Friday, October 2, 2009

Religions To Me...

I think that God did not make any religion human drew these lines themselves , may be in the beginning aim was to make people live their life according to the best laws of the nature ,so everyone may be at his right path and also may not forget that someone is up there who sent them here to stay for a while and live their life without hurting anyone , finding a way of betterment without harming anyone.Every big work starts with a good
intentions but gradually black sheeps get in use it for their own selfish benefits.It almost happened with every religion that powerful people unpurified it and used it to brain wash and fool people so this way they captured other's property and women .they also
used it to promote their politics .If we think a little bit these lords of religions turn that fear of go which they put in hearts of people in to their power.
i believe that creator of this huge universe cannot think that small that divide peo
ple in to pieces and make them fight each other .he can not gift superiority to few people on base of color,race or any man made quality .every religion of the world all men equal .humans are special than other creations due to the ability to identify good and bad other wise every one equal ,although who understands the real mission of life and always remembers that this short life should be spent
according to the circle of nature ,every one has same equal rights
like him and do not deserve
any harm from him.we should just remember this that God loves us equal and whole world is
evidence of it ,if we pay our all duties belonging God but hurt his
creations than h
ow we can be the list of his favorites,and if we think that we don't have to be in this list than we should remember that we have to face him one day weather we accept it or not.

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  1. I whole heartedly agree with you, very well said. Words to live by.


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