Thursday, April 9, 2020

Something Good About This Virus ! Prime Minister Announces Help To Effected

I believe that everything that happens  has reason  and two kind of effects  on us negative and positive .

Corona  virus has caused  many problems to people of the world  certainly , but one thing is clear that for the first time all people of the world are doing same thing at same time .This  harmony of feeling brings them closer as human .

I bet it never happened before .Although  during many natural disasters  and  pandemics  large number of people  have  helped each other  in different parts of land but this is first time that earth seemed truly a small planet . We  have  learnt  unconsciously these days  that how closely we are related to each other and our attitude and actions can affect whole humanity  so quickly .

This learning  is good  ,even best for all of us . Knowing that we are responsible for each other creates more  space in our hearts for other people .  May  be this pandemic  can  change  our  perspective  as citizens of this glob. May  be  Brains of the world  turn to think  that eventually that ,


Because to rule over and to process  his commands a  brain still needs set of organs and other parts . It  is essential for the healthy flow of  interdependence.

  Despite of all my positivity  i  could  not  stop  thinking about  people  around the world and in my own country Pakistan  whom families  used to depend on earning they brought home at the end of the evening Daily. We  know  that  this  situation  have  hurt  those  most  who  worked  for daily  wages .

It  was  such  a relief  to  watch  news clip online where Our  Prime Minister  announced  that  they  have  finalized  more  that  Ten  million  people  who  are  miserably affected  by   virus .He  said  They  will  be  paying  12000 per family from 9th April .
It  was  so nice to hear this news as a week  back  when we found that there  was  10,000 cut from hubby's salary as govt employee  first  thought came in my head that may they reach to deserving  hands!

It  always uplift my  spirit to know that there still exist so much goodness in this  world and difficult times  reveal it  more . While  strolling  internet i was happy to learn that many organizations  in my country are  helping  people  who are  suffering with  crisis . So  many  young people are active as groups and trying to support stuck families on individual basis . You  can  know about kindness of people by clicking the link below

                          gulf news

I  think  Our  creator  is  smiling  upon  us to see that  his men  have  not  lost  their souls  yet !

No  matter  how  advanced and  modern we become and no matter how  complicated human being we be ahead  this will remain still an undeniable reality  that  Morality  Matters  Most, Good  values  bring  beauty  and  soul  to  digitally  evolved  society ,otherwise  we are  just  selfish  robots and nothing else.


  1. Some tread points here Baili. It is striking how people all over the world are effected by this. You are very far away from me, yet many experiences that you write about are very similar.

    Here in America people are also helping one another and making sacrifices. We are seeing the best in people.

    Stay safe and healthy.

  2. The world is indeed very small. Blessings, Baili. 🌸

  3. The expression that is being said over and over again is that we are all in this together. You are so right and just perhaps, the world will be kinder and more empathetic place when we, together, defeat this most horrid disease.

  4. Yes, we are all in the same boat at the same time.
    That is good new regarding your government paying people money, they would know doubt starve or near enough if no money.
    Our Government has done similar here in Australia.
    Stay safe and keep well.

  5. We see how small the planet really is when people are united in adversity!

  6. Yes, governments need to help their people!

  7. You are spot on in that this pandemic shows how we are all across the globe so much alike. I hope that is something we may gain from these days. I suspect the realization will slowly fade, but many will remember.

  8. This is certainly bringing people together. I do hope that when this is over, we remember that we are all one family - humanity.

  9. Yes, it has been heartwarming,Baili, to see that so many people are helping their neighbors and community. Hopefully this will continue even when the pandemic is somewhat under control. Good that your government is helping its workers as well.

  10. God bless those kind men, the men with beautiful soul and human being!

    Staying healthy, Baili!

