Friday, November 20, 2009

Half Dead plant

Hello friends before leaving for my journey it is for now the last post on this blog i used to write poetry in my native language but however it is my very first attempt to write a poem in english . Take care and goodbye

sick ,
lying alone in an old gray room,
looking at the window ,
where a plant never bloom

speech of emptiness,
with lifeless walls,
right over the roof ,comes the silence fall;
silence of a grave spreads
strange fear,
pillow is waiting for long,

but there is no more tear;

her eyes became of stone,

stuck with the half dead plant,
the only hope that life can grant;

she could not know why;

when ever spring comes by,

her plant receives no green;

why can't it be all alive,
then may she can have the same;
A sparrow sitting close to plant,
knows the secret of half dead plant
which can never bloom
cause it is of plastic


  1. Last post? Btw safe journey and arrive safely,best wishes 4 u n ur family :)

  2. was i the only one who can't read these? but i did my research and had it translated. Nice poem:D

  3. i can't read it either, but happy journey to you :-)

  4. Good poem dear.
    Have a safe trip and have fun. God bless you and your family.


  5. Please have a safe trip. I hope you're able to enjoy family and friends in your hometown. Can't wait to hear all about the trip upon your return.


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