Thursday, July 22, 2010

evening star

hello dear friends hope and pray that each of you is living a life with its true meanings ,i am really sorry that i am not much attentive these days but what to do when life gets busier with sudden changes ,we have to fill colors in whole painting of life we cannot choose only our favorite corner,
today is a beautiful day after quiet long hot period ,sky of this city got some huge dark clouds which are trying to deiced that should they pour some drops of fresh rain on burning heart of earth or they should avoid it like a rich man mostly avoid a beggar often,i water my small garden regularly so plants are getting quiet happier now,whenever i look at them i feel fresh and alive ,i take my tea in their company cause usually my husband cannot get along now days,meanwhile my kids go out for evening outing,when i take a sip i look at the sky and find a star standing alone,we both stare at each other for a moment and i think we exchange smiles which held some secret whispering.take care friends have a lovely life god bless you all.


  1. Mmm that sounds so beautiful and calm

  2. really comfortable read this post, tq 4 share :)

  3. Shabana,

    You're such a beautiful writer. You make me want to have tea in your garden along with you. You place me in that moment.

    You sound very contemplative... wishing you a wonderful week friend

  4. i hope things get better soon.... i enjoy solitude, but time with your spouse is so important. May you find peace and unity together soon. Have a wonderful week. Hugs to the kiddo!!

  5. It's rare that one can find pleasure in solitude nowadays. Hope all is well.


  6. This was just beautiful, Shabana. I am sure things will get better soon...:)

  7. I'm still so amazed by how you see the world. Every tiny detail seems to have meaning to you and it is so beautiful!


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