Wednesday, October 7, 2009

journey of souls (piece from my prose)

the surface of that road was shinny grey . both sides of this wide beautiful road were covered with green sheet of fresh waving grass . baili and i were cycling on that beautiful road for some while .cool breeze was flowing , it was getting mix with silence spread ed in the atmosphere and creating strange feeling .

it was feeling like that cool fresh air just piked us up in its gentle arms and took us up in the sky... in that moment strong ,deep peace of mind touched our souls , with flowing our cycles we closed eyes ,spread our arms we felt beauty of it for long . after a while we opened our eyes and looked each other with same peaceful smile then we stopped by a side and start walking bare foot .sky was looking so kind that day he did us fever by hiding the sun behind the large piece of dark cloud ,so road was not hot .then baili took deep breath and said isn't it beautiful here yea i waved my head

this road is very different then others of the city which are always rushed , confused and messed up like puzzles , i mean it had no one around like it ,but still seemed so cool , and got no hurry. it looks so happy with her job giving directions and helping other to get some where , i said "may be some times it feels lonely" but baili disagreed she said "i dont think so it got that blue sky as a great companion with her all the time which is may be less easy to talk during day but in night it showers its all love on her with millions of stars and renews its promise that he will never leave her alone"


  1. Sounds like you enjoyed your time together and the peacefulness of the world and her beauty.

  2. I am always touched whenever you describe Baili.
    I just feel the serenity of the place.
    You are very true... Sometimes rush city life can be so tiring. There are times that you just want to chill out and enjoy each small things you see and you have. I love that you embraced the affair you're having with Baili.



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