Saturday, September 5, 2009


when ever i get up in the morning ,i see a new world ,a world that could be taken away any me , world is a wonderland full of surprises . universe is a question paper and human brain is answer sheet every day we get riddles from it and try to solve them life is a short break given by god to visit this wonder land .journey to death begins with ourvey 1st breath , what ever comes in this wonder and has very short period to live here some one made this amazing wonderland for us every bit part of this beautiful earth is showing that the maker has great great love and care for his creations . every single living being find its complete necessities here . Creator took care of physical and spiritual lives of ours he provides the space and opportunities so we can find out how much capacity we have to face and live alive.Life is a magic before it was not now it is and later it wont be .i just love to watch life running around .

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