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Once Upon a Time There Lived Tow Sisters [true story][ image source google]

We   all  like  to  be  addicted  somehow .It   is  not   a   big  concern  when   it   is  of  harmless  or  less   harmful   things  like  tea  or   coffee   but  it  is   dangerous  when  is  of   things   like   alcohol   or   being    distraction   for  our self   and   people  around  us .People   who   rule  on  their  brains   can  reject   demands   coming  from  inside   and   control   their   emotions  .But   who   don't   have  commands   on  their  wishes  become   puppet   in   the  hands  of  their  wishes  and  lust  and  that   leads  them  to  a  life   full  of  shamelessness    and   doom.

Neena    found   the    world   of  sin   so   attractive  .She   became  an   addict  of   alcohol   and  young  boys .She   never   wanted  to   see  an  end  to  her   addiction .The  money   that   she   earned  she  was   spending  on  boys  she  wanted    to  be  with.  She   met   a  boy   once    who   seemed    very   sharp   and   active   in   jobs   she   was   interested   then. They  both  had  lot  of  fun   together  .Rash  driving  ,drinking ,shop lifting   etc.That   boy  had  a  gun  with  him but  never  used  it .Neena   was  mad  about  using  gun  as  it  was  really  a  sensational   thing  to  do  for  her.

   Neena   wanted  more   thrill   and   adventure   so   she  convinced   her  boyfriend   to   kidnap  someone   and   get  ransom  as   she  also    wanted  to    teach   a   lesson   to   a   man  she   used  to  seduce   in  club   [as  though  he  was  near   fifty    but  became   her  target  when  ignored  her  invasions ] .Now    she   wanted  to   use   her   current    boyfriend  to  take   revenge   and  even   better  the  money  also.  Tony [the boy]  was  afraid  of  doing   so  because  though  he   found   crimes  on  small  base   fun  but  this  one  was  a  huge  crime  and   if  they   got   caught  they   could  go   in  prison   for   many  years  .

But   Neena  was   his  addiction  then  and  made   him  agree  to  do  it  anyhow.  They    kidnapped   that  man  from  his  routine   walk  track   that  was  going  to  up  hilltop  where  was  a  restaurant  in  which   they  get   introduction  with  him  and  trapped  him  in  fake  conversation .Later  they  followed  him  and  dragged  him   in  woods .Tony  thought   that  Neena  asked  him  to   get  side  for  awhile  as  may  be  she  wanted  to  make   him  [that man] calm  down  first  and than  call  home  for  money .He  stood    little  far   shaking  with  fear  and  terror  .

Suddenly   he   heard   a   shot  and  turned .He   was  scared   to  death   when  saw    that   Neena  had  killed   that  man.  Dread   made  him  pail .They   both   ran  from  there  though.  But   within   a  week    police   arrested  them. .Neena    spent  tow  years  in  prison  and   finally   got  released  because   police  could  not   prove  them   guilty  with  solid  evidence . During   this  era   Amanda   sold   all   her   expensive   things   and   jewelry    because   Neena   needed  money   in  prison   to  make  her  life  comfortable.  

After    releasing   Neena   became  a  part   of   gang    one   member   of    which   she   met   in  prison . She   got   huge   crush   on  the  leader   of  this   gang  who  though  was    a  thief   but   married   and  deeply   loyal    to   his  wife  .His   neglecting   behavior  poked    Neena   and  she   started  to  seduce   him  .On  this   act   of  her  one   day   he  beat  her   front   of  whole   gang   and  asked   her   to   stay   away  from  him   until   she   does   something   special   for  gang   to  prove   her  efficiency  . Neena   came  to  city   and   took   a   good   conditioned   car   on  rent   along  with   driver .She   asked  him   to  drive  her  where   her   gang   was  waiting  .

After   tow  hours   drive   when  they  reached  there  Neena  asked    the   leader  to  take  that  vehicle  and  kill  the    driver .
The   leader   beat  the  driver  little  and   threat  him   that  if  he  told    anything   to  anyone  he  will  finish   his   family .But   Neena   suddenly    grabbed  his  gun  and   killed   the  driver   who  was  asking   for  mercy  as  there  will  be  no  one  to  look after  her  kids   but   lust  of     FUN   blinded   her  and  she  fired   three  time  to  kill  that  innocent  man.

Leader   of  gang   was  angry  because  she  overreacted  in  the  situation .He  asked  her  to  leave   the  gang  but   Neena   put   her  head   on   his   feet  and   said  that  she  will  make  him   happy  if  give  her  one  more  chance.  She   after   few   days   took   them   in  her  own  house  all  with  loaded  gun  and   asked  Amanda    to   transfer   the  registry[ownership of house ] on   her  name  as  she  wanted  to   sell  this  house  and give  money  to  this  gang  to  accept  her  .Amanda  knew  that  day  will  come  so  she   registered   herself  as  owner  already.She  refused  to  do  so  and  abused   her  that  for  sleeping   with   this  man  you  are  ruining   your  life.  Neena   asked  leader  to  put  his  gun  on  the  head  of  her  mother.  he   did   so  but  Amanda  remained  unshaken  in  her  decisions   and   Leader   was   not   enough   bad   to   kill  that   old  lady  .He   refused  to  take  Neena   along   and  left.

