Monday, November 2, 2009

Is it fear or something else

May be it is previous night that made me write about this otherwise i avoid this topic. Yes , there is a reason behind it .When I was a child my Grandma used to tell me fairy tales and events when she felt super natural energy around her .Our village was surrounded by hills covered with thick forests , When i first saw my village it was much populated and forests had became quite thinner due to regular cutting of trees by villagers .I always heard fairy tales with great interest and never felt frightened by any supernatural story .

I always loved nature , animals are important part of village life so i used to see them around ,animals like cow ,buffaloes ,goats, hen, and chicks.I often saw chicks coming out of eggs and excitement at that time could never forgotten .We also had a kitten ,latter which became a really gentle and obedient cat and never was a threat for chicks and kitchen stuff.My mother told me that when i was a baby and once was laying alone she saw a cat staring at me and a little later i fell ill seriously .

This story also did not frightened me .But after some time an incident made me really depressed for some time ,Once when i was in my aunt's home and was having chat with my cousin ,she showed me some new born chicks ,i picked up one in my hand and continued my chat suddenly a cat jumped from the front wall and dragged the chick from my hands, It all happened so sudden that i could not understand for a while that what happened ,Then i saw that cat with chick in its mouth .The cat could not run because it was a tiny room and i was in middle of the room ,I closed the door quickly and tried to get the chick back but the cat resisted and then she closed her jaws even more tightly ,I could not see it i picked a thick stick near me and hit the cat I don't know how and why but cat split some blood from her mouth and died at the moment.Every thing again happened so fast that i could not find my self to analyse or decide some thing .

Latter my cousin told me that the cat was a new pet of their's brought by her brother. It took time for me to be normal nearly a hundred times i thought about my that sudden reaction but could not make it clear that was it right or wrong , because I am not a person who can even think to hurt any living being .As years passed i forgot about it but some months before when we shifted in our new home i unconsciously started thinking about it because in night while i offer my pray in yard i often see a cat staring at me from wall.Mostly it happens when no one is around .I am not frightened nor relating it with previous accident but I think for a moment that can those stories be true that some cats have evil spirits and come back for revenge .but this thought does not stays up for long because I truly believe that God is always with us He never leaves us alone.And when he is with us we shouldn't be worried about evils because he certainly will take care of us.


  1. fun cat pictures :-) I think they just have that instinct (and hunger).

  2. Interesting post. I grew with losts of stories similar to you. for example, if we saw a baby and thought it was really cute, you are suppose to touch the baby, because if you don't you will give the baby the stinkeye and they will get sick. There are so many old stories. I too t hink the cat was just hungry.

    But you know what? I don't want to take chances so I always make sure I touch the baby that I'm cooing so they don't get sick... what can I say... you grow up with these stories and they just stick.

  3. Hi dear,
    One superstitious belief here in our country... If you come across with a black cat on the street, something bad might happen to you.
    I happened to came across with a black cat several times, but I never remember anything bad happened to me after every incident.

    Filipinos are very superstitious esp. the oldies.
    I am not a superstitious person, but I sometimes follow. It depends.. I'd follow whatever the oldies tells me to do if it won't demand too much of my time.

    As for your experiences.....The hungriness of the cat is the most perceivable.
    But I guess, the eerie feeling it caused you is the one left unexplained....
    And dear, I am a big believer that there are really lot of things meant to be left unexplained.


  4. Like those stuffs you wrote. I just became your follower. Yeah, and thanks for your review in Linkrefferal.

  5. That was certain, the invisible or natural strength disappeared that was available, but was convinced if the certain lord will always protect us from all that.:)


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