Thursday, February 16, 2017

Art Talk

Hey  friends !

Hope  and  pray  that  all  of  you  are  living  your  precious  life  so  artistically  as  we  all  know

 that  living  in today's  world  naturally  is  truly  a  "WORK  OF  ART" .If  we  live  it  in  an

 unnatural  way  that  is quite  Normal  today .But  i  still  believe  that  if  99 percent  people  in   the

 room  are doing  Wrong  it  doesn't  mean  that  Wrong  becomes  the Right .I   adore  and honor  those

 who  do   not  follow  the  race  blindly   and  stick  to  their  values  firmly .Here  i  mean  with  word
 value  is Basic  Simple  Ways  of  Living  that  may  do  not  bring  much  materialistic   pleasure

 along  but   Peace  of  mind   for  which  we   all   strive  through  all out  lives.

When  i  was  living  with  my  in laws[16 years]  i  faced  many  epithets  like  a ' cruel'  or  ' mad'  mother  from  my  in laws including  my  mother  and  sisters  in law and  the brothers of my hubby  and even their  wives  who  found  my  attitude  strict  towards  my  kids .

The  reason  behind  it  was  that  i  tried  to  keep  my  kids to  be  busy  in  constructive  and  positive 

indoor  activities  rather than  wandering  in  streets with  kids  who   speak  bad  language and  loose 

 their  innocence   before  the  time  by  learning  so  many  adultery  things.Here  in  our  country 

 playgrounds  or  well  behaved   fellows  to  play  with  are  rare .Though   my  sons  both  eldest  and 
 elder  one  have  their  school  friends  who  visit  them or  go  for  bike  ride  or  play  some  games  like   cricket  or  football on  holidays.I  let  them  visit to  their  friends  too .

I  did  this  because  my  mom  did  this  to  us too  and  gave  us  freedom  with  limits  and  wisdom 

 so  we  can  learn everything   Gradually which  is  natural  way  of  learning. premature  learning  is  harmful  and  i  am  saying  this  with  my  observations.My  eldest  son  who  has  a  strong ,confident   and  friendly  personality has  appreciated  my  way  of  his  brought  up  and  often  said  that  if  every  mother  will  grow  her  kids  like  this  society  will  have  more  decent  and  good  human being .Please  don't  take  it  as  self  praising   i  am  just  sharing  a  truth  here that  gives  me  a  deep  satisfaction  and  gratitude for  my  God.

Friends!  today  i  am  sharing  with  you  some  art  work  of  my  both  younger  sons  that  they  used  to  do  since  years  specially  during  summer  vacations,hope  you  will  enjoy  their  efforts.They  also  made  me  beautiful  cards  for birthdays  and  anniversaries  .I  am  keeping  all  their  work  in  a  file  to  remember  their  precious  moments !

                                           this  is  name  of  God  in  native language by  younger  one 

                                                    he  made  this card  when  he  was  in  five 

                                         fruit basket  by  younger  one long ago 

it  was  difficult  one  to  make 

his  successful  effort isn't it ?

made  by  youngest  one he copied  it  from  story  book 

made  by  younger  

made  by  younger [he  wants  one  for  him  to  play!

younger  copied  it  from  atlas book 

superheros are inspirational 

youngest 's favorite 

youngest water world adventure 

younger's water world 

inspired by story book [by younger ]

travel  to  space through rocket by younger 

drawing  of his diary [younger]

This  is  very  first  art  by eldest son [on job now] made it when he was in seven grade .


Hope  you  guys  liked  my kids  spare  time  investment  of  their energy friend!
take  great  care  and  stay  positive .
wishing  each  of  you  a  very  Happy  and Blessed  life  ahead! Hugs !God  bless  you  all!


  1. You family seem wonderful.

    It is great that you are saving your children's artwork. I think that many adults reflect the fact that their parents did not do the same.

  2. Wow, your sons are very talented, love the pictures,they are so cute☺

  3. Hello, your sons are talented. I love the art work. Wonderful post and photos. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. Adorable art by all your sons! And wonderful memories for you!

  5. Some excellent talent in those sons of yours. You will be so happy that you kept their art. While helping my mother clean out a sewing room, we found art that my children had drawn for her and my father in 1976 and 1978. It made us cry but the tears were of fond memories and love.

  6. Baili your posts are an absolute joy to read and look at.
    The artwork you have shared is just great and must provide you with so many lovely memories.

    Your words "freedom  with  limits  and  wisdom" are perfect.

    I wish you a happy weekend to come

    All the best Jan

  7. These artworks are telling us about happy and talented young people! It´s great to be mother for them!

  8. Children can grow up too fast these days. Parents have to be careful to guard their children's innocence.

    How wonderful to have kept their artwork. Such a great activity for children.