  11. stay helathy love from Poland

  12. Such giving people. In this awful time, the best of us all need to step forward.

  13. So heartwarming that this horror is bringing out the best in most people. Trusting God that you and your family will stay safe and healthy:)

  14. It's good to see the world pull together in such a tragedy.

  15. Tragedies bring out the best in a large part of humanity. It's lovely to hear how people in your country are helping each other. I, too, worry about people who earn their wages daily. Many people in our country are suffering as well. Please stay healthy and safe, my dear friend! 💖🍀🤞

  16. We really need to show that we can work together to get through this crisis and to live in peace with each other after the pandemic is over.

  17. Dearest Baili, this beautiful and haunting post truly touched my Soul.
    You have echoed here exactly how I feel inside...yes, the everyone across the entire world is suffering surely now we can all come together as one people...and hopefully put aside our become more tolerant and compassionate toward our fellow man! Oh I hope so, with all my heart!!
    This huge tragedy will have changed humanity forever. Selfish robots is indeed what we were becoming...but there will be no place for that mentality in the future...I hope and pray...🙏🙏
    Oh thank you, from the depths of my heart, my beautiful friend...for your words of deep wisdom...may the entire world listen and learn...before it is too late.
    I personally regard this dreadful pandemic as a dire warning to mankind, to change our ways...

    Stay safe, dear Baili...

    Sending you all my love and hugs, always ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  18. Our world does seem to be getting smaller all the time as we come together to fight this virus. I'm glad to see so many people willing to help others.

  19. What an inspiring post today, baili. You are so right that we are all on the same side in this particular war, although some people still do not realize it and endanger others with their behavior. I am glad to hear of those who are helping others, instead. I like your comparison of the peoples of the world to a body with a brain and many other vital parts. I truly hope that after this crisis is behind us people will change their behavior. Some will, but I fear that many will not. They will go back to whatever is easiest for them and whatever makes them feel good in the moment. Maybe I am just feeling grumpy tonight :)

    1. this is wise to stay optimistic dear Jenny :)

      i agree that everybody is not lucky enough to have desire for true "light" many plunge for false sources which can spark their mood for moment for sure and can illusion them with fake pleasure or fun
      but such fools never find true happiness because it is not how nature works
      here you are always well come to say whatever you want :)
      i would love to learn all shades of your mood :)

  20. Hola, Baili. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con tu reflexión, y ojalá que cuando acabe esto del coronavirus, entre todos, y unidos, luchemos por un mundo mejor y más justo, donde las riquezas no solo se las repartan unos cuantos, mientras en el mundo millones de familias no tienen para cubrir sus necesidades más básicas.
    Un abrazo, y cuidaros mucho, tu y tu familia.

  21. Hello dear Baili, you speak with so much wisdom and understanding of the things that are important and profound in each of our lives. It is heartwarming to know that so many humans are co-operating with each other. I started to despair at first when it seemed that selfishness was perhaps going to be the norm but that, gladly, only accounts for only some people.
    Its a real pleasure to know you through our blogs Baili, keep well xx

  22. Like you, I have been thinking that 'The Virus' had made the world seem a smaller place and more humanly connected to each other.

  23. Este vírus veio mesmo demonstrar que todos somos iguais, e veio lembrar-nos que todos estamos em igualdade de circunstâncias... e que só através do humanismo e da solidariedade, conseguiremos ultrapassar todas as dificuldades, que muitos sentirão no momento!
    Todos teremos uma maior consciência do colectivo, depois disto! O mundo estava a viver de uma forma muito egoísta antes! A partir de agora... temos uma maior consciência do mundo dos outros...
    Só lamento, pelo grande número de vitimas, que esta epidemia provoca, pois crê-se que seja entre 10 a 20 vezes mais mortal do que a gripe normal!...
    Gostei imenso, das suas reflexões sobre o tema do momento!... Esperemos que um remédio ou vacina, se encontrem muito em breve!
    Beijinhos! Votos de muita saúde, para todos aí! Cuidem-se bem!

  24. My heart goes out to all the people who are suffering during this challenging time, Baili! How wonderful that your government took swift action to help those who are living day to day.


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