appeared . now at this stage of life i know that it was firm belief  hidden in my genes soaked by my genuine faith one i born with that there was something going behind the scene and it seemed that my mind was programmed to sense it or explore it and match it with my faith in divine force that is governing this universe and life within it , my faith in the "oneness" of all things grew gradually when each time when i learnt something new and it was matched with my own thoughts strikingly ,with my constant observations  i was  kind of sure since beginning that everything in this world has reason to exist and this reason  is supporting others things somehow  . From that understanding i realized that from tiniest to largest all things have purpose and their purpose somehow appears to "serve us the thinking part of  universe " 

What inspired me from the Philip Goff 's ides is his  insightfulness he shares regarding  human consciousness . He put it with exceptional details how divine intelligence is permeated into the whole universe and therefore we have inherited it as fundamental quality from universe . i did not reach on pages where he will discuss that basic particles  might have simplest form of consciousness.

I feel agree to this point  because i already believe that all things in things in this universe are serving their higher form "humans" that we see happens here in this world most often too.

Why the manipulation of some  fundamental elements  is responsible  for creating numerous things we find in this world  ?

Why it is possible that everything we need whether in far past or farther future  is already waiting for us to be discovered and utilized  by us ?

If universe happened randomly and bears random stuff and  happening why still it seems well unified and quite arranged over all when we seek for help?  and why the help is always available eventually ???

Why non living things decay after certain time ? because they have age too and age comes with life isn't it ? 

If decaying and dying is the part of existence process than Universe has age too ,it was born as baby and getting old and old with time ,it's objects smaller or larger are getting apart slowly why?

Why the formation of universe looks reasonable to observable eye ? 

We as humans are Brain of this whole phenomena and universe thinks through us mostly because we are best of her most probably  . We know so little and for learning the whole knowledge is certainly an impossible thing for short lived creature like human . 

Has therefore universe already has installed intelligence and wisdom within us to identify and understand her  secrets ?.

 And Is this understanding is possible only through physical brain or studies of physical brain ? 

 It is not ,But  by the "consciousness " because it belongs to whole divine intelligence of universe itself or to one who created it and we know that "everything moves back to it's Origin .

Science explains nicely how basic particles behave through their charge but why they behave this way or any way ? and where is the randomness in their behavior if they they result in something useful each time they transform ? 

I have to say what i feel because i  don't know how much life i have ahead and if yes will i will be in position to learn more enough to feel now i can speak my mind ,i don't know this either so let me share what i know at this moment and let me looking for more if i have way ahead .

take great care precious friends!

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