Friday, October 9, 2009

my neem tree

i am sitting the chair holding pen in my hands looking at my small garden in front yard " in our country we have front yard not back yard" where all seasonal flowers are bloomed .
they are looking like colorful candles spreading fragrant light . cartons are moving gently with talking air .our neem tree seems in good mood right now ,when ever is air around it shows its happiness with dancing all the time ,but in the evening when air is used to be absent for a while it be comes sad and still.

meanwhile all plants also stay quiet like thinking about air that "how can she leave them alone because due to very short life they deserve to live happily in every single moment . when we plant our neem tree it was only three feet above the ground but within two years he got thirty feet now .
day by day he is opening his arms like calling birds "come and make your nest in my heart it will be my pleasure to take care of your sweet homes where your children will chirp and will make my life meaningful" .a bunch of birds used to sit chat loudly here regularly ,but from some days i can see the difference ,a pair of birds come and sit all day .

one of them or both go for little time then come back and sit again they sit closely make sweet conversation but never make noise like earlier ones it proves that two is company three is crowed . i think they choosed my tree for their nest but waiting for it to be come thicker .some day they will built their nest and grow family .iwill feel happier to receive their company.


  1. Hello! I got your blog link from your son (Ahsun, not sure if that is his real name or screen name)! He suggested me to check it out...I'm glad he did! You have a very nice blog! Lovely pictures and it has a feeling of peace of it! Really nice! Keep up the good work! Take care, TJ

  2. Wow... beatiful pictures and what lovely words you use to describe nature in all its beauty. Makes me want to pluck myself behind one of those trees in the photo. The picture has a tranquil element. I look forward to reading more of our blog.


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