Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hope is faith

Living in the world full of miseries is quite hard for breathing.
Almost all of us know that world's most powerful hands are trying to take over the world so they can turn it according to their will ,the game is so big and wide just as the players , so here is a saying that " while elephants are fighting lot of ants die" .There is a little difference in our case ,here elephants are playing instead of fighting.From the beginning the rulers always cut and killed countless innocent people ,then it doesn't matters if they belong to their group or foe's...It's all just because of the Greed to rule.People who were killed were same kind of humans as the rulers,blessed from God by the gift of life and had right to be happy ,safe and dream of good life.But those all sacrificed themselves for their ruler's greeds.
By the time faces change but deed remain same.

They are few than people they rule over, But strong enough due to unity they have among them .They are successful till people are separate. But every game has to finish one day . I believe this test is for shaking us ,so we can awake and fight for our rights ,One day when light of awareness will lit all minds ,Then everyone will find that they are not here to be fuel of some cunning minds.And then they will discover the power of unity that can defeat enemy even far stronger then them.

God says that he help those who help themselves .If we don't want to change ourselves for betterment he would not do any thing for us but if we have strong will and try to take step for better he will obviously help us to reach where we want .


  1. Just spellbinding photo met and pierced deeply into the heart prior I have read a word. That was just unforgettable. Such picture should look exotically in my homeland, yet its message is well-known here too. While looking at your girl on a cart I became ashamed for my joy at the eloquence of that shot.
    Outward beauty and the warning message - unfortunately the sun drops the shadows.
    I would like to say something good and beneficial, I would like to help the girl somehow, yet all I can to do is just to admit that I face the same situation as you.
    Yet there are good news too - current reality isn't the end. We will endure. My best wishes to you and thanks for the wonderful blog.
    It looks so attractively and peacefully and each verse is worthy pondering deeper - makes the sprior stranger the hot follower.

  2. Shabhana the internet has become the great tool for change.No longer can countries and governments rule with impunity.There is a worldwide audience watching their every move.
    Profound changes are taking place.Only ten years ago,it would not be possible for us to be having this conversation,kind regards,simon

  3. i agree with u about The lord will not change human fate, if not we ourselves who changed it...:)

  4. What a thought provoking post Shabhana. What a powerful picture. I used to think God sees all this suffering why does he not help. Why does he not intercede? Then I realized its because he gave us free will.

    I read arthiker's comment and I agree wih her full heartedly. I too was taken with the composition of the picture. I too bow my head down as I think of the blessings all around me. There is real suffering in the world... thank you for your post.


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