Monday, November 16, 2009

Mission Preparation

I just came in , Its too cold out there .Air is having a little chat with our neem tree and other plants, Birds are trying to get to their nests before its too dark.I spent my whole day standing on my feet .Actually i am pretty much busy in preparation of visit to my soul land.Its goes along with daily routine and makes me more tired but relieved ,By plane its only 2 hours ,but by train it add 20 more hours .Journey by train always fascinates me .Variety of scenes and faces which can be seen passing through the window is a boost for by creativity .

So season is cold,Journey is long and kids are with me ,It makes me bit nervous but more careful .My husband is not coming with me this time ,It is little disturbing but like always he is caring and helpful and this is the relief.I hope i will complete mission of preparation without any mistake and coming moments are going to be much memorable for us.


  1. i love the painting :-) The baby girl (your neice) is breath takingly beautiful! What a treasure. Godspeed in your pilgrimmage. May your journey go well for you and may you and the children return safely. Have a glorious day!

  2. Trip by a train is really fascinating! You'll enjoy all the beautiful scenery on your way.
    Enjoy dear! Have a safe trip with your kids! God bless you!


  3. i've never ridden a train in my whole life!

  4. Wow, a train ridge. Just think of all the great pictures you will capture with your camera. I'm sure you will have a safe trip. I've only been on a train once for a short trip. Wonderful opportunity to share the trip with your children.

    I love reading about your life. Have a safe trip and a wonderful visit with your family. Happy Thanksgiving.

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