Sunday, April 12, 2020

Sense Of Humor

Where  i  belonged  laughing  was  bad  for  girls ,specially laughing aloud was forbidden for young  girls so  people  who  would come  to  ask for  their  hand  cannot  find any objection  in  their  behavior .

Fortunately unlike  others my  family was  different . Despite  of  all  opposition between  my  parents  there were  certain times  when  they  brought  out  their  lighter, happier  side  out  and  shared  laughter with  us .Those  are  treasured memories and i am proud to have them. When  such  fun times happened   we  felt  better and  peaceful as daughters . All is  fine  between  parents  matters  is most to  kids no matter  which  age group  they belong i believe .

Both of my parents had good sense of humor .Specially  my  father  would  bring  out funny aspect  out of serious words or sentences which will make us laugh at sudden for long.We  inherited  it from them more or less though ,but  most  of it was  added  in my younger sister .

She was popular for her humorous  conversations and discussions  among  her  girlfriends.She had skill to turn  tense environment into light and chilled  one with her  words and laughter. I  remember how she would  distract mom  from actual topic when she would make some serious mistake or mess . She  would expertly  start  with  joke or funny story about someone and make mom would forget  why she was upset or angry and smile eventually. It  would  save her from punishment  often .I  was  far  away from such  insight.

Those  are  treasured memories and i am proud to have them. When  such  fun times happened   we  felt  better as daughters . All is  fine  between  parents  matters  most to  kids no matter  which  age group  they belong i believe .

There  were few characters back during  my village life  who  still twinkle like pearls  in my memory box .I grew  up  seeing  them  how amazingly  they enlighten  dark times  and unburdened  heavy hearts when life  felt more like test . They had gift. Those were women  who led simple life loaded with common problems  and limited knowledge but  still they  had power to inspire  with  their  cheerfulness and optimism . 

One  of them  was patient of epilepsy. She had seven kids  and unfortunately a lazy husband  who would hardly support his family. Still she  was  active and one of the best social person in the village. She  would  keep  collection of money which group of women would give monthly so there a handsome amount of money could be gathered and  was given  to one of participant  each month. I don't know it happens in your part of land or not but it was and is a popular way to make small life improvement specially in lower middle class and middle class.
She would keep money and she was wise enough to lend part of it to other needy . She would attend each big or small event and visit each home almost daily. Everyone would trust her and many would prefer her suggestions while deciding something important in their life. Masi Bibi Jan was  a social worker of our tiny village.

But what made her unforgettable was her funny side . During celebrations she would mimic famous comedy actors . Specially when she would mimic to live characters from the village everybody  would seem  as will fell from chair with laughter .

Events will pass but her performances would remain center of  conversation for months . Nobody could say that energetic middle aged lady was ill or  stuck in so many issues of her private life. She  had magic to turn bitterness of her life into sweet cherishing smiles and make people around her feel better .That charity  of love and kindness was rewarded by Lord so she surpassed all the obstacles bravely and touched many hearts.

Today  when  i  was reading an article about humor she was the first came to my mind.

I had read many established writers from my school library.I was one of those students who never stopped borrowing books from library . My favorite books were that had tone of humor .Luckily i read writers who were famous for their humorous and ironic writing. They  had privilege to say bitter things with coating of sweetness .That was remarkable and wonderful art. Humor inspires me  and i found people fascinating who have ability to touch hearts without breaking them . 

I  am not good at it but i can understand humor quickly which makes me enjoy stuff which many people i met seem unable to get and sees if  there is something wrong with me. If i had to watch  such shows or movie with such person who is not catching the humor laying under neath made me feel guilty sometimes.

I  love witty type of humor  not superficial kind .I think very healthy brains produce humor .Somehow they are blessed with sixth or may be seventh sense that gives them exit from all kind of walls and frustration . Or may be they have ability to live multi dimensional life ,so each time when they feel congested they can jump to another to feel better .

I  think like all other fine arts that spring from fertile minds humor is also a form of art. Unknowingly it can influence  and effect people's  behavior  and life to great extent.It  is not necessary that every person  with good sense of humor can write a book but it is obvious that life is lot  easier and happier where lives and people around him are happy to have him.And i am saying this due to personal experience .In early  years of my marriage  many times possible  wars (between us) turned into embarrassing smiles and then  apology (from me) And it happened because of Hubby's sense of humor. I   took  time  to  develop mine though :)

Can  you think of world without sense of humor ?
Were you popular for you sense of humor ?
Do you have memory of someone special with brilliant sense of humor ?


  1. Like the old saying goes, "Laughter is the best medicine." Laughter and humour make life so much fuller, easier and fun!

  2. Really nice post Baili.

    It is really good that your parents did not push the no humor in girls stuff. Humor is so important and it is good not to lose site of that.

