Thursday, September 24, 2009

sitting along sea

Sometimes when business of life surrounded me as storm surround an alone boat baili takes me to the same glittering top of the green hill where we use to sit and watch the speaking scenes ,this time we were sitting on hill beside the sea.

it was a beautiful night moon was full that's why stars were quiet dim atmosphere was cold and breezy in the moon light sea was looking so silent and mysterious like he had millions of secrets in its deep its thought face was shining in the silky moon light .with my body i could have never done it but that time i was feeling like a floating cloud in the arms of breeze so i went in the deep heart of it there were some strong and naughty rays of moon light trying to tickle the darkness .

as i got deeper and deeper i found the heart of sea getting heavier with thick cover of pain allover when i got out i was all wet and cold and air made me even more freezy baili told me that heart of sea became like a treasure which occupies sparkling diamonds of goodness and ugly stones of evilness too there are beautiful shells of smile and lot of salt of tears .

and all these things are left by people which all is gathered and hold by it she said in spite of all this its love of people never ends .if its a crowdy day its shows its pretty smile and livelihood and give everyone nice company but when it is alone in the night it becomes so sad and lonely during the centuries when the pain overflewed he changed its places so we can see the great deserts he left over which show that when someone is alone and holds unbearable pain inside for very long time ,how empty and lifeless he becomes .


  1. You think and write deeply, I like it.
    I can feel you..


  2. wow yar ykeen nehen ata ye mein ne likha hey,


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