Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Painful Comment , Funeral And New Washing Machine

Hey  Dear  Friends !

Hope  and  pray   that  facing   these  weird  times  wisely  ,How   strong  we  are  reveals  only  tough  times  of  our  life .How  smartly  we  take  care  of  ourselves  and  others   depend  on  our  insight  and  patience meanwhile  .

Being  panic  can  show  our  weakness ,weakness  to  not  having  capacity  for  love  and  kindness we  can  share  to  other  humans  like  us. And weakness to  not have power for making Right decision at the moment.
 While  ago  when  i  finished  my  laundry  and  took  break  from  cooking , i  came  and  sat  on  my  resting  place  where  my  laptop  is  kept  mostly.
 I  got  up  from  laying  down  for  few  minutes  and  thought  it  would  be  better  to  visit  one  blogger  friend  meanwhile  at  least .I  visited  Betty  of  Woody Fairy . She  warned  about  a painful  and  discouraging  comment  she received  and  asked  all  blogger  friends to  mark it as spam .I  appreciate  her  care  for  blogging  friends . Few  days  back  i  visited  Joe of  Cranky Old Man (both on side bar ) .I  read  word  baby  boomer .It  was  unfamiliar term so i googled about it ,due to lack of time i did not pondered much about it though  after   reading  Betty's explanation  i comprehend it completely .

I  received  same  comment while ago  but  sent it to spam  box . It  is  sad  that  people  are  as  insensitive  and  heartless  to  spread  such  poisonous  thoughts . It  is  hard  to  decide  whether  laugh  or  cry  over  the  lack   of  their insight . Do  they  think  they  will  always  remain  young  and  healthy ? Or  they  have  stamp  from  God  who  will  spare  them from  all  humanly  sufferings ?
Because  no  person  with  normal  healthy  mind  can  think  or  say  as  Low .
Why  we  forget  that  when  we  disrespect  others  we  show  how  honor less we  are because  we  can  give away  only  what we have simply. Being  judge  for others  show  only  meanness and  triviality we  possess inside us  because  no  mindful  man  can  ever  think  to  judge  other  over  their  date  of  birth  ,what a  shame. Only  our  Creator  who  has  created us  and  blessed us with  countless blessings has  right  to  judge us.

We  live  in  eastern  country  and  here still  elderly people  are  blessing of the  God! I  am  not  saying  that  everyone  is  saint  here but  it  is  still  part  of  our  culture  to  make  elderly  people  sit  on  the  leading  chair of  the dinner  table or  house. I  know  times  are  changing  quickly.Since  people  have  learnt  about  their  rights as individuals  they  want separate  space  and  respect  for  their  privacy .But  it  is  also  true  that  still  more  families  prefer  to  live in  joint system as  they  know  the  importance  of  grand  parents . How  important  it  is  for  their  children to  learn  from  their  grand parents  what  their parents  cannot  teach  due  to  lack  of  time  and  burden of  daily responsibilities . So  many  sons and  daughters  stay  with  their  parents forever  as they  care  for what their parents did for them when  they were  dependent.

But  even  if  we  consider that  there is no  such  thing still  i  have  faith  that  young  generation here has  certain  respect  for  older  people whether  they  are in  blood relationship or stranger . It  is  in  their  genes until now. It is  almost impossible to  treat elderly  people with  such  disgrace  and  leave  them  with  such  hurtful words. This is inhuman thing to do.
Despite  of  all self isolation it is hard to keep distance sometimes. Two  days   back  one lady  died in our neighborhood .She  was nice  person  and  always much  caring for people  around . Hubby  and  i   had  to  attend  her  funeral .It   was  time to show compassion  and  sharing  pain  of  young  lovely  daughters she left  behind. Her  husband  had  died long ago when we were new in colony .My heart ached for both sisters who  were crying badly while saying goodbye.Here  people keep  visiting house where death happened  for forty days ,it is part of culture ,people gather and recite verses from holy book to  calm soul that just left mortal world behind and looked for  God's mercy in new world she entered .When our  eldest  son  knew  got angry   because he thinks it is must to keep distance and stay safe  no matter what .we don't know what to do ,it is completely weird !
my  new washing machine is made of plastic completely unlike older one which was of steel 

fragrance  of red roses is embracing senses everyday now days ,this is soul  refreshing  to smell them ,most favorite flower to me 

It is cloudy since two days ,it was little pouring either last night but not more than that,  cloudy weather can delay extreme summer ahead for short while hopefully ,temp arrived to 35 already.

