Tuesday, December 14, 2010


she was sitting in a ,with no door and window ,

looking at the wall clock ,which was not moving even slow ,

there was a calender on the wall, older then her prison ,

thick layer of dust, was lying on every season ,

she was away from the sun , from the fragrance ,

apart since centuries from the moon from the rainbows ,

cold veins of darkness , came over her all,

sat in the middle like a breathless white doll ,

crawling lizards on the walls ,creatures in the webs ,

but she was as fearless as blind or a deaf ,

with the long hard work of some ,hole appeared in the roof ,

so in her dark prison ,start sunlight coming through ,

she looked up at the hole ,and rays touched her frozen eyes ,

even sun received a wave of coldness ,had countless silent cries ,

sense of the life stepped in her ,deeeeep,

i want to feel it ,her heart gave a beep ,

she threw away all veins of dark ,and stood with the fight ,

accepted rescue of the sun ,and hold tight the robe of light ,

climbed on it and crawled out ,of dark room ,

blooming scenes all over ,took away her many gloom ,

life was here , full of beauty and joy ,

smiling flowers on the ground,flying birds on the sky,

hope all will turn her cries ,into smile ,

and she won't find that room better .......after while ,


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