Saturday, October 17, 2009

little disturbed

First of all let me explain for not posting for few days, in our area DSL is disconnected I am publishing this post from another area.

Now days my mind is playing games to me .its been week that I am caught by flu. It’s like putting hands on ears and blocking notice ,then removing them and let the voices rushed in .same way my head is blank for a moment then its full of voices. Anyway it is all part of the game I mean flu. My son is giving his terminal exams but I cannot help him properly because of this mess, but obviously I am trying.

Sun seems in quite hurry, it comes fast, stays for a while and runs away, like saying I have to go I have an appointment .in situations like this ,mothers like me ,find little hard to handle every thing on time. To me writing a post daily like sharing thoughts with friends it makes me feel better. Though we have computer in our house since about six years but I am stranger to it .I start using it for blogging on my son’s advice about two month ago. I can use it without his help from many days now. I may have no extra skills, but deep binding for my family and world of my dear god.

I have simple rules for life , live every moment with all its beauty, never hurt anyone and try not to be hurt from anyone.but you know its not in our hands. Picture of the world has always two sides .On one there are people with bright mind, doing all duties towards their families and world. They are the reason behind the world still running well. On others there are people with dark mind and negative attitude pushing and crushing others trying to reach some where , even they don’t know where. they are the reason behind every cruel reality of this earth .living with positive attitude in world like this is a blessing and thank god that blessed me .hey here is a good news ,our internet connection is back to normal , my son just told me that now.

I wrote it with my shaking head ,there is much chance of mistakes ,if u find some than sorry.

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  1. Glad to know that you are ok now as well as the internet connection..... I've been facing the same problem with our broadband connection, we hardly had it in the morning.



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