Stay  safe  and  blessed with strength that provides Faith planted deep inside your soul my friends!  Hope is pure product of Faith so never leave the hope!


  1. I have been getting that horrible boomer comment every day but I just delete never read it. Wonder if the plastic washing machines will last long. Steel sounds stronger.

    1. Isn't it amazing that such plastick machines are doing far better than steel one dear Christine
      We had to replace washing wheeler of our previous machine few times during 11 15byears of use it would get rusty and craked ,it would cost almist 2000 each time
      I had doubts about plastic machine but they are getting popular here quickly for long lasting

  2. I think we need to suspend for now traditions that involve gathering together. Sad, but temporary.

    As too that commenter, we give him too much power even acknowledging his existence, from now on simply delete and move on. I'm pretty sure it is generated by some kind of "BOT" whatever the heck that is. These people are small, and probably have been picked on for their failings in life and this is how they lash out.

    Stay safe, you, your husband, your handsome sons and all the people from that beautiful country you have opened up to us with your posts.

  3. Your son is right, unfortunately. Meeting in groups is dangerous these days, no matter what the reason.

  4. Hi Baili :) Your roses are so pretty and congrats on the new washing machine! I'm so sorry about your friend's death. I think your son's anger is based on fear that you may get sick! I personally am not really going out around people, but that's always how I live anyway because I never want to get sick, even if it's just a cold, I don't like being around large crowds at any time! There are so many idiots in the world who have nothing better to do then to come up with spam messages and figure out how to send them out generally. I don't pay any mind to such comments and never take them seriously!!

  5. I have also had that comment on my page. I deleted it and it was never posted. I think it has been twice. It is anonymous with no links, so I can not imagine why someone would do it. It is obvious spam or maybe just an angry person posting it everywhere. Maybe it is a bot. Usually, when someone posts something like that they are just trying to get attention.

    "... and here still elderly people are blessing of the God!"

    This is SO good, Baili. Heart-filling, soul-lifting good. God bless you and your nation.

  6. Lovely post, as usual.

    Cruel people will always be around (I have no understanding of their motive) but, thankfully, there are more good people and those are the ones we should surround our life with, including on Blogger.

    Your son is correct. These are desperate times, and that which we have always done, have to be put aside for the greater good.

    Take care of yourself, Baili and stay safe.

  7. What I've read about comments like those is that they are automated comments (bots) meant to create or worsen tensions in countries which are seen as rivals to the countries putting them out. They are easy to delete. But I can see why they upset a lot of folks, even more so in countries like yours who have a deep respect for their elderly.

    I hope you stay safe, my friend.

  8. Baili, I am in agreement with those who said the best thing is to just delete a spam comment. In my opinion it is obviously from someone ignorant who has no real purpose other than to annoy or degrade others. I understand completely about you and your husband going to the funeral to homor your friend and comfort her family. I also understand your son's concern. If I were in the same situation, I too would have attended the services.

  9. I received that comment, as well. I published it for a bit on my Monday post to see if anyone else had received it, and then I deleted it. Apparently it's circulating everywhere. Your son is right about keeping a distance. This virus spreads very quickly. Be well and stay safe!

  10. The spam about baby boomers is filling my inbox too these days. Such awful people with nothing better to do!

    Take care dear Baili.

  11. I get the hate filled message. I'm not a baby boomer so I wonder why he's trying to give me the message.

  12. These are weird times.

    Here in America extended families living under the same roof are less common but they still exist.

    People mostly also respect the elder folks, but there are some mean people who do not.

    Nice washing machine! Stay safe and healthy!

  13. We are going to pass this difficult time baili.
    And hopefully we come out of it better persons then we were before.

