Sunday, March 22, 2020

Walk Of Gratitude In Front Yard And More Blooms!

last  evening   while  walking  in  my  front  yard  i  thought  about  my  friends  who  used  to  go  for  walk  outdoors  but  due  to  this  virus  thing  are  forced  to  stay  inside  for  while.

Since   this  weird  situation   has  come  up  i often  think about  all  of  my  friends  who  are  temporarily  disconnected  from  usual  routine  of  life  regarding  outdoor activities .I  felt  for  all  of  you  while  walking in my  yard  yesterday  either.

Then  i  thought   how  hard  it  can  be  for  those who are   not habitual . Here   women  go  for  walk  in  parks  with  family  members  or  with  female  friends  not  alone  because  following  their  instincts  freely  specially  outdoors  is  not  acceptable  until now and it can  cause confrontation  with oppression .

As  part  of  my  society  i  am  used  to  this  honestly .I don't  mind   staying  as  introvert though  i  know women  spend  quite  of  their  day  visiting  relatives  ,friends and  market . I  find  bit  difficult  to  socialize  like  this but when  i  have  to  i  do  it  from  the  bottom of my heart .
I  enjoy  living  inside  my  space  called  home . As  young  woman  i  never  thought  i  will  have  separate  home  before  marriage  because  i  had  no  intention  to  get  married .After  marriage  when  i  had  my  own  space  i  don't  know  from  where  skills  of management  came  as  when  i  see  older  videos  of  my  previous  home  i  feel  good  that  i  was  keeping  it  clean  and  organized . Deep  inside  my  heart  i  know  that  somehow  i was  just  trying  to invest  my time  and energy  in  positive  constructive  way  and  yes  to  please  my  husband  because  he  was ,is very  conscious  about  cleanliness and  keeping  stuff arranged.
I  had  really  little  yard  there  so  i  could  not  walk  their  for  sixteen  years  though  i  did  regular  tough  physical  exercise instead  so  i  can  face  everyday  physical  responsibilities easily.

When  we  moved  here  we  had  four  rooms ,one  kitchen  and four  bathrooms  with  big  front  yard 30 by 30 .

In  the  beginning we  would  get  tired when  we  had  to  take  15 steps  to open  main gate and 15 to come back ,but  now  these  thirty  steps  are  my  happy  walk  every  evening :)

In  my  few  earlier posts  i  shared  that  hubby  resembles  with  my  mother  in  some of his  habits. He  share  her  strong  sense of right and wrong , sense of responsibility   and care for loved ones along with passion for cleanliness.He  also  has  same fondness for  gardening though  he  did not  grow  vegetables  like  her but  he  likes  to  do  plantation. His  love  for  garden  have  brought  soul  to  my  front yard . While  walking  i  can  see  part  of  nature  so  close to me and  i  know  how  important  it  is to  have  it around!
In winters  seasonal  flowers fill  front yard  with  delightful colored lanterns  which  deliver  joy to  heart through  each  sight !

We  spread  laundry  in  our  front  yard, sit  on  desk  and  have  tea  together. These  moments   are  precious  because life  is  not  gonna stay forever  and sometimes  when  i  rerun  imaginary tape  i  see how  quickly  time  is  flying by ,we  have  passed  already  almost  14 years  in this  home together. This  is  house  of  dream fro  us as couple and we  are  grateful  that  we  could  live within  it by  the  grace   of  Lord!

In  future  no matter  what  happen or  where ever  kids settle this  will  be  place  which  built  their  father  for them ,it  will  be  completely  their  decision  if they want to keep it or ... 

today before breakfast  i  washed grains but clouds covered the  sky ,it takes two days to dry it if sun appears ,no matter what i am happy with cloudy weather ,it rained in another province ,hope it does here too ,atleast little bit ,i love when rain washes away the dust from everything as our area is sandy

  blue flowers are fascinating to me ,they are special as blue is my favorite color and speaks to me more than others

the day we bought dinner set in Sukkur we  went to park before market , my son captured this lone chimpanzee  ,rides in this section are now small for him ,he misses to be on them so do i

consider these red roses my love and prayers for all of you dear friends ! though mine are far more than them !

captured while ago ,sunflowers  have power to transform your mood ,don't they ,i wait for them whole year and Lord is merciful to answer my prayers !

this one is shy from darkness and shuts itself as sun goes down ,next morning he reopens himself delicately until 10 am almost  i love the strength and neatness within leaves ,so pretty ! spring is happy face of nature and her smiles are AWAKENING and REFRESHING!

