Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Previous Dreams

My village was full of life there was a true beauty and simplicity , people were also simple and loving , but not educates though , 2 or 3 people in whole village have studied just 10 grades including my father and grand father , Girls were not allowed to go to School When My Mother put me in school , her whole family went against her , First day of my school.

when i returned my uncle punished me but by my mothers support i stood against them to protect my rights from the beginning i thought that i would prove ,them that a School going Girl also have Good character and also supporter family .

My dream was to join Army because I always liked the discipline and organized routine of it .For that i took science subjects in metric,and there my first dream was broken when i had to loose my metric examination due to sickness and when i recovers it was late for conducting science and i had to choose subjects of arts group after metric i got a Government job of teacher but worse behavior of my elder brother and his wife put lot of pressure on my mother for my marriage .

i had to leave my job,my parents arranged my marriage and i came another city with my life partner, i left my dearest village behind who was so kind to me it has been about 20 years know but during my daily routine i still feel it around me its innocent beauty which made me write poetry in 3rd standard .Living with a body only is not the real life there must be balance between physical and spritual life,otherwise there would always some thing missing....

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