Neena  behaved   like   mad   for  few   days   but  soon    she   left    for   America   and  forgot  all   as   world  was   big  and    soon   she   found   other   to  play.  After   spending   one  more  year   in  funful   life  she   realized   that   she  should   have   kids   now  and   kids  must  be    very   pretty   so   can   match   with   me  perfectly   .For   this   again   she   needed  a   simple   man    who   must   not   be   threat   when   throw   away   after  use. So   she   found   a  boy  online   12    year   younger   then   her  from  her  native   country  .She    went   back   to   her   country  and  met   that   boy   who  was   very   handsome   and   well   groomed  .He   was   already  engaged   to   her   cousin  though   but  Neena   played   tricked   on  his  weak   point  and   told   him   that    she   can   take  him  with   to  America  if   he   divorce   his   cousin   and   married   to   her.

Harry  {the  boy] attracted  to    Neena's   offer  because   he  wanted   to  escape  from  his   conservative   environment  of  his  family  that  was  rich   but   narrow  mined  and  being  an   only    son  to  her  mother   he   was  owner   of   whole   property  though   but  wanted   freedom  and  an  educated  and  modern   wife  like  Neena  as  her  fiance    was  an    typical   country   girl   with  little   education   and    more   simplicity .He   thought   after  being  married  with  Neena   he   will   live   in  a  country   with  modern  environment    and   will  make   his   family  with  an   advance  perspective .He   broke   all   his   relations  with  his  family  and  married   to  Neena.  

to  be  continued....


  1. Wonderful captivating story. Disturbing yet brilliant images too.

    I'm really trying to stop smoking, so I can relate to this. Thank you for that


  2. this was amazing,, such incredible talent! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  3. many people don't view neena's addictions as true addictions, but they are. she is traveling down a dark and dangerous path. some people are attracted to the dark side!! very cool images today!!

  4. Wow...this really is brilliant work!
    A dark and dangerous path indeed...and so intriguing to read.
    Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous talent with us...:))

  5. Neena has chosen a difficult road. I hope she finds her way!

  6. Oh well, a dark route she is taking!


  7. Neena is shocking in her behaviour what can I say!

  8. Well woven tale. Love your style.

  9. Lovely story as always..interwoven.

  10. Neena has really lost her way... So sad.

  11. I’m interested in your choice of images from Google as well as the storytelling. The fish is Harry caught in the trap of Neena.


  12. Neena is crazy I think so.
    Great story

  13. Neena is lost and a little crazy. I always enjoy your stories.

  14. Hello Baili, thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind words. I wish you a fabulous week ahead :)

  15. Wow, what a story!!! Sad story!!! Very moving!!

  16. Goodness ... this is intriguing.
    The images you've used are just perfect.

    All the best Jan

  17. wow.
    what a powerful story, baili!
    your view and portrayal of addiction is very profound!

    i enjoyed reading your post very much!

  18. My goodness! How full of drama and intrigue this tale is...

  19. The choice of images alongside the story matches it really well - a dark and twisted tale! Thank you for the kind comments on my last post too. - Tasha

  20. Intriguing as ever!
    Wishing you a happy week!

  21. Bonjour,
    Je vous remercie pour votre gentil petit message laissé sur mon blog.
    J'ai lu votre histoire... accompagné de belles illustrations.
    Je suis ravie de faire votre connaissance.


  22. Thanks for the comment.. Regards from Spain..

  23. Intrigante.
    Obrigada pela visita. Saudações de Portugal

  24. A captivating story.
    Regards from Ireland

  25. Wow...this really is such a powerful and engrossing story...and I love your illustrations. They add an wonderful extra dimension to my enjoyment!
    Thank you so much.:))

    A Hug xoxoxo

  26. Addictions, any addiction is dangerous! So your story shows!
    Hugs from Portugal

  27. Always enjoy reading your stories. Keep going. This is getting good.

  28. This is quite the story you are telling, and is it true? Wow. So sad the path that destructive addictions can take you! Will look forward to the continuation of the story!

  29. Neena is falling deeper into the pit of darkness. She has sold herself to the evil one. So sad for Neena. Hope she is not beyond return.

  30. have a way with words, I'll stick with my camera!

  31. Quite a story...continue the good job!! Thank you for your visit!

  32. A haunting and very original tale
    Thank you for visiting and for reading and commenting on my poem.
    thank you!

  33. I never imagined Neena would become this bad. How sad!


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