while ago , our neem tree is gaining her  new outfit back slowly ,right now it looks like jewels  more than dress ,here during wedding ceremony girls also participate while wearing flower jewelry ,do you have something like this there , personally i hate plucking flower ,i never did 

 few weeks before when i captured this flashlight was on and this is how it added the beauty to image,details are more evident and appealing ,art work of creator is irreplaceable ,i bet no science can bring such delicacy and charm in any artificial  one ,i have some plants who seem result of experiment ,when i touch their petals they seem like those which i bought from market ,Lord  has given some of his characteristics to each of his creation and i don't this it is possible to touch that height or depth with manly power ,it is so  limited  and bond  to work accordingly

 one of the most precious sight ,it is hard to convey the soothness that i felt while capturing this ,i was tired after laundry but looking at finished job gave me some rewarding relief and peace :) few week older image,oh i did not tell you that hubby sold out the older washing machine and has bought this one with double prize,it is far better than previous one

daises were not many this year ,i missed their joyous presence ,these also did not look healthy i don't know why
 this one took few days back while sitting on the desk where we have our morning tea until day gets hot ,in summer when temperature rises to 50 plus sitting out is impossible , it drops after midnight and we sleep in our front yard ,i am fortunate to have open sky while sleeping ,stars and moon are friendly here either and having look on them before going to sleep gives me sense of being connected with my days in native house with parents 

 almost two weeks back i captured when clouds were floating in the bright blue sky ,they seemed so near and so lovely ,it was windy day and clouds were coming and going swiftly ,it was intriguing sight to observe

 i could not find much time to write a proper post since many days as you know family is home and i am trying to make our days together happier by being with them simply .

I am constantly thinking about all of you and praying that may these days pass soon and you guys go out to cherish spring to it's fullest!
May life be normal for all of us soon, thought about people who were on daily wages concerns me most!!!
i wish governments can think about their families in such times  and support them .
Keep taking good care dear friends! 
stay well and safe!
God bless you all!!!


  1. Beautiful post I enjoyed reading about your life and seeing your beautiful flowers. That photo of the rice is very interesting as we get our rice in bags here ready to use.

  2. The photos of your beautiful flowers have given me joy this morning -- thank you!

  3. I enjoyed seeing your beautiful flowers and garden, Baili! Their bright colors made me happy to see them.

  4. Beautiful flowers. I often say, that if there was not God, the world would be black and white.

  5. I really enjoyed the sight of all your beautiful flowers! Thank you for that.

  6. I smiled at the end of this post, Baili, when you sasid you did not have time to write a proper post because family were home. But, my friend, you did do that! Thank you for showing the lovely blooms and sunflowers are one of my favorites as well. We too have been getting out for walks whenever possible, most days this past week but took today (Sunday as a day of rest). Like most people we are keeping distance from others and self isoklating, but we are not bored and not because we are interacting with one another all day. Instead we each have our own interests and from childhood have been used to being alone. It may be that many who are feeling distressed are not used to alone time. I do hope there will be a resolution and less people sick or dying from this virus, but it will take more time and we must learn to have patience. Be well and enjoy the time with your family and your home.

  7. Wonderful pictures. Here, the only activities that the authorities are encouraging is to go outside and enjoy nature. All the parks are open.

    I also enjoy being home.

    I hope that you and your family stay safe.

    Take care!

  8. We live in a small city so there is lots of room for people to walk and keep an appropriate distance from one another.

    I love all the beautiful blooms in this post which brightened my day, Baili. Thank you!

  9. Spring, spring is here.
    Have a great week.


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  11. Beautiful flowers. It's good you can walk those 15 steps there and back and have a front yard to walk in also, so many people don't have that. We are lucky here too as we have a front and back yard to walk around though we are not isolated from walking in the street as yet.
    You, your husband and family keep safe and be well.

  12. Hello, lovely views of your beautiful flowers and gardens. Spring has sprung! Things are closing down here, all large gatherings are canceled. We do all need to go outside for fresh air and sunshine. I hope this ends soon. Stay safe and be well. Wishing you a happy new week!

  13. As flores a darem alegria a este seu post. É preciso que nos protejamos por nós e pelos outros que nos cercam. O melhor é ficar em casa.
    Uma boa semana e muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  14. So lovely to see the beautiful blooms in your post, so colourful and cheerful.

    Stay well and stay safe.
    My good wishes to you and your family.

    All the best Jan

  15. Wow.... drying the grain in the sun..... that was an activity I enjoyed as a kid.

  16. Thanks for your blessings. You have a wonderful home and family.

  17. Hi Baili :)) Oh your neem tree is so artistic looking! The flowers are beautiful. Look at all of those grains!!! You know, we are lucky, those of us who love to live in our homes and are able to go for walks in nature...I can't wait to be able to put some laundry out on the line to dry! :) Hugs! xx

  18. Beautiful flowers. Fortunately, I have my little garden to enjoy the outdoor. We are now confined but patiently waiting to be out again after the situation improves.

  19. Dearest Baili...oh how your post has cheered me!😊😊
    We are in lockdown here, and I am recovering from the virus...and seeing these wonderful photos of your beautiful home and garden has truly brightened my day!
    Oh thank you so, so much!!😊😊

    I do hope you and your loved ones are well.

    Stay safe, my precious friend!

    Lots of love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  20. Your writing never seems to amaze me - how I feel better for reading it and looking at your photos. You have a way of joining people through writing and connecting so well. I really like you and would be glad to meet you some day.

  21. What beautiful plants and flowers you have in your yard, baili - they are a welcome sight! Many of us who love our solitude will, I feel, manage isolation more easily than folks who love company. But all of us have to cope with the same worries about our health and the health of our loved ones. Stay well!


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