Sunday, September 27, 2009

Women , an essay

universe is bundle of countless question and human brain is designed to solve it, its like a game where human brain comes with gradually better capacities indifferent eras and tries to solve it. men come and leave countless people live their lives in couples but before they go they leave their children like more brains . we know that there are several big peaces of earth floating on huge amount of water ,and on each of them live different peoples, living together from centuries ,makes a big gene pool about same basic thoughts which don't have considerable difference .

Nature created men and women with same brain but for putting attraction in women's beauty it gave a little less physical power to the women,from basic difference men always took advantage
of women and treated her like his private property , he always takes decisions on behalf of her ,from centuries women have to look after their home and family" i am not against it" .So like this a huge gene pool was created of brains which can do some specific jobs .we all know that any work of this world can't be perfect without continuous effort so like that men played openly in the various fields of life and women acted only in her bounded limits ,was broken when the first women of this word took decisions to get out of the house and proved her self by exploring this world and earned for her self .

After breaking a gene pool she always got hard time from the man she showed that she can be madam curi , Kelopatra and mother treesa ,its only about chance they find .finding chance in men ' s world is still hard for women
. we accept it or not that not only a house wife but working women also suffered lot because worse behavior and professional jealousy some times she has to sacrifice her self respect for her own true rights because she does not find any other way but the success which she gets at the cost of self respect makes her hollow from inside like after opening an owsome packing we find nothing inside it but personally i don't
think that this is not the only option to get success . if we believe in our selves and have strong faith in the law of the nature that every thing happens at a particular time in a specific way .

If we jump like a hare and get success quickly it does not gives us real means of success but continuous struggle in right way give us definitely one day what we deserve ,and from that we get true pleasure of achievement . mostly men earn so they are head of family but women are base of it because she is the one who will design the future of the family and built the physical and mantle health of it there is a saying that' if a man is a illiterate then is the only one but if a woman is illiterate then whole family will suffer although men took the responsibility to run the world , but women is responsible arranging it beautifully .
when i think world without woman i think of a rainbow without color or body without soul . from centuries woman is inspiration of great poets and painters , all of them put spirit in their creativity by expressing beauty and grace of woman i mean i cannot replace monalisa with man because it is about expression of pure feelings and woman is bounded with the feelings . emotions speaks difference between human and robot . the way a woman living her life since years she became very emotional . being a mother she passes through the greatest pain which becomes her strength
when she give birth a baby . this strength makes her more powerful and strong then man . one more emotion of woman which came under my observation that after marriage she is always sad and disappointing with her married life , always waiting for attention of her husband , some time this waiting becomes life time .

often she gets chance but avoid to talk first due to thinking is this the same man starving for my company why is he behaving like i do not exist any more . but now most of women came out from this painful situation because they are active for their career too.

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