Monday, September 7, 2009

My Village...

baili is the only friend i got . she is with me since i started thinking and feeling she introduced the other side of life to me , she told me that sometimes we have to leave our body alone and just fly away its never possible that we find the perfect life or the complete world because what ever we get it becomes meaning less later to us no matter how impotent and precious it was before.about 40 years ago i became part of a family which was sat on poverty line not above not under it was a beautiful village like a part of heaven ,the whole village was like a small valley surrounded by green hills our house was on the hill ,a stream flowed near the village and its both banks were decorated by green fields which were used to change their colour twice a year some times green by corn and wheat and some times yellow by sarson hill that i can see from my house had laces of fruitful gardens whenever it was windy,lots of different fruits fell on the grounds and picked away by children , owner were used to get angry but there was never a single fight in every season beautiful diffrent birds were used to visit our village and then blue sky of valley and green trees were filled various pretty colors and sweet voices in nights when there was moonlight the cleen and cold water of river glittered like silver i feel in moonlight every single thing felt strange beauty everywhere every thing try to swim in it air blows carefully so no one gets started, branches and leaves of trees share their secrets with air quietly that moment we can breath the life inn...

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and for sharing your life. A beautiful place!


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