Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sorrows of the valley

We know that winter and autumn are close friends and Winter is stepping in the valley silently but green valley has listened the voice of its cold steps .
Now she knows that she has to give her most Glorifying jewelery to autumn .Baili and me sitting on a hill ,looking at the green face of valley turning in to golden slowly .trees of the valley know that their all leaves will leave them alone soon.Branches are trying to convince that if it moves slow they can enjoy their dear friend's company a little more , But its not working.

Air is always free to make its choices and this time it seems pitiless .Me and baili can here the cries of leaves they want to stay little more ,they are not done with their dancing and enjoying the company of sun rays. They don't know the reason which has turned air as their cruel enemy from a loving friend with whom they once used to share their all secrets. We both can see that how hard it is to say goodbye to leaves by trees.

While sitting there we saw countless tears falling from the eyes of trees on the heart of valley.Valley is really sad for all of its friends .emptiness of the branches when they stay opened for birds but find no one , Hurts the valley .When most of the birds fly away then silence and loneliness hurt the valley alot .When it sees the sadness in the eyes of few birds which left behind she can not bear it .All the tiny ways lying in the valley seems to be strangely sad ,like they are expecting some one.

We took a deep breath and felt the fragrance of tears of leaves then we looked at the stream which was looking so proud of her beauty that it had no time for stopping by and sharing the pain of the valley.We saw her turing proudly on her curves with shiny smile which includes a little cruility like she is saying "watch me ! and move with life ,cause stopping is death..."


  1. I love very much analogy in your article, so soft and really touched.. Tq 4 share
    N Thank you also on the appreciation that was given to me, I really appreciated that.:)

  2. That is very beautiful expressed. Feels very deep and peaceful at the same time all the way through. Sign of hope at the end, intwirned with true acceptance. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the comment. It is much appreciated.

  3. I love your blog. Your words are so artfully woven and beautifully displayed. A treat for my soul.Great work.


  4. Shabhana

    I agree with Midlife Minx. Your thoughts, words and the pictures you post are always thought provoking. Thank you for such a nice blog.


  5. Hi dear, the whole family were okay.. Thank you very much for your prayers! I truly appreciate it.
    God bless you and your family!


  6. What a beautiful post,I really enjoyed it.


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