  3. Sense of humour is always under the surface (mine is what they call 'dry humour') sounds like you had great parents who knew how to let everyone have fun without stepping outside the cultural boundaries. Glad your hubby has a sense of humour it is possibly the most important thing apart from loyalty in a marriage.

  4. I'm glad you were fortunate to have parents who allowed a sense of humor and that you and your husband are able to share humor also. Being able to laugh makes life so much better.

  5. Laughter is a great way to help us make it through these difficult times.

  6. I love jokes and humor and your post is full of how humor can save or improve situations. Well done. We have a saying "if we don't laugh we cry" and that is more true than ever in these difficult times of quarantine.

  7. A sense of humour can get us through lots of things - sharing some humour with our loved ones can enable us to feel even closer to one another. The ability to enjoy humour is one of life's pleasures for sure xx

  8. Sense of humour is such a good thing.

  9. Humour is very important and good for one's health. Some therapies for cancer and depression is the use of lots of laughter. It elevates the level of serotonin which is an awesome hormone. When two business man meet to close a deal they laugh a lot, you may notice that in the movies. That is to easy tension between them. Laughter that is clean and well placed will make the other person feel relaxed. Humour needs to be careful though so it doesn't hurt the other person.

  10. I really like your comparison of pearls in the memory box.

  11. What a wonderful post, baili! I'm grateful to your parents for recognizing the importance of humour in your family life. Your sense of humour comes through in your posts quite often, I find. The linked article was very interesting. I can't imagine a world without humour. I love to make people smile or laugh and I love it when other people make ME smile or laugh. It just makes troubles easier to bear and makes the happy times that much happier :) Hugs, my friend!

  12. Always good if you have a sense of humour and there all kinds of humour.
    I particularly like a man who has passed on, his name was Dave Allen who was an Irishman, lived in England came to Australia then back to England again. He still makes me laugh.

  13. O humor é sem dúvida uma forma de arte. E nasce com as pessoas. Ter sentido de humor é uma forma de manifestar inteligência e espírito de observação. Ainda bem que a sua família é bem humorada.
    Desejo que tenham tido uma Páscoa tranquila.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  14. Such a wonderful post, dearest Baili! A sense of humour is so important.
    I grew up in a home with parents who were often locked in disagreements. My mom had virtually no sense of humour and so, as children, we used to try our best to be quiet and sombre around her. I guess the experience stuck in our minds, because it wasn't until adulthood that we began to "loosen up!"
    Now, I love humour...mostly. Unfortunately, a lot of modern humour in this part of the world involves a lot of swearing and insults. The kind I like is the more old fashioned kind of "slapstick", as can be found in movies like Laurel and Hardy, and Dad's Army. Those, I find hilarious!😂😂
    Thank you, my beautiful friend...for this wonderfully uplifting post!!!

    Have a wonderful day...and stay safe.😊😊

    All my love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  15. I love your writing and well... i would read a book by you. I have a famliy i have know for thirty years and when the mom best friend...was alive we would gather at her house and her son and daughter would keep everybody laughing - they had the funniest and best sense of humor. I love humor makes life more .......well...funny. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead~~... you and your family.

  16. I like read and watch any comedy. I think, I watch too much sitcom, over and over :)

    Staying smile and well!

  17. People that mark our life because of their candid spirit, baili.
    Some depart too soon.
    Have a great week

  18. A sense of humor is a must these days. I'm glad it runs in your family.

  19. I imagine how happy you are to grow up in a big family that likes humor.

    Situations like that will make anyone happy

  20. I've got what some people call a warped sense of humour. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  21. I love to laugh and was always attracted to boys who made me laugh. I'm glad you grew up in a home where humor was appreciated.

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  23. A world without laughter would be unbearable... Humor DOES make things easier:)
    Great post!

  24. I enjoy laughter very much. Sometimes I come out with a funny comment but sometimes it's just silly.

  25. It was nice to read about your parents, Baili, and their sense of humor. I don't think that my parents were especially humorous or funny during my childhood years or thereafter. We all need to laugh at ourselves and at funny situations but not at the expense of others. More than ever now, humorous films are what we enjoy most.

  26. I can not imagine life without laughing, so needed, esoecially these days! Right now, with toddler around we have plenty of funny days at home😊 Stay safe everyone!

  27. Humour is so important in our lives! It's good for our health.

  28. Ter sentido de humor, é um sinal de grande inteligência! Pois ajuda a ultrapassar muitos momentos difíceis... e é uma forma de preservar a própria saúde emocional... e promove o bom ambiente, em casa... nos demais membros de família!
    Adorei esta publicação, plena de belíssimas e especiais partilhas!

  29. Laughter and humour is good for the soul!! I love to laugh!! Big Hugs!

  30. I believe laughter is good for the soul, Baili, and I'm glad that you have such treasured memories! I am not know for my wit or humor, but my best friend is brilliant at it. I have a sense of humor, but others often don't get it. That's okay. We're all different. Keep laughing my friend!


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