Friday, August 6, 2021

Happy Birthday To My Eldest Son!

 I was like  lost in the middle of  sunless forest, of loneliness and despair

With no sign of any way out 

Where ever eyes could see was dancing fear and  howling doubt

My heart was like a wounded bird who faced storms dire 

Antagonized with opposite gender because what i had were so unfair

Filled with dread with possibility of having one alike as mom 

Afraid of  going through all misery as did my own mom

When Nurse asked "for what you want to be congratulated ?

My spontaneous  answer was "a daughter"

ironically she smiled and said " congrats you are mom of son "

My  heart  felt like drowned boat , heavy and torn 

Against mine but God willing my eldest son was born.

Having Him in my lap i though felt so  "complete and serene"

Though in far away corner of my being a fear poked like pin.

Days  go by while his smiles  transformed my life,yet some fear kept dim this light

It was yesterday when you hold my hand with your little fingers and today you are all Grown!

You appeared like a sun in my  uncertain world 

Everything bathed in light 

little by little cautiously You made this darkness bright!

It is amazing how gently you vanished away my all fears

The sunless forest is overflowing with joyous Light

The Torn boat is fixed and floating merrily in ocean of life.

The wounded bird is healthy now and flying in heart of sky.

With prudence and foresightedness slowly paving your way 

For your success and peace my whole being is Pray!

It's not about the worldly gifts you share with us 

But about the love and care you always showed as Son!

Thank you for being so kind and  considerate always

Thank you for enlighten our souls with your Insightful ways.


You made us complete!

you are most precious gift to your parents my baba!

                  Missing you sooooooooooooooooooooMuch!

See you soon precious friends! 


  1. Aw Baili what a nice post!!! Happy Birthday to your son!! :))

  2. Such a beautiful tribute to your son. I felt much the same when my oldest was born.

  3. Children change our lives forever.

  4. Dear Baili, You describe so eloquently the joy I felt 51 years ago when Norma and I held our 1st son in our arms. We wish your family happiness in this birthday.

  5. Happy birthday to your son. What good looking boys.

  6. Please tell your son Happy Birthday from me.

  7. Happy Birthday to your eldest son - hope he had a wonderful day.
    Lovely words you have written Baili.

  8. Happy Birthday to your son! This is a beautiful post and a lovely birthday tribute to your wonderful son!

  9. Happy Birthday to your son - and your post is a wonderful tribute to him.

  10. Happy birthday to your young man!

  11. Wishing your son a very happy birthday and may he have many, many more. It is clear from reading your posts about him that he is a considerate, kind and loving son, and you can be very proud of him, baili. No mother could ask for more!

  12. Lovely words from a Mom to a wishes to him!

  13. Lovely photos of your son. I wish him a Happy Birthday :-)

  14. Lovely post.
    Many happy birthday wishes for your son.

    All the best Jan

  15. Big hug to your son, baili.
    Have a blessed week

  16. Embora um pouco atrasada, deixo os meus votos de muita saúde e felicidade para seu filho, e todos vós, que devem estar muito orgulhosos, de todo o percurso que com esforço e trabalho, ele tem vindo a fazer!
    Parabéns a todos!!! Um beijinho, Baili! Tudo de bom, por aí!

  17. Thank you for sharing such lovely photos, Baili! I hope your eldest son had a wonderful birthday! Since my last visit, we have spent a week in Vegas, followed by an intense 10 or so days of medical and dental appointments for me. Upkeep gets harder when you get older ~ LOL. So far all is good. I hope you received your second Covid shot. I just scheduled my booster shot in September. I wore a mask almost all the time we were in Vegas. It certainly gave me an appreciation for all the incredible medical workers. I'm working forward this time, LOL! Hugs to you, my friend!

  18. You have a beautiful soul with a very very special talent to express your love. It's late but i hope your son had a beautiful birthday. Your kids are very fortunate to have you, as you are to have them.


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