Saturday, November 14, 2009

UpComing Excitement

Thanks God after two days at last we have got our DSL connection back to normal ,Because it was shut off in previous 2 days .in this area there is only one provider of DSL Broadband which is really worse.

After a week I have to go another city ,My sister came back from USA with her newly born baby girl, She is staying at my mother's home right now .Which is in Islamabad this city is also capital our country,so there are lot of exciting moments coming up .I am going to meet mother after a long time, Nearly almost 2 and a half years ,Is really happy event for me which cannot be expressed by words.I and my husband tried to keep her with us ,But she does not likes the climate here which is mostly warm.
My sweet niece "Dua" meaning pray.

I am so excited to see my knees ,My sis sent me her pics on my e-mail ID ,She is just like her mother who is always like a princess.I am also going to friend my sweetest village ,whenever i meet it i hear the voice of its silence which says "I am missing you since the moment you left because you are the one who sees me through your heart ,No body looks me the way you look an d no body gives me smile the way you used to".
Being with Mother is a blessing.I like this painting .

I have plans to meet my some class fellows , with whom i have been in touch ,They often used to invite me but i was always too busy.So friends until next Saturday i am here to share my thoughts with you guys.Have a blessed life .


  1. it reminds me of my niece:D
    she's so cute:D

  2. So glad you are with family and babies are so much fun. I just love snuggling next to them taking in their wonderful baby smells.

    I too like this picture. I just love the expression on the little girl's face as mom puts on her shoes...

    Enjoy our visit with your sister.

  3. My mom lives in the states too, very far from us. She only visits us once a year. I am very happy for you dear!
    And Dua is a very adorable baby! As early as she was in that photo she already shows a very strong features. And she is really beautiful!

    Also, good luck with the class reunion. Hope it will push through.



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