Friday, September 18, 2009


God created the humans left them on earth with great space so he is free in his all decisions he choose the path for himself weather its right or wrong but in such huge universe during this very short life for successful defense and survival how would he know that where he is right or where he is wrong i think nature has fixed a bell in every human's mind which rings when he does any negative act even when he knows that no one is watching him. its voice notices us that we did some wrong its unbelievable that no one can hear it actually we all here it avoid it or ignore it because it resists us to get taste of the moment that time it seems like a little stone in our way which can be thrown away easily with a kick very few people take it as a torch which prevents them falling in deep space .

when we hurt some one or be dishonest or even when break a signal on an empty road we here it ,some times i think when Hitler declared that world is a place for beautiful and healthy only and made a tower of Skulls would he have heard it (bell) or when farrow acclaimed himself as god and asked everybody to worship him i am not a thinker or a scholar but with little study of human nature i have observed that if any thing is more than balance it creates a rush in human mind like with extra economical strength man feels him self on top and every one to him like insect he thinks that whole world is only for him with this power he tires to overcome and rule on every thing he wants every one to obey him.

every bodies life , self respect and freedom is meaningless to him if we see history since this world is made there are thousands of people whole tried to rule this world alone and for this they killed millions of people cruelly but none of them was successful because we are very little part of this huge universe and the Creator doesn't wants it to happen. and we are for very short time in this world which is going to remain for a lot more time as compared to our lives,most of us hardly reach at 60 year of age but also their are so many who rest in peace immediately , with these kind of fools who ruined lives of others and their own such a bad way.

We have example of such people who understood the real law of nature and real mission of life and spent their whole life to serve the humanity .if we try to understand the difference between human natures we get that his nature depends upon his learning process and obtaining results every person has different view of life .Watching a painting different people get different opinions for it just like that if a bunch of people sitting around a statue to make its painting will draw different paintings this is due to reason that they all see different sides of it.So its also about a place from where we are looking at things .

Science gives us definition of a normal person as one who lives without harming any one else and has every next day better than previous one it shows that those people were mentally sick who tried to crush the humanity and had great complexes in their mind after getting authority they did those cruel activities .
so people who don't have strong wills , can not compose their positive energy and give it a right way they take economical strength take it as a short cut where they prove others weak then themselves.because proving himself is his natural desire.

people who have faith , inner confidence and who understand the life real way and relations with others they know that world is a beautiful place and they have to spend their lives in an aimful and positive way .Way is changed but world of billion people is being ruled by such people who think that only they have right to live. These rascals think that they are immortal ,they are dealer of darkness so they have become a black hole who sucks light and never completes its day will come when man whose getting wiser will start an era of development and happiness where every one will be equal as God created them .

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