  9. Lovely pics dear! Have a great weekend!

  10. While some members of your family may have felt you were too strict, you have done well with raising your sons, Baili. Thanks for sharing their artwork and the photo.

  11. Another wonderful memory shared with us. The art of the children is very creative and glad you saved it. It will give them pleasure to see and show it to their children someday. Thank you for this wonderful post and have a great weekend.

  12. Thank you for the insight into your world. I enjoyed your sons' artwork. They appear to be quite talented.
    Blessings to you and your family

  13. It's nice that you kept their art and thanks for the show!

  14. I think it is great that you stuck to your beliefs when raising your kids even if you had to take bad words from your in laws. It is so important to raise our kids the right way even when others may be telling us otherwise. They have turned into quite the little artist haven't they, it is so fun to go back and look at all the great things they have made over the years and see how their drawings have changed as they grow.

  15. Such wonderful pieces of art from your boys! Reminds me of artwork my girls created. I have saved and framed some pieces.

    You are such a good mama!

  16. Oh, such artistic and handsome young men! I admire your dedication to raise your sons with the values you believe despite what others may say. It is a difficult job in this day to keep young ones on the right path, but the rewards are so worth the struggles. I have raised four children - all adults and now becoming parents of their own - and I felt it was my most important job to raise them to be good people, kind and honest. It is so nice that you have saved these lovely keepsakes. Our children grow up so fast. xx Karen

  17. You have such handsome boys and their artwork is much cherished I can see.

  18. Hyvin kauniita taideteeoksia ihania piirustuksia. Komeat ovat poijat sinulla.
    Hyvää jatkoa teille :) Kiitos käynistä blogissani Terveiset :)

  19. Hello there. Thank you so much for popping by my blog; it's lovely to 'meet' you. You lived with your in laws for 16 years?! You definitely deserve some kind of medal! Your sons are lovely and certainly have an artistic flair - their work is fantastic! I have a similar folder with artwork from my 2 girls collected over the years. It's so precious isn't it. Enjoy the weekend. xx

  20. Hello.It is very interesting for me to get to know your country, your family and your life.

  21. Lovely photo, Baili! And your sons are very talented, the paintings are beautiful!

  22. I think your approach to raising your boys is very wise. It is the parents' job to guide them; you are doing your job.

    Your boys are clearly good at art! Lovely pictures.

  23. Lovely artwork. My favourite is the rose.

  24. Such beautiful paintings!
    Raising kids is one of the most difficult tasks in life. I was criticised by some of being too strict and by others because of not being enough strict. So, I think overall it went rather well. :)
    Thank you for sharing. Blessings!

  25. You did the right thing by teaching your children and keeping them at home away from the bad influences that teach them things they don't need to know! The artwork you shared of your children is amazing, the rose is so beautiful, and I loved the penguin too :) May the Lord bless you today :)

  26. I think you are a loving mother who brought your children up to understand the values of life.

    I love the art of your children,they brought a warm smile to my face :-)

  27. Super artwork, especially like the fruit basket. Well done to all the young artists 😂🐆

  28. You have a gorgeous family. The boys are really handsome and your son words are so true, dear :)
    Baili, it is great that you are saving your children's artwork, they are such great quality ! Have a great week ahead :)

  29. Your children have made beautiful drawings!

    I wish you a nice new week!

  30. So nice drawings your children have made!

  31. Gostei de ver os desenhos dos seus filhos. A educação pela arte dá sempre resultados positivos. A sua família é muito bonita. Muitas felicidades para todos.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  32. It was so delightful to see all the paintings and drawings of your fantastic artistic sons. They sound like they are such good young men. I know you are happy with the way they were brought up - to be caring and talented people.

  33. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I agree that children need to have limits as to what they learn and how soon they learn these things. I enjoyed seeing your sons' artwork. Nicely done!

  34. You are a good mom! I love your sons art work! Thank you for sharing! Your sons are very handsome! Big Hugs!

  35. Such lovely artworks! You have great sons!

  36. Hello Baili, you have magnificent artists in your dear Sons. What beautiful cards and artworks they've created - I can understand why you keep them, they're so precious. I've done the same, and also letters from them over the years. They're priceless.
    Cheerio for now :D)

  37. What very talented sons you have! Their art is to be treasured for sure. :)

  38. Thank you for sharing your sons' wonderful art, Baili. I was an elementary teacher (kids age 7-9), and I love children's art! It has a special place in my heart. My parents were very strict when they raised my siblings and me, and I am grateful for the good start in life they gave each of us. Freedom within limits is so important. You must have the freedom to make mistakes to learn from them and to learn how to overcome adversity. But you also need limits so that you don't make big mistakes with long time consequences.


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