Tuesday, March 31, 2020

You Matter Most! Poem For Viral Days

Once  in  a  while  

See   around  and  smile  :)

Say   hello   to  the  moment  

Which  is right  now  present 

Feel   him  and  his  grace !

Overwhelming   time's pace  

Sunsets   and  sunrise 

How  quickly  time  flies 

Life   is  not  forever  

Give  yourself  a  favor 

Take  break  from  the chores 

Open   soul 's  window   ,doors 

Let  in  light  and  breeze 

Dance  over  blue  seas 

Roam   madly  in  the  sky 

Leave  behind  "how " and  "why" 

It's  flight   of  your  heart  

For   the  spirit  is  No  knot !

Dwell   within  fragrant  blooms

To  find  joy  you  have  too Zoom 

It  is  sprinkled  here  and  there 

Waiting  for  you  "see  or  hear"

All   you  need  is  Insight  

Which  can   bring in  some  light 

In  the  dark , like  firefly 

Within   heart  is  your  joy 

Bring  it  out  and  let  it  lit  

Time  to  show  Your  Gift :)

Never  wait  "what  comes  from out"

Let  grow your " inner  sprout"

Let  it  grow  into  a  tree 

Who's   shade  will  set  you  free 

Your  strength  and  your  Faith 

Both  can  form  a  world  so  great

Don't  chase  shadows  like  a  ghost

It  is  you  that  matters  most ! 

 All  the  places  , all  the  things 

Altogether  cannot  bring  

Life  or color   into  the world  

In  this  jungle  Only you  are  bird  

Who 's  song   is   Sweet  of   all 

Special   guest  on  nature's  wall  :)

Garden  below  is  for  you  right  

Yet   without  it  you  can   survive 

Don't  see   yourself  as Nil 

You  have  gift  of  "surviving  skills "

Skills  that  keep you  alive  through   odds

Faith  in  you  and  Faith  In  God!

Like   a  seed  where ever  you  drop 

You  know  how  to  grow  to  top 

Stop  putting  condition for  joy 

You  are  reason for   smile  or  cry 

Step  out   of   the  frame 

Being  you  is  no  shame 

Pity   is  to  remain  slave   

In  ego's  Darkest  cave 

Unable  to  view across 

Ignorance  is the  biggest  loss 

Love  is  timeless  season 

To  get  this, step  out  of  reason

For  those friends who  feel  caged  these days !
Keep   your  spirit  high  guys ,it is  you  who  can  turn  your  space  into  limitless beautiful  world !
for  such  times  imagination is best gift !
take care and stay well and safe!  


  1. Thank you, my friend. You have a wonderful gift and impeccable timing:)

  2. Oh thank you dear Chris!
    Such a pleasure to hear this from you

  3. Oh, Baili! Thank you so much for your prayers. It is a wonderful and meaningful poem.

    Stay healthy, Baili.

  4. Hello dear Baili. I hope you are well. Yes, I also feel for those that find it hard to stay home. I was a stay at home mom for many years, so staying home is second nature to me. I never run out of things to do at home, and it's one of my favorite places to be. It sounds like you are appreciating and enjoying everything you have, even when this is a worrisome time right now. Finding some goodness in disasters is certainly special, Baili. And I will be thinking of my blog friend along the way and smiling. : )

    Take care and stay well.


  5. Beautiful! Thank you!

    "Leave behind "how " and "why"..."

    I like that.


  6. A beautiful uplifting poem dear Baili, thank you.
    A loving and gentle reminder.
    Imagination really is a best gift... its within all of us. All the very best to you and yours xx

  7. Just beautiful, Baili. You captured real beauty here!

  8. Very nice verse! It is refreshing in these times of isolation.

  9. Beautiful and inspiring, baili.
    The nightmare soon will be over.

  10. Lovely thoughtful poem.
    Hope you are all doing ok where you are. Sending best wishes and keep safe and well.

  11. Our ability to imagine is one of the greatest gifts we've been given - and you have captured that so well here. All my best wishes for you and your family, baili. Hugs, my friend!

  12. You write so beautifully and poetically dear friend! These words of yours drew me in to such a beautiful place. There is joy to be found, and the spirit will not be bound. May your heart, soul and mind continue to embrace the beauty around you, even as we all are under the difficult scenario of quarantine. Praying that all of you are safe and well. Continue to write, your heart shares beautiful things! Much love to you sweet friend!

  13. WOW...what a beautiful poem, for these dark days of uncertainty!
    You have certainly lifted my spirits, dearest Baili.
    Oh thank you so much...😊😊

    Always in my thoughts,

    sending you all my love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  14. Words of wisdom for some dismal times, Baili. We should all keep a positive attitude for better times to come, which may take awhile to arrive.

  15. Thank you for the poem, dear Baili, it is a treasured gift. I hope that you are staying well and safe!

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  18. Hello, Baili! Beautiful poem. You do have a way with words, just lovely.
    Take care and stay safe, wishing you a happy weekend!

  19. What a wonderful poem, dear Baili!
    Once more I ask why I can't find such beautiful images and wise words... Well, it doesn't matter - I can enjoy yours. :)
    I can't copy all the poem in my diary, but I will write:

    "Let it grow into a tree
    Who's shade will set you free"

    So beautiful! Hugs and blessings!

  20. Thank you for this beautiful poem, sweet friend. Sending hugs to your family. I hope you are all well!

  21. This is a lovely poem. Thank you for sharing it with us. Please stay safe during these difficult days.

  22. this is beautiful and so true - .... No matter where you look - if your intention in looking is to see God's grace and beauty you will see it - ...The invitation is always there, whether it's a bird singing, a spider crawling down its' web, humor in the kitchen, drama in the bathroom, kids running around sometimes being punks and sometimes being angels - it's life - and that is God - the platform of all life ...ALL life. I love your poem. It is we who decide what world we see. These days I am more and more convinced that when you seek peace, you are choosing peace and you will have peace.


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