  14. Didn't get that comment on my page as far as I know.
    Your new washing machine looks awesome, enjoy using it and may it last a long time.
    Only 10 people can go to a funeral here, well that is from the other day till it's announced less people and to keep the distance apart. We are supposed to only go out to the necessaries, which my husband and I do..
    Take care, be safe.

  15. Fortunately, I haven't received that horrible comment on my blog yet either.
    I can't even begin to understand how cruel some people can be. What kind of warped pleasure do they find in this kind of behaviour??
    I find it really, really sad 😢
    We are only allowed very few people to attend funerals, and weddings and christenings are postponed indefinitely.
    I also received a text message this morning from the hospital, informing me that my appointment with the consultant will now be conducted over the phone!
    Strange times indeed!
    As you so rightly say, now is the time more than ever to pull together and take care of each other, no matter how close or distant we are from each other.
    We are one race, one family, one world...🙏🙏👨‍👩‍👧

    Your new washing machine looks fabulous!
    And I love those beautiful flowers...enjoy them, my beautiful friend!😊😊

    Stay safe, dear Baili...

    All my love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  16. Respecting elders is a boon and people who respect that are blessed.
    I still could not figure out if your washing machine is semi automatic or fully automatic. Our first one was a semi and I regret buying that.

  17. Oh Baili, your red roses are so pretty. This blooms give a sweet scent in my gloomy day. I know, mourning in whole countries. How many people dead in each day just because of a cause, a deathly virus. Over than 8000 people death in one month in Italy, and how busy their army in handling dead human bodies. And their families could not visit, see and hug them, their love ones.
    Here, lately over 100 people get kill by this virus per day.
    It is heartbreaking
    Stay well!

  18. Hi - your interesting post. All i know about us baby boomers is that my 13 year old grandson says all the young people just call our generation "boomers" and it is not a nice term they are using in their minds - kind of a put down. I had no idea about your custom of visiting the house of a deceased person ...that sounds really respectful and nice. I can see why your son would be upset but I also think Love and Respect has it's own path through this "contagion".

  19. Hello Dear Baili, its always such a nice feeling to visit you and to read how you view life and people.
    Yes, I too received an upsetting spam. All I could conclude was that the spam writer is one that carries hurt with them and feels the need to hurt others, or is just a soul who was born without empathy. Thank goodness there is the Spam option!
    I can understand your distress as you describe attending a funeral and your Son's thoughts about it. Especially when traditions are so deep. These times create awkward and conflicting emotions.
    We couldn't hold a memorial gathering for my Mum recently (her preference, rather than a funeral). I think, though that Mum would have approved with what we've done (gathered together online by way of a Group and share memories of her that way)... she was a pragmatic (one who dealt with things sensibly and realistically) lady.
    Your garden blooms are gorgeous and uplifting and how nice to have a new washing machine... yes, the days of plastic are with us well and truly.
    Take care and thank you for your wise insights Baili xx💕,

  20. It's good if now all of us around the world avoid coming in a crowd. This deadly virus is very scary and easy to spread.

    Your washing machine model is good 🙂

  21. Hello, Dear Baili, I am sorry that you had the ignorant comment. These difficult days bring out the very best and the very worst in people. I have heard the term, 'Boomer Remover' - it is making the rounds on social media - so sad. I guess these people were born from immaculate conception and have no parents or grandparents. Or maybe they are aliens - haha! We call them Trolls - they are always trolling people with their hate. I just pray for all the sweet and kind people - that they are protected by divine grace. I pray for the mean ones, too, because I think they will have bad Karma, for sure. Your roses are beautiful and your courtyard looks like such a lovely place to relax in the sweet spring air. I am so sorry about your elderly neighbor. Some ignorant young people don't understand the love, wisdom and knowledge that dies along with them. Old age is a privilege denied to many. Sending you hugs and blessings to you and your loved ones. xo Karen

  22. I think your new washing machine looks brilliant, enjoy using it.
    The flowers look so beautiful too, lovely colour.

    Do please take care of yourself, Baili and stay safe.

    All the best Jan


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